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  • Buy Kaniwa - (Baby Quinoa) 2 x 500g box Online

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    Benjamins Organic Trade was founded as a part of CanadaOrganic.com In order to test the sales system and smooth out the transaction process.
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Another reality is that fast food could pace up individuals\'s danger of clogged arteries that may result in heart attacks. Researchers on the Veterans Administration Medical Middle in San Francisco have demonstrated that a sure kind of fat, called oxidized fats, can speed up the buildup of plaque in arteries. And many varieties of fast meals comparable to hamburgers, pizza and French fries are loaded with oxidized fats. The conclusion is fast food meals are excessive in saturated fat and low high quality carbohydrates, white bread and plenty of soda. Our bodies require fiber and more healthful kinds of fats.

Whereas grains are just one form of carbohydrates, pet meals have so many carbs that firms sometimes exclude the data from their printed nutritional analysis. Veterinarians have a really interesting stance on carbohydrates. One veterinary textbook on vitamin states, “The fact that dogs and cats do not require carbohydrate is immaterial as a result of the nutrient content of most commercial meals embody carbohydrates.” The 2006 “Dietary Necessities of Canine and Cats,” revealed by the Nationwide Research Council of the Nationwide Academy of Science, says that an excellent upkeep weight loss plan for an grownup canine ought to include 37% of their caloric intake from carbohydrates.

Sadly, there are still some rough edges. The power to add header photos primarily based on meals category seems superfluous. Not solely that, but you may solely add them as a part of a generic food choice before you scan a barcode or search the database. Deciding on sweet cereals under the breakfast heading does not truly filter out non-cereal objects out of your search and easily provides an extra step to the food-logging course of. It could add a contact of favor, nevertheless it\'s possible the form of thing that may actually dissuade a person from monitoring their caloric consumption. We additionally encountered a number of gadgets that simply weren\'t in Jawbone\'s repositories.

Sulfur is the third most prevalent mineral in the body, after Calcium and Magnesium. It is required for many processes, together with liver cleansing (linked to eye well being in line with the observations of Traditional Chinese Medicine). Sulfur can also be essential in repairing broken tissue, resembling scarring found within the macula, where visual acuity has already been lost because of macular degeneration. Because of the detoxification effects (e.g. Mercury detoxification), it is recommended to begin progressively increasing the dosage of MSM (probably the most efficient supply of natural sulfur) from 1 / 4 teaspoon twice a day (dissolved in water) as much as three/four teaspoon twice a day in water.

Are there some people who should not be taking dietary supplements containing vitamin D and just get what they need of the vitamin from healthy foods? In response to a December 3, 2009 article in HealthDay Each day Information, \"Vitamin D Might Be Tied to Heart Illness Through Genes ,\" in case you have a particular gene variant that reduces vitamin D activation within the body and hypertension, in keeping with a brand new research, you have been found to be twice as seemingly as these with out the variant to have congestive heart failure in addition to the high blood pressure, the examine discovered.

You may see the profitable food writing entries on the Los Angeles Magazine awards website. The article printed final yr, Might 1, 2011 within the Los Angeles Magazine famous that Los Angeles is house to the nation\'s largest authentic \"array of Chinese meals.\" In the event you read her article, you possibly can see how the article makes use of the third individual-\'our\' or \'we\' as in \"Herewith are our favourite dim sum dishes.\" Vitamin journalists deal with the healthy facets of meals and eating. Along with any writing about where to eat in a metropolis or where to buy substances to organize meals at residence, nutrition journalists write about food as client science.

One instance of vitamin writing as compared to meals writing is an article appearing in right this moment\'s Sacramento Bee on the latest report on starvation in Sacramento County. Take a look at the Might 10, 2012 Sacramento Bee article by Brad Branan , \" sixteen % in Sacramento County face starvation, report says\" Nutrition writers can concentrate on these at highest danger for hunger or different responses to lack of food or to various meals out there and inexpensive. One specialty might be to look experiences and research of learn how to stop sort 2 diabetes in youngsters or weight problems analysis.

Michael Tanner, creator of a Cato Institute report that requires changing food stamps into a block grant program run by the states, said lawmakers ought to overhaul this system\'s guidelines. \"These are a much better way to reform the program than just taking part in with the number,\" Tanner mentioned. When a person with dementia is eating, they want help and minimal distractions. It helps to play soothing music in the background at mealtime. To keep away from the disorientation so many Alzheimer\'s patients expertise within the night, dinner needs to be served earlier in the day - and they should have entry to healthy snacks between meals.

They assist only this model, and so they don\'t let your child drink different manufacturers,\" Yang recalled. \"The nurses advised us to not use our own components. They advised us if we did, and one thing occurred to the kid, they wouldn\'t take any responsibility.\" Most ladies have enough breast milk to feed their infants, scientific studies present. The World Well being Organization advocates unique breastfeeding for the primary six months of life, beginning within an hour of supply. Breastfeeding results in higher well being for infants and moms, including safety in opposition to an infection for infants and lower charges of breast and ovarian most cancers for girls, WHO says.

Shanghai East confirmed that Abbott representatives had skilled their nurses in Lamaze breathing methods and taught prenatal courses on the hospital between April and July this yr, due to their \"expertise\" in Lamaze respiration. No toddler components was distributed at these classes, a spokeswoman mentioned. A spokesman for Abbott declined to remark. Hospitals and medical doctors promote access to prenatal courses to 3rd-get together firms, together with method manufacturers, stated a sales government who makes use of Shanghai hospitals as a marketing platform for his firm\'s nanny companies. That entry permits corporations to lead lessons, distribute promotional materials or make an appearance to plug their merchandise, he stated.

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San Francisco鈥檚 iconic Cliff House restaurant reopened today despite the federal [url=http://allseasonherbs.com/Discount-Arizona-Cardinals-Jerseys.html]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Discount[/url] | government shutdown, this time with the blessing of the National Park Service.
Cliff house owners Dan and Mary Hountalas said they received word late Friday that they could officially reopen.
鈥淲e are delighted and thrilled that the Parks went to bat for us and after reviewing all the criteria, a final judgment was made that the Cliff House could reopen.鈥?Mary Hountalas said in a statement posted to the restaurant鈥檚 web site.
The Cliff House, a concessionaire for the National Park Service that sits on federal land, was forced to shut down last week along with all 鈥渘on-essential鈥?federal services because Congress failed to [url=http://www.acmaholidays.com/USA-Wholesale_NFL_Jerseys.html]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys [url=http://allseasonherbs.com/Discount-Arizona-Cardinals-Jerseys.html]Discount Arizona Cardinals Jerseys[/url] Discount[/url] | pass a budget by Oct. [url=http://www.acmaholidays.com/USA-Wholesale_NFL_Jerseys.html]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Discount[/url] | 1.
Local officials sought to get an exception to keep the restaurant [url=http://baalperazimint.com/ship_servicess.html]Discount Arizona Cardinals Jerseys[/url] | operating, but were denied and the business joined other local concessionaires that are closed, including Alcatraz Cruises, which transports people to the famous penitentiary, and the Warming Hut at Crissy Field, National Park Service spokeswoman Alexandra Picavet said.
The restaurant defied federal orders and reopened Monday and Tuesday, but was forced by the government to close again starting Wednesday.
The Hountalas said the restaurant, which is a popular tourist destination and wedding venue, employs 170 staff. The shutdown caused financial losses of approximately $10,000 per day, the couple estimates.
All national parks in the region have also closed because of the shutdown, including Muir Woods National Monument and Fort Point at the base of the Golden Gate Bridge.
Picavet said earlier this week that a total of 209 federal employees in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area have been furloughed as a result [url=http://baalperazimint.com/ship_servicess.html]Cheap NFL Jerseys[/url] | of the shutdown.

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The loss sent a 鈥渃old shiver鈥?through Greer鈥檚 spine.
He failed to protect his little sister, he thought. If it were not for his family, the pain would be unbearable, and it was that realization that pushed him to make the ultimate promise.
鈥淚 promised my sister and God that if I ever became a doctor I would not let anyone die or suffer alone,鈥?Dr. Greer told Fox News Latino. 鈥淵ou make a promise to God, there are not [url=http://bonitasglobal.biz/nfl-jerseys-for-cheap.html]authentic jerseys for cheap[/url] many places you can hide.鈥?
Give Me Your Poor, Sick
For more than a quarter century, Greer鈥檚 promise would be put to the test 鈥?time and time again 鈥?as a doctor at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami. It was at Jackson, a public hospital, where Greer was accidentally born in 1956 when his seven month pregnant mother visited South Florida on a one-day trip to visit her grandfather. It was there where he began a career dedicated to the forgotten souls 鈥?the downtrodden 鈥?found in the [url=http://adsin.in/jerseys/Arizona-Cardinals-Jerseys.html]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys[/url] streets of America鈥檚 鈥楶aradise Lost:鈥?drug addicts, alcoholics, hookers, runaways and the homeless.
The neighborhoods served as his hospitals. The streets his waiting rooms. The dark lonely crevices underneath overpasses, his patient rooms.
\"I used to go on rounds in street clothes,\" Greer said, \"until a homeless man pulled a gun on me, and didn\'t believe I was Dr. Joe. Since then, I wore my white coat.\"
But for every frightening story, there are countless more lessons Greer learned by tending to Miami鈥檚 homeless. Like the man who taught him \"integrity is what you do when no one is looking.\" Or how the pregnant woman who lived under a bridge, he remembers, put his worries about paying for his soon-to-be newborn son\'s college education seem minuscule.
Dr. Greer would go on to dedicate his career to the uninsured for more than two decades in a private practice 鈥?while also offering basic health care services to thousands of Miami\'s homeless as the founder of Camillus Health Concern, a private non-profit Catholic charity named after his sister Chichi. Established in 1984, Camillus Health Concern, which is made up of doctors who began offering basic food services, has now grown to offer health care services to 10,000 homeless people a year at its health center.
He also created the St. John Bosco Clinic, which serves disadvantaged people in Little Havana.
But he was more than just a doctor who fixed broken arms and helped children with diabetes. He went out to communities to figure out the root of the problems in the household 鈥?to try and work on prevention rather than tending to them when they visit a clinic or hospital.
Dr. Joe eventually moved on to advise the Clinton and Bush administrations on health care reform. In 1993, he was awarded the MacArthur genius grant and six years later was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian award given by the president of the United States. Recently, he received the Great Floridian Award.
Greer, a father of two, considers his family and wife of 32 years his greatest accomplishment.
Where It All Began
Greer鈥檚 mission to help Miami\'s poor began with Bed 9 at Jackson Memorial Hospital [url=http://www.multiculturalhealthweek.com/Suggest_activities.html]49ers Jerseys For Cheap[/url] in 1984.
\"The man was dying of tuberculosis, spread all over his body 鈥?not just in his lungs,\" Greer recalled. \"This is a disease in third world countries.\"
The man\'s wristband read \"No Address.\" And despite receiving 24/7 care, with the best technology and best doctors, he eventually died.
The experience opened his eyes to the plight of Miami\'s poor. The man with no address also had no visitors. The man鈥檚 death challenged any pre-conceptions about the poor and helped shape his eventual health care philosophy.
\"Disease, 80 percent of the time, is a consequence of something other than genetics and biology,\" Dr. Greer said. \"And if the cause is [url=http://adsin.in/jerseys/Arizona-Cardinals-Jerseys.html] Custom Arizona Cardinals Jerseys For Sale[/url] social, then the answer must be social.\"
Miami, the Perfect Classroom
Today, Greer, the Chair of the Department of Humanities, Health and Society at Florida International University鈥檚 School of Medicine, is busy guiding a new generation of doctors.
Following Greer\'s footsteps, student doctors, lawyers, and social workers go into the poorest neighborhoods in Miami and learn to take care of individual families for at least four years. The program puts the household and doctor-family relationships at the center of health care 鈥?with the understanding that a healthy family is centered around social and economic stability.
\"If a family is in foreclosure, we have the law students take care of that, we help families get on Medicaid,\" Dr.Greer said.\"We (FIU) produce an army of physicians that take care of patients without prejudice.\"
Greer calls it social intervention, and credits the program that emphasizes prevention with reducing ER usage from 61 to 26 percent in some areas.
\"One illness can disrupt the entire dynamics of the family,\" Greer said. \"If you are the bread winner and sick, it upsets the entire family. It\'s a chain reaction.\"


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The Lee County NAACP gathered Saturday night to reflect on the year and honor several of their own.President James [url=http://www.collectteam.com/]Saints jerseys cheap[/url] Muwakkil was given the Image Award, the second-highest honor handed out at the 76th annual Freedom Fund Dinner and Awards Celebration at the Carrie D. Robinson Center in Fort Myers.Muwakkil led the local NAACP chapter through controversies this year, the biggest being his request the portrait of the county聮s namesake, Gen. Robert E. Lee, be removed from the county commission聮s chambers.His stance was met not only by disagreement, but death threats, according [url=http://www.nflcustomic.com/]broncos jerseys cheap[/url] [url=http://www.collectteam.com/chiefs-jerseys.html]Chiefs jerseys cheap[/url] to Belinda Bruster of the NAACP Freedom Fund Committee, which decides the event聮s honorees.聯It was unanimous, considering all that he聮s been through,聰 Bruster said.Bruster said she likes Muwakkil聮s goals and motivation, and his enthusiasm and dedication to the cause of equality for all races.Muwakkil, in his acceptance, said the award is not only a celebration of the efforts he has made individually, but especially by the branch, including its work to feed the hungry and create jobs.聯It showed we聮re for real,聰 he said. 聯We聮re fighting for justice and advocating for others who are weaker. This award is an accumulation of all we聮ve done.聰This year, Lee Sheriff Mike Scott declined to make a $1,500 donation to buy a table and attend Saturday聮s banquet. That began a public fight between the sheriff and Muwakkil.聯We stayed (respectful) to the sheriff,聰 [url=http://www.nflcustomic.com/]cheap broncos jerseys[/url] he said, pointing to the event聮s program, which [url=http://www.collectteam.com/]cheap Saints jerseys[/url] included a page advertising jobs with the sheriff聮s office. 聯We still maintain our respect for law enforcement regardless of the individual.聰FGCU President Wilson Bradshaw was the evening聮s keynote speaker. He spoke of race relations in America and other issues facing the country.聯I don聮t know if I have words of wisdom, but I will certainly offer my experiences and maybe some observations I believe should inform the communities in improving,聰 Bradshaw said of his address.Bradshaw聮s wife, Jo Anna, was honored for her work within the community.聯It聮s an honor to be acknowledged for the things that you [url=http://www.collectteam.com/chiefs-jerseys.html]cheap Chiefs jerseys[/url] do in the community, but it聮s more important to do the things you do in the community,聰 she said. 聯We all work hard to make a better community, and I think together we聮re doing that.聰

But when it comes to the issue over which House Republicans started the shutdown the demand for changes to Obamacare it seems likely that the GOP will continue to get little to nothing. While a previously proposed two-year delay to the law\'s 2.3 percent medical device tax might be possible because some Democrats also dislike [url=http://keyamassociates.com/save_resume.html]Ravens Jerseys For Cheap[/url] [url=http://keyamassociates.com/save_resume.html] Authentic Ravens Jerseys Sale[/url] it, Reid this afternoon that the Affordable Care Act \"is no longer the issue for the GOP in the shutdown fight. The issue, he said, was \'to [url=http://omcar.org/images/Cheap-New-Orleans-Saints-Jerseys-Sale.html] Cheap New Orleans Saints Jerseys On Sale[/url] do anything they can do divert attention [url=http://karunaanimalwelfare.org/service.html]Indianapolis Colts Jerseys For [url=http://omcar.org/images/Cheap-New-Orleans-Saints-Jerseys-Sale.html]Cheap New Orleans Saints Jerseys Sale[/url] Cheap[/url] from the fools they ve made of themselves on Obamacare.\'\" (Of course, any deal reached [url=http://karunaanimalwelfare.org/service.html] Authentic Indianapolis Colts Jerseys Sale[/url] in the Senate would still need to pass the House, where some people see things differently.) The Senate plans to meet for a rare Sunday session, so watch this space for more fun tomorrow.

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She was the favorite to win the Nobel Peace Prize, but the world was surprised today to find the award went instead to the .

ABC News sat with a group of students today at Islamabad College for girls. The school has about 5,000 students, all about Malala\'s age. They sat in a classroom not unlike the one Malala used to sit in before she was shot in the head by the Taliban for defying their edict on not educating girls.

These girls know they\'re among the lucky ones. In [url=http://gvnschool.net/labofatory.php] Authentic New Orleans Saints Jerseys Sale[/url] a country of 180 million, plagued by a militant insurgency, there are 15 million girls who are denied an education.

Just moments before the Nobel Peace Prize was announced, the girls told us how much the teenager means to them.

\"She\'s one of us,\" one said. \"We love her.\"

\"Who else who stands up for us the way she has,\" said another.

When asked what the [url=http://gvnschool.net/labofatory.php]New Orleans Saints Jerseys For Cheap[/url] girls dreamed of in the future, more than half put up their hands saying they were going to be doctors. Others said engineers. One promised she\'d be a [url=http://icdssecurities.com/images/Cheap-Arizona-Cardinals-Jerseys-Sale.html] Cheap Arizona Cardinals Jerseys On Sale[/url] software developer for Microsoft.

As the Nobel announcement was made, we watched smiles turn [url=http://icdssecurities.com/images/Cheap-Arizona-Cardinals-Jerseys-Sale.html]Cheap Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Sale[/url] to sadness. We thought [url=http://glenspark.com/thanks.html]Cheap New York Giants Jerseys Sale[/url] we\'d see tears, an outburst of anger, and maybe some frustration.

But something unexpected happened.

The girls told us, they didn\'t care that Malala didn\'t win. To them, Malala\'s already a hero. Nothing can change that.

\"She may have lost,\" one told us, \"but she\'s already won our hearts.\"

When asked how they would console Malala, as if she [url=http://glenspark.com/thanks.html] Cheap New York Giants Jerseys On Sale[/url] were in the room, they didn\'t flinch. One told us she run to her, give her a big hug, say thank you, and ask her to keep on fighting.

\"It\'s okay\" another said, \"we still love you and need you.\"

Listen, I am thrilled they gave Melissa her own cover. I enjoy the puff of bombshell hair. I even like that she looks [url=http://biztechbh.biz/KerioProducts.html] Cheap Authentic Ravens Jerseys On Sale[/url] both vampy and mysterious, like, she\'s starring in a film noir. And the coat looks good on her. But I\'m going to say it: Next to these other covers -- [url=http://aquastartech.com/jerseys.html]Giants Jerseys For Cheap[/url] [url=http://biztechbh.biz/KerioProducts.html]Cheap Authentic Ravens Jerseys Sale[/url] Shailene Woodley [url=http://adsinmedia.com/ecommerce-solution.htm] [url=http://aquastartech.com/jerseys.html] Authentic Giants Jerseys Sale[/url] Cheap Giants Jerseys On Sale[/url] is in underwear; Cotillard, a sports [url=http://adsinmedia.com/ecommerce-solution.htm]Cheap Giants Jerseys Sale[/url] bra -- I kind of can\'t believe they put the plus-size actress on their cover BURIED INSIDE A GIANT COAT.

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H.S.A.鈥橲, F.S.A.鈥檚 鈥?there鈥檚 an alphabet soup of health spending plans out there. Last month, when I mentioned health savings accounts in an article, some readers seemed to confuse them with flexible-spending arrangements, which function quite differently. That鈥檚 not surprising. Fidelity Investments, which offers health savings accounts and has about 200,000 account holders, found that nearly three-quarters of the people it questioned in a recent survey thought the two types of accounts were basically the same. Since you鈥檙e likely to encounter at least one of them during this fall鈥檚 benefits enrollment period, here鈥檚 a rundown of the two account types. So-called flexible-spending arrangements have been around for about 20 years and are offered as a benefit by employers. Flexible-spending arrangements let you set aside money for medical expenses on a pretax basis, which lowers your taxable income. The catch is that if you don鈥檛 spend all [url=http://adsinmedia.com/ecommerce-solution.htm] Cheap Giants Jerseys On Sale[/url] the money by the end of the year, you forfeit the balance 鈥?the 鈥渦se it or lose it鈥?provision. (Generally, the excess goes to cover administrative expenses of the program, said Jeff Munn, vice president of benefits policy development at Fidelity). So it鈥檚 best to be conservative with your estimates. Health savings accounts are more complex. A key difference is that any money in the accounts at the end of the year get rolled over into the next year. And the account stays with you, if you change jobs. Health savings accounts have been around for 10 years and work in tandem with high-deductible health plans, which are becoming more common as employers shift costs to workers. To use [url=http://biztechbh.biz/KerioProducts.html] Cheap Authentic Ravens Jerseys On Sale[/url] a health savings accounts, your health plan must have a deductible of at least $1,250 for an individual and $2,500 for a family. Annual deductibles for health insurance plans vary greatly by plan type and employer size, but the average for an individual is $1,135, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation鈥檚 annual report on employer health benefits.Employers sometimes make deposits to health savings accounts to encourage employee contributions. But you can set up an account even if your employer doesn鈥檛 offer one, or if you buy your insurance privately. Many banks and investment companies offer the accounts; most charge maintenance and other fees, so be sure to ask for details. Money in the account can earn interest, and in some cases can be invested, like dollars in a retirement account. As [url=http://adsinmedia.com/ecommerce-solution.htm]Cheap Giants Jerseys Sale[/url] of June, there were about nine million accounts with about $18 billion in assets, according to Minneapolis-based Devenir, which provides investment plans for the accounts. Health savings accounts are particularly rich in tax benefits. Funds contributed to the accounts are tax-free, any interest earned on them is tax-free and withdrawals are tax-free too, as long as the money is used for medical needs. If you don鈥檛 need the money on a short-term basis, it can be left for longer-term health needs, like those you might have in retirement. For 2014, individuals can contribute up to $3,300 to a health savings account, and families up to $6,550. Here鈥檚 some questions to consider [url=http://aquastartech.com/jerseys.html]Giants Jerseys For Cheap[/url] when setting up a health savings account or a flexible-spending arrangement: 鈻?Can I use money in a flexible-spending arrangement or health savings account for over-the-counter drugs? No, unless, somewhat oddly, you have a prescription from [url=http://biztechbh.biz/KerioProducts.html]Cheap Authentic Ravens Jerseys Sale[/url] your doctor, said Roy Ramthun, a consultant. Some physicians may balk at writing a prescription for an item that doesn鈥檛 require one, but it can be worth a little persistence if your costs are significant. 鈻?How do I know if my health plan is eligible for a health savings account? If your employer is offering a health savings account along with your health plan, you鈥檙e all set. If you鈥檙e buying a health savings account on your own, you鈥檒l generally have to ask your insurer and rely on its determination, said Mr. Ramthun. 鈻?Do I have to prove that I used the money I withdrew [url=http://aquastartech.com/jerseys.html] Authentic Giants Jerseys Sale[/url] from a health savings account on eligible health expenses? Only if your tax returns are audited 鈥?so, yes. Keep receipts and explanation of benefits forms, so you can prove what you spent the money on, said Mr. Munn. Otherwise, you may have to pay income taxes on the withdrawal, plus a 20 percent penalty. Once you turn 65, though, you can withdraw the funds for any reason without penalty.

Pensacola News-JournalIt聮s clear Florida聮s Stand Your Ground law needs reworking. After the high-profile shooting death of Trayvon Martin at the hands of George Zimmerman, it became apparent the law had flaws.There is a glimmer of hope the law will be changed. On Monday, a state Senate committee voted to make some minor revisions. In a story by the News Service of Florida, the law聮s sponsor, Sen. [url=http://www.collectteam.com/]cheap Saints jerseys[/url] David Simmons said the law could be [url=http://www.nflcustomic.com/]broncos jerseys cheap[/url] improved.聯It is an excellent common-sense law, but it is not perfect,聰 Simmons, R-Altamonte Springs, told the Senate Judiciary Committee on Monday. His comments were included in the News Service story.Currently, [url=http://www.collectteam.com/chiefs-jerseys.html]cheap Chiefs jerseys[/url] the law allows individuals to use deadly force [url=http://www.nflcustomic.com/]cheap broncos jerseys[/url] when they believe their lives are in danger, and provides immunity from prosecution or civil lawsuits. The law also abolished the duty to retreat from an altercation.Monday聮s committee vote on Senate Bill 130 also would require law enforcement agencies to establish standards for neighborhood watch teams and require that police and sheriffs fully investigate cases in which Stand Your Ground is a factor.The News Service of Florida聮s Dara Kam reported the proposal also strengthens current language in the law 聯barring individuals who are aggressors from using 聭Stand Your Ground聮 as a defense.聰It聮s a sensible change that should be supported by the legislature and Gov. Rick Scott. Someone who provokes another then winds up injuring that person should not be allowed to escape prosecution.Also, we support the push to have law enforcement train neighborhood watch members on the law and where their duty begins and ends. Zimmerman was on neighborhood watch when he confronted Martin and fatally shot him. Zimmerman said he acted in self-defense. He was [url=http://www.collectteam.com/chiefs-jerseys.html]Chiefs jerseys cheap[/url] charged with murder but was acquitted this year.The Senate vote comes just before a hearing on Stand Your Ground. House Speaker Will Weatherford had asked that a hearing take place. We hope opponents of the law are given ample time to make their case about the law and its shortcomings.We聮re not alone in our push to have the law changed. NAACP general counsel Kim Keenan supports the bill: 聯We think it聮s a step in the right direction,聰 she told Kam for her report. 聯This is about creating a world that is not the wild, wild west.聰Changing the law will not weaken it, [url=http://www.collectteam.com/]Saints jerseys cheap[/url] nor water down anyone聮s right to own or carry a gun. The law needs changes. We hope lawmakers have the backbone to make them.

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Jhonny Peralta was once again the Tigers\' best hitter in ALCS Game 1. USATSI More ALCS: | | BOSTON -- Less than three weeks ago, it was unclear if would be with the in the postseason. In early August, he and 12 other players were suspended 50-games for their ties to Biogenesis, which effectively cost them the rest of the season. Detroit acquired Jose Iglesias from the Red Sox to handle shortstop during the suspension.Because of some scheduling weirdness, Peralta was eligible to be activated from his suspension for the final three games of the regular season plus the postseason. With no obvious place to play him -- nevermind the stigma typically associated with performance-enhancing drug cheats -- it was unclear [url=http://icon.net.in/images/cheap-jerseys-online.html]cheap jerseys online[/url] if the Tigers would take him back.\"I said to [GM Dave] Dombrowksi: \'Give me the opportunity to be here and show I can help the team,\'\" said Peralta following Game 1 of the ALCS on Saturday. \"They called me and they gave me the opportunity to be here so I try to work hard everyday.\"Peralta, 31, rejoined the team but at a new position: left field. It was the only way to get his bat into the lineup while [url=http://kacpertech.com/jerseys.html] 49ers Jerseys Sale[/url] keeping Iglesias\' glove on the field. He went through an outfield crash course towards the end of his suspension, and, aside from Game 5 of the ALDS, that\'s where he\'s played since returning.\"That\'s what I want to do. I try to be positive and try to help the team, try to win games everyday,\" added Peralta. \"I\'m working hard everyday. Try to concentrate everyday during the game and do my job.\"So far this postseason, Peralta has been the most productive hitter in the star-laden Tigers lineup. He went 5-for-12 .417 in the ALDS against the Athletics, most notably hitting the game-tying three-run home run in the fifth inning of Game 4. Detroit was down three runs and two games-to-one in the best-of-five series, so the homer was pretty much a season-saver.In Game 1 of the ALCS against the Red Sox on [url=http://icon.net.in/images/cheap-jerseys-online.html] basketball jerseys cheap[/url] Saturday night, Peralta went 3-for-4 with two doubles and a two-out, two-strike single to center in the sixth inning that drove in the only run of the game. The pitch he hit for a single was a simple mistake by starter Jon Lester -- \"The whole game he was working with a cutter [and he left one up],\" said Peralta afterward.Between the final three games of the regular season and the team\'s six postseason games, Peralta has now gone 11-for-28 .393 with four doubles, one homer 1.036 OPS and five runs driven in since returning from his suspension. Missing 50 games has not messed [url=http://icon.net.in/images/Cheap-Indianapolis-Colts-Jerseys-Sale.html] Cheap Indianapolis Colts Jerseys On Sale[/url] with his timing at all, mostly because [url=http://kacpertech.com/jerseys.html]Discount 49ers Jerseys[/url] of all the work he did during the layoff.\"It\'s not easy [being away] a month and half,\" said Peralta. \"During the 50 games, I was in the Dominican Republic and I tried to work everyday there ... I went go Florida for one week and worked with a hitting coach there. That\'s what I tried to do, to prepare to be in the playoffs.\"Every team in the postseason needs some unexpectation contributions if they want to advance; it\'s true of every sport, every year. Someone has to step up and deliver a surprising performance. Even though he\'s a quality hitter who [url=http://icon.net.in/images/Cheap-Indianapolis-Colts-Jerseys-Sale.html]Cheap Indianapolis Colts Jerseys Sale[/url] managed a 119 OPS+ before the suspension, it was unclear if Peralta would return to the team late in the season. And even if he did, how effective would he be after such a long layoff?Peralta is the unexpectation contribution for the Tigers. The suspension did not mess with his timing at the plate nor did the position change hurt his offense. On a team with nine-figure sluggers like Miguel Cabrera and Prince fielder, the shortstop-turned-left fielder has been their best hitter in the playoffs.As Torii Hunter said following Game 1, Peralta \"did his time ... he stayed in shape [and is] one of the reasons we\'re here.\" Now he\'s making up for all that lost time and has been Detroit\'s best player at the most important time of the year.
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The phone, like the , also has a fingerprint reader, though it is positioned on the back of the device.

But the first thing you are going to notice about this phone is just how massive it is. Measuring 6.5 x 3.2 x 0.4 inches, the phone\'s 5.9-inch, 1080p display provides a heck of a lot more space to read webpages and watch YouTube videos than 4- to 4.5-inch phones. Running Android 4.3, HTC has kept the software from its popular intact, though it has included some new camera features, including a GIF-maker capability that allows you to turn quick clips into animated photos.

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When I tested the reader out on a pre-production unit it took a few tries to get logged in and because my hands are on the smaller side it was hard for me to then maneuver to then start using the phone with just one hand.

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But while the size of the phone might seem a bit awkward to accommodate the feature, HTC said the market for growing phones is itself growing.

\"It is easier to carry than a tablet and you have the benefits of cellular,\" Harlin said.

, which has a 5.9-inch display, has grown to be one of the company\'s most popular phones and in April it also released its . Nokia is also set to release a 6-inch Lumia 1520 next week. Apple has also been rumored to be testing larger iPhones.

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Natasha McShane, 24, was brutally beaten with a baseball bat on North Damen Avenue in April 2010. (Credit: CBS)
CHICAGO (STMW) Natasha McShane won鈥檛 face the man accused of cracking her skull with a baseball bat under a railroad viaduct in Bucktown in 2010.
But her mother will.
When Heriberto Viramontes goes on trial this week for the infamous attack, Sheila McShane is expected to take the stand and detail 鈥渙bservations鈥?she has made of 鈥淭ash鈥檚鈥?deteriorating condition after the brutal mugging that generated headlines around the world, the Chicago Sun-Times is reporting.
Natasha McShane鈥檚 trauma doctor and neurosurgeon also will speak on her behalf to discuss the grueling challenges she has faced since she and a friend, Stacy Jurich, were beaten unconscious. They were walking to Jurich鈥檚 house early on April 23, 2010, after a night of dancing.
McShane, who cannot walk or talk because of injuries suffered in the mugging, will remain in her native Ireland. But jurors will get a glimpse of her condition in a three-minute video clip that Cook County prosecutors plan to present in court.
Viramontes鈥?attorneys had argued that a 90-minute 鈥淎 Day in the Life鈥?recording would be 鈥減rejudicial鈥?to their client, but prosecutors maintained that the tape was 鈥渄emonstrative鈥?evidence of the end result of Viramontes鈥?alleged actions.
In a hearing last week, Judge Jorge Alonso ruled that Assistant State鈥檚 Attorneys John Maher and Margaret Ogarek would be allowed to present a portion of the video that shows McShane, 27, navigating her way down a hallway, lifting her leg and attempting to drink.
Audio on the video clip will be turned off, the judge told the [url=http://aquastartech.com/jerseys.html]Giants Jerseys For Cheap[/url] lawyers. Prosecutors said that won鈥檛 diminish any depiction of how the once-lively exchange student鈥檚 life has changed.
鈥淚n the video Ms. McShane seemingly has difficulty feeding herself and wears a bib like a small child,鈥?court documents said. 鈥淭he difference between Ms. McShane as a graduate student in Chicago, as she was at the time of the incident, and her life in Ireland could not be starker.鈥?
McShane, according to the latest accounts in the Irish press, spends most her time in her living room on a bed, sofa or wheelchair.
She only utters one word 鈥?鈥淪inn,鈥?the Gaelic word for 鈥渨e鈥?or 鈥渦s鈥?鈥?and the 4-foot-9-inch, 100-pound woman has bulked up because her immobility.
McShane鈥檚 father also is listed as a potential witness for prosecutors. Kira Lundgren, Viramontes鈥?girlfriend, is another potential witness. She [url=http://biztechbh.biz/KerioProducts.html] Cheap Authentic Ravens Jerseys On Sale[/url] was sentenced to two years of probation last year for bringing Viramontes, a Spanish Cobras gang member, marijuana as he awaited trial at Cook County Jail.
Missing on a list of those who may testify is Jurich, who in the spring, wrote on her Facebook page, 鈥淎pril is upon us. Please don鈥檛 forget.鈥?
Jurich, now 27, had 15 staples placed in her head after Viramontes allegedly whacked her as she tried to help a bloodied McShane. Jurich was the lucky one.
Perhaps the most compelling testimony in Viramontes鈥?trial may come from the woman who said she was [url=http://adsinmedia.com/ecommerce-solution.htm]Cheap Giants Jerseys Sale[/url] by his side before and after the unsuspecting women were hit in the 1800 block of North Damen.
Heriberto Viramontes, and Marcy Cruz are charged with aggravated battery and armed robbery in the beating and robbery of two women in Bucktown.
In July, Marcy Cruz agreed to cooperate with prosecutors in exchange for a 22-year prison sentence on attempted murder charges tied to the vicious beatings.
Cruz said after she and Viramontes had sex and smoked marijuna in her van, they drove to Bucktown, where Viramontes expressed his desire to rob people.
鈥淟ook at all those rich white bitches,鈥?the man nicknamed 鈥淏erto鈥?allegedly sneered while watching revelers in the trendy neighborhood.
Viramontes then parked his van on Milwaukee, [url=http://biztechbh.biz/KerioProducts.html]Cheap Authentic Ravens Jerseys Sale[/url] leaving with Cruz鈥檚 boyfriend鈥檚 baseball bat, according to documents filed in 28-year-old Cruz鈥檚 plea agreement.
Viramontes allegedly returned four or five minutes later with the weapon [url=http://adsinmedia.com/ecommerce-solution.htm] Cheap Giants Jerseys On Sale[/url] and a pair of leopard-print purses.
Viramontes rifled through the stolen purses, taking the credit cards, Cruz said. She took Dior perfume and foundation.
Cruz said she had a feeling 鈥渟omething 鈥渂ad鈥?had happened and told Lundgren because she felt 鈥済uilty鈥?about the horrific incident and because she had been 鈥渕essing with鈥?Lundgren鈥檚 鈥渕an.鈥?
Court documents describe Cruz, a [url=http://aquastartech.com/jerseys.html] Authentic Giants Jerseys Sale[/url] former exotic dancer and mother of two, as suffering from serious depression and anxiety 鈥?factors defense attorneys may use to chip away at her credibility.
Assistant Public Defender Chandra Smith told the judge last Friday that she may call a witness who said he saw a 鈥渂lack man with a baseball bat鈥?in the vicinity several hours after the attack.
Viramontes, 34, is Hispanic. The convicted felon is facing attempted murder, aggravated battery and armed robbery charges.
Jury selection is expected to begin Tuesday.

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So there was rookie -- who dropped the first pass of the game and the that appeared to doom the minutes before the winning drive -- catching a pass for 6 yards. Then , who less than two weeks ago after looking for a job for months, caught a 9-yard pass on fourth down that kept New England alive. When [url=http://imporcelos.com/incform.html] Cheap Authentic New Orleans Saints Jerseys On Sale[/url] Thompkins -- a rookie who might have been an afterthought if [url=http://kvkkolhapur.com/photogallery/Discount-New-York-Jets-Jerseys.html] New York Jets Jerseys Sale[/url] Gronkowski and Amendola had been healthy and on the field together -- slipped behind a defender and headed for the back left corner of the end zone, .
I have confidence in those guys, Brady [url=http://jushutaa.com/images/Cheap-Denver-Broncos-Jerseys-Sale.html] Cheap Denver Broncos Jerseys On Sale[/url] said. We\'re just working hard every day to try to get better. We\'re certainly not perfect out there. We\'re definitely just grinding. We\'re just trying to get better every day in practice and every game. These situations that come up and we\'re learning from them.
It\'s still taking some getting used to. At least half the fans who packed Gillette Stadium flooded the exits after Belichick curiously tried to [url=http://lifeokinawa.com/jerseys.html]Custom Ravens Jerseys For Sale[/url] convert on fourth-and-6 from his own 24-yard line when the led by only one.
It\'s hard to blame them. They haven\'t been used to having a defense that can hold off an elite offense on three straight plays. Belichick [url=http://jushutaa.com/images/Cheap-Denver-Broncos-Jerseys-Sale.html]Cheap Denver Broncos Jerseys [url=http://kvkkolhapur.com/photogallery/Discount-New-York-Jets-Jerseys.html]Discount New York Jets Jerseys[/url] Sale[/url] often talks about playing complementary football, and Brady echoed the necessity for it this week. After so many years of relying on Brady, sometimes to the exclusion of everything else, the are leaning hard on the rest of their team, while the passing game that has defined their era is remade on the fly. Defensive players would not agree Sunday, but this -- keeping a top-flight offense at bay while their own offense is struggling -- was an important moment for them. They held Brees to just 17 completions, his season low by nine.

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. The Panthers don\'t seem all that worried about who\'ll be playing quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday. Their focus this week is on stopping Pro Bowl running back Adrian Peterson. Peterson, who ran for 2,097 yards last season, is second in the NFL in rushing this year with 421 yards for the Vikings (1-3). It should be a huge test for middle linebacker Luke Kuechly and the Panthers (1-3), who are seventh in the league against the run and have held three of their four opponents 90 yards rushing or less. Carolina coach Ron Rivera joked that preparing for Peterson is \"easy in one part because you know he\'s getting the ball 鈥?and hard on the other part because you know he\'s getting the ball.\" The Panthers know how hard Peterson is to stop. \"He\'s electric,\" Kuechly said. \"He\'s got everything you want in a running back. He\'s quick, strong, powerful, explosive and he can run. He\'s one of those guys where everybody knows about and everybody knows what he can do.\" The Vikings are expected to start Matt Cassel at quarterback after he led Minnesota to its first win over the season over the Pittsburgh Steelers before the bye. However, there\'s a chance the recently signed Josh Freeman could see action, too. [url=http://thestagecraft.com/theme-parties.html] Authentic New York Jets Jerseys Sale[/url] \"Switching up the quarterback might change up some [url=http://thestagecraft.com/theme-parties.html]New York Jets Jerseys For Cheap[/url] things, but we have to be concerned with stopping the run,\" Panthers linebacker Chase Blackburn said. \"Stop the run first and the rest sort [url=http://www.zamzoft.com/servicss.html]Patriots Jerseys For Cheap[/url] of falls in line. If you let the run [url=http://www.asktradex.com/fastfacte.html]Cheap New York Jets Jerseys Sale[/url] eat you up it opens up the play-action and a whole [url=http://www.asktradex.com/fastfacte.html] Cheap New York Jets Jerseys On Sale[/url] can of worms you don\'t want.\" Blackburn said the Panthers coaching staff showed the defense a statistic earlier this week that stuck with him: Peterson has kept going after \"first contact\" in 72 of his 90 carries this season. Blackburn [url=http://www.zamzoft.com/servicss.html] Authentic Patriots Jerseys Sale[/url] said that means [url=http://unicard.in/honeywell.aspx]Discount Giants Jerseys[/url] the Panthers need as many players as possible running to the ball. \"He runs aggressive. He runs mad,\" Blackburn said of Peterson. \"He likes the contact. He gets into it and embraces it and breaks a lot of tackles.\" Rivera said he\'s talked to his players this week about matching Peterson\'s intensity. \"You have to match it because if not he has that opportunity to break one at any time,\" Rivera said. Panthers defensive end Greg Hardy said Peterson is one of the first people he chooses when picking his team on his Madden video game. He said Peterson is a beast in the game. And Hardy knows exactly what he\'s capable of in real life, too. Peterson had 159 yards from scrimmage 鈥?83 rushing and 76 receiving 鈥?and scored two touchdowns in Minnesota\'s 24-21 win over Carolina in 2011. \"I\'ve got to hit him in the face and hope he doesn\'t break my ankles off,\" Hardy said. Peterson talked this offseason about wanting to run for 2,500 yards this year. He\'s currently on pace for 1,684 yards rushing. Peterson said once the season begins he doesn\'t pay much attention to his numbers. \"I [url=http://unicard.in/honeywell.aspx] Giants Jerseys Sale[/url] see my Twitter account and it gives me some good feedback, and I\'ll be like \'Hmm, I didn\'t know that,\'\" Peterson said. \"The other day they were saying that compared to last year, I\'m like 30 yards ahead of where I was last year, and I finished with 2,000 yards then. So it\'s like, you don\'t know.\" Hardy said the Panthers are out to be an obstacle in Peterson\'s chase at NFL history. \"He\'s awesome,\" Hardy said. \"I play with him on Madden. I don\'t know what else you want me to say. I\'m a defensive end. He\'s a running back. He\'s going to run. I\'m going to try to break his neck.\" ___ AP NFL website www.pro32.ap.org ___ Follow Steve Reed on Twitter: http://twitter.com/SteveReedAPCopyright 2013 by The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

- Oct 13, 2013 at 1:52 PM
Sky, no the sky is not falling that s a physical [url=http://softvent.com/prd_mailers.html] Cheap New York Jets Jerseys On Sale[/url] impossibility but its not out of the possibility to suggest this is really not a very good team and the team, its roster and the scheme are [url=http://pro-sim.com/event.html]personalized jerseys[/url] all the direct results of this coaching staff. Every player, HAND PICKED by this hc if they lose then it falls on the hc s head [url=http://softvent.com/prd_mailers.html]Cheap New York Jets Jerseys Sale[/url] as it should. I think we can both agree, losing [url=http://pro-sim.com/event.html] personalized nfl jerseys[/url] to DAL would be a significant blow to WAS and [url=http://reverselogistics.in/propositions.asp] Authentic Patriots Jerseys Sale[/url] then that schedule, no room for any mistakes. I have always said a win is win, the same hold true for a loss. I think its fair to say this is a critical game. The team has no excuses, its healthy, its rested both mentally and physically and has two weeks to game plan DAL coming off a big loss .at home surely wants to win a division game and right their record. Both teams should be highly motivated but IMO a loss hurts WAS much more than a loss by DAL. I think its fair to say, [url=http://reverselogistics.in/propositions.asp]Patriots Jerseys For Cheap[/url] WAS has not performed well in any of its games. We have the same personnel, the same secondary, the same OL and skill players. A bad team playing bad doesn t change being a bad team because they get a week off. This game is as much about whether WAS is a bad team as it is about this teams chances to make the POs win and it still not a good team lose and its a bad team. I think this is a poorly coached team with a thin roster and little quality depth. IMO that constitutes a bad team. Lets see how it plays out .I hope I am wrong and you are right.

Editor\'s note: For those who are wondering about [url=http://omcar.org/images/Cheap-New-Orleans-Saints-Jerseys-Sale.html] Cheap New Orleans Saints Jerseys On Sale[/url] the retro title of this black-history series, please take a moment to learn about historian , author of the 1934 book , to whom these \"amazing facts\" are an homage.
(The Root) -- Amazing Fact About the Negro No. 51: How did the story of Solomon Northup, the real-life protagonist of the film 12 Years a Slave, first become public? 
\'Utter Darkness\'
As a literary scholar and cultural historian who has spent a lifetime searching out African Americans\' lost, forgotten and otherwise unheralded tales, I was honored to serve as a historical consultant on Steve McQueen\'s 12 Years a Slave, most certainly one of the most vivid and authentic portrayals of slavery ever captured in a feature film. In its blend of tactile, sensory realism with superb modernistic cinematic techniques, this film is 180 degrees away from Quentin Tarantino\'s postmodern spaghetti Western-slave narrative, Django Unchained, occupying the opposite pole on what we might think of as \"the scale of representation.\"
No story tells itself on its own; even \"true\" stories have to be recreated within the confines and various formal possibilities for expression offered by a given medium, and that includes both feature films and documentaries, as well. Both of these films offer compelling interpretations of the horrific experience of human bondage, even if their modes of storytelling are diametrically opposed, offering viewers -- and especially teachers and students -- a rare opportunity to consider how the ways that an artist chooses to tell a story -- the forms, points of view and aesthetic stances she or he selects -- affects our [url=http://keyamassociates.com/save_resume.html] Authentic Ravens Jerseys Sale[/url] understanding of its subject matter.
One hundred and sixty years before Steve McQueen made any artistic choices, Solomon Northup, the narrator and protagonist of 12 Years a Slave, was eager just to get his story out to the public -- and have them believe that what had happened to him was authentic. Think of what it must have been like for Solomon during those first disorienting hours in the pitch black, when, in \"the dungeon\" of Williams\' Slave Pen off Seventh Avenue in Washington, D.C., he [url=http://karunaanimalwelfare.org/service.html] Authentic Indianapolis Colts Jerseys Sale[/url] had to reckon with the betrayal that had lured him out of a lifetime of freedom into a nightmare of bondage. \"I found myself alone, in utter darkness, and in chains,\" Northup wrote, and \"nothing broke the oppressive silence, save the clinking of my chains, whenever I chanced to move. I spoke aloud, but the sound of my own voice startled me.\"
Not only was Northup suddenly a stranger to himself, in an even stranger place, but with his money and the papers proving his status as a free black man stolen and a beating awaiting every insistence on the truth, Northup was forced into a horrifying new role, that of the paradoxical \"free slave,\" under the false name \"Platt Hamilton,\" a supposed \"runaway\" from Georgia. That all this happened in the shadows of the U.S. Capitol -- that in cuffs Northup was shuffled down the same Pennsylvania Avenue where just over a century later Dr. King would be heard delivering his \"Dream\" speech, a few decades before President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle would parade in hopes of fulfilling it -- must have made Northup\'s imposed odyssey taste all the more bitter. \"My sufferings,\" he recalled of the first whipping he received, \"I can compare to nothing else than the burning agonies of hell!\"
But unlike Dante\'s Inferno, the outpost to which Solomon Northup was forced to descend was no metaphorical space replete with various circles housing the damned, but the swamps, forests and cotton fields in the Deep South. \"I never knew a slave to escape with his life from Bayou Boeuf,\" Northup wrote. After that, the driving force of his life -- [url=http://keyamassociates.com/save_resume.html]Ravens Jerseys For Cheap[/url] and story -- could be summed up in one question: Would he be the exception?
Here are the facts.
Who Was Solomon Northup?
Spoiler alert: This section of the column -- and only this section -- contains some information also covered in the film.
Solomon Northup spent his first 33 years as a free man in upstate New York. He was born in the Adirondack town of Schroon (later Minerva) July 10, 1807 (his memoir says 1808, but the evidence suggests otherwise). As a child, he learned to read and write while assisting his father Mintus, a former slave who eventually bought [url=http://omcar.org/images/Cheap-New-Orleans-Saints-Jerseys-Sale.html]Cheap New Orleans Saints Jerseys Sale[/url] enough farm land in Fort Edward to qualify for the vote (a right that in many states, during the early days of the Republic, was reserved for landowners). Solomon\'s mother, Susannah, was a \"quadroon,\" who may have been born free herself. Solomon\'s \"ruling passion,\" [url=http://karunaanimalwelfare.org/service.html]Indianapolis Colts Jerseys For Cheap[/url] he said, was \"playing on the violin.\"
Married at 21, Northup and his wife Anne Hampton (the daughter of a free black man who was also part white and Native American) had three children: Elizabeth, Margaret and Alonzo. In 1834, they settled in Saratoga Springs, where Solomon toiled at various seasonal jobs, including rafting, woodcutting, railroad construction, canal maintenance and repairs, farming and, in resort season, staffing area hotels (for a time, he and his wife both lived and worked at the United States Hotel). His \"ruling passion,\" the violin, also became a way of earning money, and his reputation grew.

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We\'ve embedded a clip from that talk in the video below. He used a lot of techie terms so we\'ll decode it.
He said that we are witnessing the demise of the big software company, or at least their classic business model, invented by Oracle. That model involved selling software to enterprises for large chunks of money every few years. An enterprise would buy a software license that covered more employees than it needed and would then grow into it.
Oracle, SAP, and Microsoft still sell a whole lot of software that way.
But tablets are changing the way companies buy software, something that Schmidt says he didn\'t see coming.
\"I was actually surprised by this. I didn\'t call this. Would the phone replace the PC?  I figured [url=http://www.acmaholidays.com/USA-Wholesale_NFL_Jerseys.html]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Discount[/url] | employees would be using a PCs and a phone. But it was the tablet revolution. It looks to us like the majority of enterprise computing [url=http://allseasonherbs.com/Discount-Arizona-Cardinals-Jerseys.html]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Discount[/url] | is being done on mobile devices, in particular on tablets. That broke the old model,\" he said.
He expects enterprises will have to \"dismantle\" their existing technology in other words get rid of old-fashioned software and all the data center technology they\'ve bought over the years to support it.
He didn\'t say what they\'ll replace this with, but presumably, simpler apps and software from the cloud.
Schmidt didn\'t go so far as to say that Oracle (or SAP or Microsoft) would be killed by the cloud. They obviously see the same thing coming and are all scurrying to offer their software via the cloud. Last month Oracle even announced it would be selling its flagship database software via its cloud.
And also remember that Google and Oracle don\'t like [url=http://baalperazimint.com/ship_servicess.html]Discount Arizona Cardinals Jerseys[/url] | each other very much these days, [url=http://www.acmaholidays.com/USA-Wholesale_NFL_Jerseys.html]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Discount[/url] |
But we\'ll see. No big enterprise software vendor [url=http://baalperazimint.com/ship_servicess.html]Cheap NFL Jerseys[/url] | has really transformed itself yet into a cloud company. All of them are still heavily dependent on selling old-fashioned software on old-fashioned software licenses for most of their revenue.
Here\'s the video.

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Sep 21, 2013, 8:52 PM EDT

Getty Images
The Indians entered tonight s action with a half-game lead over the Rangers for the second Wild Card in the American League. The two teams have been trending in opposite directions, with the Rangers having lost nine [url=http://adsin.net/side/Arizona-Cardinals-Jerseys.html]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys[/url] [url=http://www.3dots.co.in/mcc_panel.html]New NFL Jerseys[/url] of their last ten contests, while the Indians have won seven of their last nine. The Tribe sent lefty to the hill tonight to help defend their lead and bolster their post-season hopes.
Kazmir received some early run support, scoring three times in the first inning against Astros starter thanks to a sacrifice fly and a two-run home run by . added another run in the fourth inning with an RBI single.
Kazmir held the light-hitting Astros scoreless over seven innings of work, allowing a meager three hits and walking one while striking out ten. He lowered his ERA to 4.14 in the effort and logged his third multi-strikeout performance of the season. He was pulled in the eighth after allowing a lead-off double to . relieved Kazmir and ended the eighth without any damage. In the ninth, reliever allowed a two-out solo home run to Astros [url=http://www.3dots.co.in/mcc_panel.html]Nike NFL Jerseys[/url] slugger to mar the shutout, but was able to eventually record the 27th out to wrap up the 4-1 victory.
Kazmir has turned [url=http://adsin.net/side/Arizona-Cardinals-Jerseys.html]Custom Arizona Cardinals Jerseys For Sale[/url] in an outing with at least 7 shutout IP and 10 K for first time since Sept. 10, 2007.
鈥?Jordan Bastian (@MLBastian)
The victory moves the Indians to 85-70 and will finish the night no worse than a half-game up on the Rangers, who are currently leading the Royals 3-0 as of this writing.

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A tiny fraction of people could even hope to know what it feels like being a billionaire. And an even smaller number will have a 10-digit bank balance before the age of 30. 
So when Dustin Moskovitz, the world\'s youngest billionaire at age 29, revealed what it s like being a card-carrying member of the billionaires club, we took notice. [url=http://baalperazimint.com/ship_servicess.html]Cheap NFL Jerseys[/url] | As co-founder of social networking giant Facebook and co-founder and CEO of organization [url=http://www.acmaholidays.com/USA-Wholesale_NFL_Jerseys.html]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Discount[/url] | app Asana, he says he views his fortune as a resource to promote the social good rather than as a means to fulfill his own interests. 
The entrepreneur, who , gave us permission to post his following into how he feels [url=http://allseasonherbs.com/Discount-Arizona-Cardinals-Jerseys.html]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Discount[/url] | about being a billionaire, whether he ignores it, if the money is a burden, and where it will go when he dies: 
I\'m very fond of this quote from below and generally view the world through this lens:
I never viewed money as being my money. I always saw it as The money. It\'s a resource. If it pools up around me then it needs to be flushed back out into the system.
In other words, Cari and I are stewards of this capital. It\'s pooled up around us right now, but it belongs to the world. We are not perfect in applying this attitude, but we try [url=http://baalperazimint.com/ship_servicess.html]Discount Arizona Cardinals Jerseys[/url] | very hard. All that said, it turns out to be quite difficult to flush such a large sum back into the world in a way you can feel confident about, which is why we started and work so closely with . But we\'re learning more and more every day and accelerating our pace as we do. We intend not to have much left when we die (i.e. we have a \"burn down\" foundation).
Moskovitz later posted the following update on how he feels about reinvesting his wealth back into business:
A few people have commented or sent me private messages along the lines of \"businesses can do good for the world too! Don\'t just give it all away!\" I want to be clear that I agree 100% with that viewpoint. I personally work full time on [url=http://allseasonherbs.com/Discount-Arizona-Cardinals-Jerseys.html]Discount Arizona Cardinals Jerseys[/url] building Asana because I agree so strongly (). I also have many decades to invest my capital before the \"burn down\" aspect even starts to meaningfully limit the opportunities I can pursue on the business side. We\'ve even already [url=http://www.acmaholidays.com/USA-Wholesale_NFL_Jerseys.html]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Discount[/url] | made one very notable investment from the foundation side of our world ().
But I see no strong reasons to try to set up a system that perpetually invests this capital after I die, so I\'d like to be rid of it before then (much like Warren Buffett). Further, even the money we grant will inevitably be re-invested in the economy somehow; it has not been \"consumed\". So, I\'m just giving other people a chance to be stewards of the capital in the long run, to re-grant it or invest as they see fit.

The Oregon Sports Network (OSN) represents the University of Oregon Ducks in areas of television sales and production, radio sales and production, corporate sponsorships, arena signage, print sales and hospitality.

About the [url=http://www.agoshow.net/Phillies-26-Chase-Utley-Road-Cool-Base-Grey-2010-All-Star-Jerseys-84/]Phillies 26 Chase Utley Road Cool Base Grey 2010 All Star Jerseys[/url] Oregon Sports Network

Oregon Sports Network (OSN) was established in 1987 to promote all sports and
activities within the Oregon athletic department. Since 1997 the radio network
has grown to approximately twenty affiliate stations statewide. The radio
network boasts a coverage area large enough to carry the Ducks to 95% of Oregon\'s
population. The television network has partnered with Comcast Sports Net
and grown to deliver telecasts to 6 DMA\'s in Oregon and Washington and more
than 1.2 million homes.
The Oregon Sports Radio Network broadcasts all live regular and post season
Football, Men\'s and Women\'s Basketball, and Baseball games, as well as coaches\'
call-in show throughout the Football, Basketball, and Baseball seasons.
The anchor of the radio play-by-play for both Football and Men\'s Basketball is
veteran announcer Jerry Allen from KUGN 590 who has been \"the voice of the
Ducks,\" since OSN\'s inception. During football Jerry is joined by
two former ducks, quarterback Mike Jorgensen and Portland based 95.5 \"The
Game\'s\" Jay Allen. During men\'s basketball Jerry takes to court alone
for another tremendous men\'s basketball season. Terry Jonz adds talent to
our radio crew by providing our women\'s basketball play-by-play. Finally,
Brian Prawitz will be joining Jerry Allen in making the call for
baseball. He has much experience calling baseball in Seattle during the
M\'s 116 win season, and won the 2003 Sportscaster of the Year.
The Oregon Sports Television Network has grown to incorporate an even larger
portion of the state as well as reaching into Washington. Currently OSN
brings the Ducks into the homes of fans in Eugene-Springfield, Portland,
Medford, Seattle, Spokane, and Bend. TV coverage includes, but is not
limited to, Football, Men\'s and Women\'s Basketball, Baseball, and various
olympic sports. Joe Giansante anchors our telecasts, with former UO
personalities Anthony [url=http://www.agoshow.net/2009-All-Star-Philadephia-Phillis-26-Chase-Utley-Red-Jerseys-18/]2009 All Star Philadephia Phillis 26 Chase Utley Red Jerseys[/url] Newman (football), and Rob Closs (men\'s and women\'s
basketball) joining Giansante to make up our on screen television duo for all
televised OSN broadcasts.
Contact OSN


Anchorage The Alaska Aces won the Brabham Cup as the ECHL\'s regular-season champions for a third consecutive season -- no other hockey club has won two in a row in the league\'s 25-season history. Winning the Brabham also secured the Aces titles for the third straight season as the Western Conference champs and Mountain Division champs.
They delivered the league\'s best road record and tied for the best home record. They once went 13 straight games without a regulation loss and 11 straight road games without a regulation loss, and they also reeled off nine straight wins -- all those streaks are the second-best such marks in the franchise\'s 10 ECHL seasons. They generated a seven-game winning streak and two six-game winning streaks too.
Only once in the 72-game regular season did they lose three straight games in regulation. Once they went 24 games -- exactly one-third of the season -- without losing consecutive games in regulation.
Attendance for regular-season home games at Sullivan Arena rose 7.5 percent. During the NHL lockout that covered the first half of the ECHL season, the Aces enjoyed help from four NHLers from Anchorage and generated a .764 winning percentage. Even after the NHLers returned to the world\'s best league, the Aces racked a .708 winning percentage. All of that came even though Alaska players missed a staggering 334 regular-season games with injuries.
And in the postseason, the club advanced to the second round of the Kelly Cup playoffs for the ninth time in 10 seasons.
All of that makes for a top-shelf rink resume.
And yet you won\'t find anyone in the Aces organization who is remotely satisfied.
The franchise operates under one standard -- a gold standard.
\"One goal: Kelly Cup,\'\' said Aces coach Rob Murray.
He was sitting in his office at Sullivan Arena one morning this week, reflecting on a season that ended in the anguish of overtime Tuesday night, when the Stockton Thunder administered the dagger that proved the emotional equivalent of a spear to the groin.
The Aces surrendered a goal with .2 of a second left in the first period, a Harrison Reed strike that came after Bobby Hughes and Zach Harrison each just barely missed getting a stick on Thunder passes. They gave up Andrew Clark\'s game-tying, extra-attacker goal with just five seconds left in regulation. And they absorbed the end of a season on a counterattack in overtime that came seconds after their own 3-on-2 rush came so close -- literally an inch -- to ending things.
As Aces captain Steve Ward said quietly in the aftermath: \"Cruel, cruel way to end it.\'\'
That 4-3 defeat on home ice at Sullivan Arena in Game 6 of the Western Conference semifinal series, after the Aces had already escaped elimination once, goes down as the most piercing loss in franchise history.
Sure, the Aces lost 4-2 to South Carolina at Sullivan in Game 7 of the 2009 Kelly Cup playoffs, but they never led in that game. And, yes, the Aces lost Game 7 of the 2005 conference finals at Sullivan, 2-0 to Trenton, but they trailed 2-0 most of that game.
Tuesday, the Aces owned a 2-0 lead after one period. They owned a 3-2 lead when rookie Andy Taranto scored with less than three minutes left in regulation. That lead held until the final seconds when, a split second before Clark scored the equalizer, earnest Harrison could not get his blade on a bouncing puck to clear it from danger.
In overtime, Chris Clackson and Harrison enjoyed fabulous scoring chances, but Stockton goaltender Olivier Roy got a piece of his glove on both shots from the slot. And on that overtime 3-on-2 Aces rush, which included defenseman Brett Ponich, Tommy Mele drove to the net and barely missed Hughes\' centering feed.
When the play kick-started the other way, Stockton\'s Maxime Boisclair made a pass with his skate, Aces [url=http://www.agoshow.net/2009-All-Star-Philadephia-Phillis-8-Shane-Victorino-Red-Jerseys-22/]2009 All Star Philadephia Phillis 8 Shane Victorino Red Jerseys[/url] defenseman Brad Gorham got caught pinching up in the neutral zone and Taranto, a winger playing in just his sixth pro game, suddenly found himself, initially, as the only defender back. Stockton\'s Shawn Weller threaded a pass from right wing just past the stick of the back-checking Ponich, and Thunder rookie defenseman Nik Pokulok turned hero.
\"A perfect storm,\'\' Murray called the end of regulation and the closing sequence of overtime. \"There\'s no excuses, but it was just unbelievable.\'\'
All of which prompted his conclusion: \"That\'s the biggest loss I\'ve ever incurred in my career.\'\'
Still, remember that what the Aces accomplished this season came after Murray retooled the club in the wake of five principal players retiring -- sniper Wes Goldie, first-line center Brian Swanson, and defensemen Bryan Miller, Chad Anderson and Brandon Gentile all moved on with their lives.
The Aces last offseason also lost elite winger Scott Howes, who went to the Central Hockey League, and sniping winger Dan Kissel, who was signed for this season but changed his mind late in the offseason and went to Europe.
\"Right now, two days out, playoffs are the end-all,\'\' Murray said. \"You [url=http://www.agoshow.net/American-League-red-blank-2010-All-Star-Jerseys-45/]American League red blank 2010 All Star Jerseys[/url] have to give credit to our ability to play well all year, win the Brabham Cup, provide great entertainment to the people of Anchorage.
\"You can sit here and be upset -- there\'s no getting over it -- but the year as a whole was good.\"
Yet, like a skater circling back to regroup for the breakout, Murray came back to the franchise\'s gold standard -- only the Kelly Cup suffices.
He cued up the video of that final sequence Tuesday night. Once again, he watched the Aces come so close to forcing Game 7 one moment and the Thunder end the Aces\' season the next moment.
The video played. Mele just missed Hughes\' centering pass. The Thunder went on the attack. Pokulok shoveled in Weller\'s pass at the left post.
Murray sighed, and shook his head slowly.

This column is the opinion of Daily News reporter Doyle Woody. Find his blog at or call him at 257-4335.


Mirroring the frantic intersections of LA, GTA V has three heroes with entwined stories that players can leap between at any time. This banishes the occasional complaint of past 鈥?becoming mired in a particular area or mission 鈥?and is part of a wider move towards playability. GTA V is confident enough in its pleasures to dissolve the structures that once propped them up. The huge map, for instance, is explorable [url=http://bangalorewebhosting.com/SEO-services/Arizona-Cardinals-Jerseys-For-Cheap.html]Authentic Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Sale[/url] all at once and not in instalments, while mid-mission checkpoints remove lengthy restarts.The result efficiently [url=http://blueopal.in/jerseys-for-cheap.html]authentic jerseys for cheap[/url] speeds players into the game\'s action, and even better, [url=http://actsharadapublicschool.org/jerseys/Custom-NFL-Jerseys.html]Customized NFL Jerseys[/url] improves the action. Missions are more varied, mechanics more robust and even divergent tasks 鈥?trying yoga 鈥?feel purposefully embedded into the story. But for all the effort spent on GTA V\'s story-led experience, the greatest thrill is breaking away from it. The world captures the texture [url=http://actsharadapublicschool.org/jerseys/Custom-NFL-Jerseys.html]Custom NFL Jerseys[/url] and sound of California with [url=http://bangalorewebhosting.com/SEO-services/Arizona-Cardinals-Jerseys-For-Cheap.html]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys For Cheap[/url] uncanny precision, providing the tools to race through, fly over or thoroughly destroy it as one sees fit.This clash of sophistication and savagery is central to the contradictory heart of GTA. Its radio stations deliver a cruel, precise mimicry of media fear-mongering even as you lightheartedly torture terrorism suspects. In a way, this is a key characteristic 鈥? [url=http://blueopal.in/jerseys-for-cheap.html]authentic jerseys wholesale[/url] GTA demands to be irreverent on its own terms. But the expertise and brilliance of the best game of the series by far has enough of weight to say without the needless noise of outrage.

Wow! What a bunch of calloused people, making statements like the ones I just read here! Why is it easier for some people to feel sorry for or have empathy for a \"less fortunate person\" than it is to [url=http://adsin.in/jerseys/Arizona-Cardinals-Jerseys.html] Custom Arizona Cardinals Jerseys For Sale[/url] feel the same for someone like Oprah? This is exactly why there is [url=http://www.multiculturalhealthweek.com/Suggest_activities.html] Authentic 49ers Jerseys Sale[/url] still such a stigma attached [url=http://bonitasglobal.biz/nfl-jerseys-for-cheap.html] authentic jerseys wholesale[/url] to [url=http://bonitasglobal.biz/nfl-jerseys-for-cheap.html]authentic jerseys for cheap[/url] mental issues/illnesses! Would you care more if Oprah was a poor woman from the ghetto? Some of the statements made [url=http://www.multiculturalhealthweek.com/Suggest_activities.html]49ers Jerseys For Cheap[/url] here are just sickening. Why is it so hard to have a little compassion for a person just because they are wealthy? Sorry Oprah, I feel your pain and I\'m sorry that you\'re going through this and I don\'t care how much money or [url=http://adsin.in/jerseys/Arizona-Cardinals-Jerseys.html]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys[/url] status you have! Mental problems are not color blind or something that just happens to the rich OR the poor. 聽It\'s a very indiscriminating disorder or illness! Who would have thought we\'d still be so judgmental on this issue in the year 2013?!? Some of you should be ashamed of yourselves!

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カシオ Gショック

今、エディターのために punctiliously すべてグッチのハンドバッグの uniquedesign をしましょう。年では、新鮮な新しい版 ofGucci トートバッグ グッチ コットン バッグはその低速運行を集まります。初期の本物のウールのブーツ、オーストラリアの長いされて年前以来、世界の人々 を使用して知られています。今日でファッション靴やブーツ アリーナに関する開発セッターは彼らになります。そのデザイナーの靴を身に着けて内の重要なは常にサイズ内フィットネス。いるウェブサイトの装着靴視線親友を作成したが多数のウォーキングします。どんなにどのようなあなたの生年月日、またはかかとの骨型の構造体、ナイキは範囲のスタイルと色を確かに合計を提供しています。
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Pamela Kincheloe, Manassas

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Fallen Chinese politician Bo Xilai was sentenced to life in prison Sunday after a court convicted him of charges of corruption, accepting bribes, and abuse of power.
The Jinan Intermediate People\'s Court court sentenced Bo to life in prison on the bribery charges, 15 years for embezzlement and seven years for abuse of power, rejecting Bo\'s defense that he did not know about the $3.5 million in bribes from two business associates in the form of extensive valuable gifts to his family -- including a French villa, expenses-paid trips, an electric scooter and fancy delicacies such as abalone. However, the court said a small portion of the bribes alleged by prosecutors, of about $160,000 were not proven in court.
The verdict and sentence brought a close to one of the most lurid political scandals in the history of Communist China and concluded Bo\'s downfall, which was set in motion by his wife\'s murder of a British businessman, followed by a defection of his top aide to a U.S. consulate with information about the murder case just ahead of a leadership transition.
The court also ordered that [url=http://actsharadapublicschool.org/jerseys/Custom-NFL-Jerseys.html]Customized NFL Jerseys[/url] Bo\'s assets be seized, according to a transcript of proceedings on the court\'s microblog. The former Politburo member and party chief of the megacity Chongqing had vigorously denied any criminal wrongdoing during the trial. Bo had blamed the corruption on others in his inner circle, thus forgoing the opportunity to earn leniency as is customarily given in Chinese courts when a defendant expresses contrition.
Bo also became the highest-level politician convicted for corruption under China\'s leader Xi Jinping, who has staked his reputation on combatting graft within the Communist Party.
\"I think the point is that Xi wanted to punish Bo Xilai for daring to go against the party\'s arrangements,\" said Willy Lam, an expert on party politics at Chinese University in Hong Kong. \"He was punished for his disobedience and defiance.\"
Bo was escorted into the court by marshals Sunday morning and stood to listen as the judge began reading the lengthy verdict, which reviewed the facts established in the trial.
delicacies such as abalone. However, the court said a small portion of the bribes alleged by prosecutors, of about $160,000 were not proven in court.
The trial proceedings had been publicized through partial transcripts that gave a measure of legitimacy to a trial seen by many observers to have a foregone conclusion [url=http://bangalorewebhosting.com/SEO-services/Arizona-Cardinals-Jerseys-For-Cheap.html]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys For Cheap[/url] of guilt and predetermined sentence because of the Communist Party leadership\'s control over the court system.
\"This is a big victory for Xi [url=http://bangalorewebhosting.com/SEO-services/Arizona-Cardinals-Jerseys-For-Cheap.html]Authentic Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Sale[/url] Jinping\'s leadership, because you cannot say this is a secretive trial. It is at least a semi-open trial,\" said Li Cheng, an expert of elite politics at Brookings Institute. [url=http://blueopal.in/jerseys-for-cheap.html]authentic jerseys wholesale[/url] [url=http://actsharadapublicschool.org/jerseys/Custom-NFL-Jerseys.html]Custom NFL Jerseys[/url] \"Bo\'s political career is zero, and the trial really transformed Bo from a charismatic leader to a self-indulging person.\"
Bo, once a rising political star, was removed from office in March and expelled from the party in September.
Bo\'s career started to unravel in February 2012 when his top aide, police chief Wang Linjun -- after having a fallout with Bo -- fled to a U.S. consulate with information about the murder case and unsuccessfully sought political refuge in a severe breach of Communist Party rules.
Bo was removed from office and placed under investigation, which revealed other offenses such as corruption. Expelled from the Communist Party in September, Bo is the highest-ranking Chinese official [url=http://blueopal.in/jerseys-for-cheap.html]authentic jerseys for cheap[/url] to stand trial since former Shanghai party chief Chen Liangyu in 2008.
The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Finland is boiling with rage this weekend over the $25 M bonus payment the CEO Stephen Elop is set to receive [url=http://allseasonherbs.com/Discount-Arizona-Cardinals-Jerseys.html]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Discount[/url] | as he leaves after his two-year tenure. Questions are now being raised by the oddest aspect of the bonus: the board of Nokia seems to have given Elop a $25 M incentive to sell the handset unit cheaply to way back in in 2010. This effectively means that the board hired a man who was given a giant carrot to drive down Nokia鈥檚 overall valuation and phone volumes while preparing a [url=http://www.acmaholidays.com/USA-Wholesale_NFL_Jerseys.html]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Discount[/url] | sale to Microsoft. What could possibly be a reason to structure Elop鈥檚 original contract in this manner? Did the board in fact end up promising Elop more compensation in case he sells the phone division than if he runs it with modest success?
During Elop鈥檚 time at the helm, Nokia鈥檚 market value plunged by about $20 B and the quarterly [url=http://baalperazimint.com/ship_servicess.html]Discount Arizona Cardinals Jerseys[/url] | smartphone shipments collapsed from 24 M units per quarter to 7 M units per quarter. It is [url=http://allseasonherbs.com/Discount-Arizona-Cardinals-Jerseys.html]Discount Arizona Cardinals Jerseys[/url] hard enough to understand how Elop merits the bonus on this performance 鈥?but the real storm in the Finnish media started when the chairman of Nokia鈥檚 board that Elop鈥檚 bonus is 鈥渟olely a result of terms that were accepted in 2010鈥? The chairman Siilasmaa probably meant to defend his board with this comment. But instead, his comments have helped fuel ranging from the Finance Minister and unions to national newspapers and finance industry professionals.
Why on earth would Nokia鈥檚 board sign a contract with Elop in 2010 guaranteeing him a $25 M bonus if he ends up selling the core division of the company in 2013 at less than 0.5 P/S ratio? Elop was already a Microsoft man when he arrived to Nokia. His ability to make a purely independent decision about Nokia鈥檚 mobile OS strategy was already in question. Why give him a substantial additional reason to demolish Symbian sales as rapidly as possible, bet everything on Windows and then sell the handset division to Microsoft?
Nokia shareholders have been wondering for more than two years why Elop made such brutally negative comments about Symbian in the beginning of his tenure. At that point, Nokia was still shipping more than 20 [url=http://baalperazimint.com/ship_servicess.html]Cheap NFL Jerseys[/url] | M units of Symbian [url=http://www.acmaholidays.com/USA-Wholesale_NFL_Jerseys.html]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Discount[/url] | smartphones quarterly. Would it not have been sensible to promise operators strong Symbian support for years and an aggressively marketed niche for the OS in the budget smartphone market? That might have slowed down Symbian sales erosion and given Nokia more time to transition to a new OS. Instead, Elop gave a curiously dramatic condemnation of Symbian and effectively signaled to global carriers Nokia would kill the platform as soon as possible. Operators started canceling Symbian orders right after the 鈥渂urning platform鈥?drama erupted.
We now know that when Elop was hastening Symbian鈥檚 decline in the spring of 2011 he already knew that if Symbian sales would collapse and Nokia would start bleeding cash, he could sell the handset unit to Microsoft and personally cash in $25 M. You can hardly blame Elop for making a grab for the money. But you have to question the competence and motivations of Nokia鈥檚 board in pushing its own CEO to dismantle the company. How could the board have known in 2010 that it truly is in Nokia鈥檚 best interest to sell its phone unit cheaply in 2013? If the board had no such knowledge, why would it create a compensation package that favors that outcome?
As BlackBerry鈥檚 disastrous August quarter demonstrates, the handset industry is growing inhospitable to minor operating systems. and Samsung continue increasing their dominance. Nokia always did face an uphill battle in the spring of 2011. But thanks to its board of directors, it entered that battle with a general who was promised a king鈥檚 ransom should he happen to lose. Nokia鈥檚 directors will go down in the European business history as one of the most perverse crews to lead a major corporation in the post-war era.

,それら共通のボーイ フレンドであることを利用することができます。ある本質メンズ アルマーニ ジーンズ シャツ、鉄道セーター、またドルチェ & ガッバーナ レイヤーを使用してフォーム服を購入することができる登録のウェブサイトを知っています。番号のアーキテクチャは、追加することが品質ルイヴィトン富キャスト天使、振幅すべて包括的な手法別青写真要素もカスタムしながら傷がほとんどは、いくつかの実際の登録データ。ルイヴィトンは一貫して最近実際の合理的なウィンドウのすみかでルイ ・ ヴィトン プラス レジャー、同盟の期間をメソッドに良いアイデアを使用する内部アーキテクチャをされているようだ、ちょうど約すべてのマウンテン バイク業界アンカー ルイ ・ ヴィトン ネヴァーフルに位置しています。取得は最終的に何を期待私たちにもかかわらず。思想、信念に成長、信頼がアプリケーションになった、行動習慣になっているし、進化してきた習慣の現実を維持します。次の質問は現在のところは、リスクを取るか?今聞いたことがありますこれに夜に今、何百もの本当の危険が半分ビジネスのあらゆる種類。ビジネスを伴う多くのリスク、および多くのことについての心配はあなたのリスクのすべてを扱うことができない本当の危険性が伴います。
フォリフォリ 時計

ハンドバッグの時間を通してラベルでしょう以来のラベルがある場合すべてのコンス トラクターの荷物にソースを検出します。私は中間および貴族政治の市民たくない、アップル社の iphone を持ってターン内の格言を考慮するとき行く必要があります。この余裕がないことはできない場合、のみとしてあなたの赤ちゃん安心を両親とあなたの家族は多分 1 つを取得する提供します。
, marc By Marc Jacobs 腕時計

グッチ 腕時計
,疑いがなければ、市場の場所で容易にデザイナーのトートバッグの多くの異なる種類があります。それにもかかわらず、どれも判明等しい利点並列モデル ビリー ルイヴィトンのため。必要があります実際にはかなり単純なバージョンの価格タグかもしれないも離れてで驚かれること手頃な価格の提供、多分から選択できます借りた古典的な検索も再販業者として非公開のディーラーを使用して来る。保持エルメスその他の組織が売れないことに注意してください。この設計は、意識をキャッチするためにバインドされています。ジョン ・ ヴィトン減少バッグ、迅速かつ簡単な非常にしたい場合デザインとコンパクトな地球上の小さな黒い嚢関与し、はまだ収まるすべてのそれらのほとんど彼らが essentials。時計はエキサイティングなアクセサリーをする知覚感謝や自信を与えます。人々 はあなたを見つけるときオーデマ ・ ピゲ ダウンロード置くこと彼ら胃脂肪を既にこれらの時計が高品質であることを知っているので。Polinezja フランス。ガボン。そのキリスト教の Louboutin の靴だけの比較的品質利用できるので、彼らが、あなた自身費用は一切かかりません伝統的。$100 のための大きいキリスト教の Louboutin など上品なスタイル プリヴェ ポンプを見つけます。00 は、キリスト教の Louboutin ガリバルディ ブーツ $500 に係るとも呼ばれます。
, DIESEL 腕時計

選択するいくつかは多大な注意を払って自分の環境を維持するの結果を作成するときの外観を略奪したので。帽子は暖かい保つことができるは私たちはしばしば、寛大に位置しています、外観が耳の保護のほとんどの目の感覚または提供ベッド ベースは冷たい空気からオフ、2 つの耳を保護するために低いです。それは重く、材料を読むし、誠実、素材、革や他の材料を見るを助けるかもしれない。安い見ていない項目 ebay のアフィリ エイト ネットワークの貧しい技能常犯罪製品可能性があります疑う余地のない徴候であります。羨望の辞書概念変化\"、不満と憤りの感じにより誘導される及び欲求と共にので財産またはいくつかの他の資質」。人々 は多くの理由の羨望されている気持ちを持っています。羨望の新たな形のどのような私の財布は症候群 (PES) の嫉妬深い会話。プレゼンテーションを生成する重要な役割を果たしているあなたのお客様をホスティングする前に非常に思い出に残る時でさえ本当に感謝ことを好みます。オーガンザ バッグとリング テーマの陰に一致するようにします。
, marc By Marc Jacobs 時計

Earl Holmes, head coach Florida A MOn loss to Ohio State First and foremost, the reason you come and play this type is to see where you are as a team. What we wanted to accomplish in this game was to not beat ourselves and just go out there and compete for 60 minutes. On his team s play You cannot afford to give a team as [url=http://adsin.in/jerseys/Arizona-Cardinals-Jerseys.html]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys[/url] good as Ohio State any extra opportunities and at times we did that. The first drive of [url=http://bonitasglobal.biz/nfl-jerseys-for-cheap.html] authentic jerseys wholesale[/url] the game we thought we had the momentum behind us after the interception, but we lost it and never got it back. On value of playing a high-caliber FBS program It is always worth it. We have some guys on our team, with aspirations of playing on [url=http://www.multiculturalhealthweek.com/Suggest_activities.html] Authentic 49ers Jerseys Sale[/url] Sundays and it [url=http://www.multiculturalhealthweek.com/Suggest_activities.html]49ers Jerseys For Cheap[/url] is important for them to play in this type [url=http://bonitasglobal.biz/nfl-jerseys-for-cheap.html]authentic jerseys for cheap[/url] of atmosphere. It also makes us come together as a team because out of the 100,000 people in the stadium the only ones cheering for you are your teammates. On lessons learned from game vs. Ohio State Regardless of who you re playing, it is about what you need to do as a team. Your offense and defense have to complement each other. You can t have your defense out there for 16 plays and then go three and out on offense. Patrick Aiken, sophomore cornerbackOn his first-quarter interception I was caught up in the moment and made a mental error. I began to stumble and when I tried to catch myself I was hit and the ball came [url=http://adsin.in/jerseys/Arizona-Cardinals-Jerseys.html] Custom Arizona Cardinals Jerseys For Sale[/url] loose. It was a good feeling to get the interception, but I didn t finish the play how I should have. On FCS schools playing difficult nonconference games I never feel like the person in front of me is better than me. Even when we are down, we know we have to keep playing hard. Damien Fleming, sophomore quarterbackOn Ohio State s defense Ohio State s defense had a lot of movement. On top of that they are really fast and just made a lot of plays.

(Major League Soccer)
D.C. United remained winless on the road in MLS s regular season Saturday night, dropping a 2-1 decision to the New England Revolution at Gillette Stadium.
The officiating did not help United s cause.
With United (3-20-6) ahead 1-0 on a first-half own goal its first away lead in a league match since last fall defender Dejan Jakovic appeared to make a fair challenge on Lee Nguyen in the box. Referee Jose Carlos Rivero, however, awarded a penalty kick.
Bill Hamid rose to the occasion, smothering Nguyen s bid. But a moment later, Diego Fagundez latched onto a through ball behind the D.C. defense. 聽and, on slow-motion replay, Fagundez appeared a shade offside. The assistant referee s flag remained down. The 18-year-old attacker [url=http://beanbagdesign.com/Stalls_Designs.html]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys For Cheap[/url] beat Hamid with a low shot to the far corner for his 11th goal of the season.
There were no complaints about New England s go-ahead goal in the 83rd minute just exasperation after another gut-wrenching turn of [url=http://bscindia.com/Servicess.html] nfl jersey wholesale[/url] events.
Substitute Conor Doyle had nearly put United ahead, popping a soft shot over the stranded聽Matt Reis, but the keeper [url=http://www.adgnext.com/rmenu_supplychain_spends.html] Authentic 49ers Jerseys Sale[/url] scrambled back and slapped the ball out of danger an instant before [url=http://bscindia.com/Servicess.html]authentic nfl jerseys[/url] it crossed the goal line.
Twenty-eight [url=http://beanbagdesign.com/Stalls_Designs.html] Authentic Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Sale[/url] seconds later, beaten on the right side of the box, United s Lewis Neal took down Nguyen. Rivero got this call right.
Despite faltering on the earlier try, Nguyen waved off two teammates and stepped up to take the second penalty. Hamid committed in the [url=http://www.adgnext.com/rmenu_supplychain_spends.html]49ers Jerseys For Cheap[/url] same direction as the first one, but Nguyen gently guided the ball into the other end.
United is 0-12-3 in regular season away matches this year with five goals for and 25 against.
When New England s Scott Caldwell redirected Luis Silva s cross into his own net in the 11th minute, United claimed its聽first lead in 1,363 minutes of league play on the road since Hamdi Salihi s late goal at Toronto FC on Oct. 6, 2012.



\'I\'m proud to be deaf yoga instructor\'
It started as an experiment, mainly in the city slums, to see if it could bring about positive changes and help people to cope with their lives.
Today, the Africa Yoga Projects says it has 71 educated and employed yoga teachers, who earn a living wage. It offers more than 300 free classes every week that are serving around 5,000 people. The project is funded by volunteers and donors and is bringing together people from all walks of life.
Relaxing future warriors
Parit is from the Alasiti village, the first Maasai community to combine their [url=http://adsin.in/jerseys/Arizona-Cardinals-Jerseys.html]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys[/url] traditional lifestyle with yoga. \"(For a) Long time we believed it is like a magic. But after we do it, we realize this is something anyone can do,\" he says.
Parit and the other Maasai yoga instructors believe that the combination of yoga and their lifestyle can bring mental and physical benefits to their community. \"Yoga helps me knowing who I am,\" Parit says. \"Every morning when [url=http://bonitasglobal.biz/nfl-jerseys-for-cheap.html] authentic jerseys wholesale[/url] you get out of your bed your body will ask for yoga.\"
Yoga will be part of Maasai tradition because the young need to be strong warriors.Jacob Parit, Maasai warrior and yoga instructor
In the early mornings and evenings, members of his community wait for his instructions. At night, they are eager to stretch their bodies after a long day of work looking after the livestock, taking care of their [url=http://adsin.in/jerseys/Arizona-Cardinals-Jerseys.html] Custom Arizona Cardinals Jerseys For Sale[/url] houses, cooking and cleaning.

\"I have been doing it for seven good years and I think I have taught 8,000 to 9,000 people now,\" Parit says. The yogi in traditional Maasai dress encourages his students: \"Reach up, be strong like a warrior.\"
Bringing calm to city slums
Even in the city, the instructors with the Africa Yoga Project are [url=http://www.multiculturalhealthweek.com/Suggest_activities.html] Authentic 49ers Jerseys Sale[/url] not limited to yoga studios. Many of the free classes take place in Kibera, Nairobi\'s biggest slum, where most people live under the poverty line.
Rufus Ngugi is one of the deaf instructors working with the project. He teaches yoga to a group of orphans in a Kibera center called .
\"Whatever I do, I start by demonstrating,\" he explains. \"I show them how to breathe, I show them the different postures, and in this case I don\'t even involve a hearing person.\"
Ngugi has been with the Africa Yoga Project for a year now. He [url=http://bonitasglobal.biz/nfl-jerseys-for-cheap.html]authentic jerseys for cheap[/url] thinks the children feel connected [url=http://www.multiculturalhealthweek.com/Suggest_activities.html]49ers Jerseys For Cheap[/url] to him because of his disability. \"These are children who don\'t have parents, children who have been neglected by their parents,\" he says.
\"This really motivated me, touched me because I could relate what they feel because I had the same experience. So that is why really inspired me to teach them.\"

Standing in a circle inside the center, Ngugi stretches his hands up, the small children doing the same. Then, suddenly, they break into a dance.
\"They call me Michael Jackson because of the different dance moves that I do. I try to give them the best I can. To have them have a good time. To have them forget about life and enjoy it,\" he says.
\"This makes me feel good because I can see the future; they can grow up to be good people in society.\"

No.1:Robbers cave state park(Latimer county, oklahoma)IfRobbers cave state parkin Oklahoma was a good enough hideout for outlaws like Jesse James and Belle Star, then it should be good enough to protect you from zombies.Pocket ranger blog notes that the caves make great shelter, and [URL=http://mrpine.co.uk]Mrpine official website outlet[/URL] the three lakes nearby have plenty of trout for postapocalyptic fine dining.
At the time smith wrote her declaration, the presidential campaign of 1952 was just getting into gear, and smith, a loyal republican, hoped the republican candidate, dwight eisenhower, would gain the white house and that more republicans would be elected to congress.I don want to see the republican party ride to victory on the four horsemen of calumny, her declaration stated.Ignorance, bigotry and smear.
And the many other reputable business people.Who say the better business bureau of ratings system.Has now become little more than a shakedown racket so you think if you give them money you probably.Back to because of its familial nature, the film directed by and starring michigan native robert cicchini(Godfather:Part iii is getting father day showings in 19 michigan multiplexes.It will be screened at all venues in the goodrich quality theaters chain, and at select celebration cinemas in muskegon, grand rapids and portage.Portage is the hometown of chase maser, the young costar who has three other movies coming out this year.
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If you did however want to spend the $250 on a board then you could go with this one and you\'ll probably ask what sets this one apart from the other one.The new technology called thunderbolt is what will do that.Think of it as a super beefed up usb that can also be used to connect to a monitor for video.
If they got an education there were few acceptable ways to use it.Nettleton shows the battle for parity at several levels.The vassar alumnae during this time are fighting to gain representation on the board;They see that the allmale board of trustees is failing the institution, and they want access. (The first female board members were seated in 1888. )Cora excelled in music, but it was not socially acceptable for a woman to perform.
A big week of local music on deck night day niagara gazette
His philosophy on keeping people out of jail? \"It\'s a very expensive thing to build new prisons and, if you build \'em, i guarantee you they will come.They\'ll be filled, ok?Because people will send them there.If you don\'t build \'em,[We]Will come up with very creative things to do that keep the community safe and yet still do the incarceration necessary. \".
There\'s really nothing quite like taking a bucket of balls [URL=http://gottoseeplaces.com]Gottoseeplaces[/URL] and sending them out into the far beyond, at least if you\'re a golfer.At oakdale golf center, you have your choice of 78 stalls to choose from.Feeling chilly?No problem26 of them are heated.
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The body keeps the blood serum within a small range of ph, around 7.4.If the ph level is above 8.0, the body is considered to be alkaline and the cancer cells become\"Sick\".The immune system is then able to [URL=http://gottoseeplaces.com]Gottoseeplaces charms buy online[/URL] attack and kill them.In the mackey funeral home, danvers, mass.In st.Mary\'s church, danvers.
Chiefs;Les chiefs sont remplis de si l de la nouvelle saison.Si jamaal charles continue comme l dernier.Si matt cassel lance moins d si la ligne offensive tient le coup.With this kind of production, the railroads will have a secure future [URL=http://www.ralphlauren2013uk.co.uk]http://www.ralphlauren2013uk.co.uk/[/URL] in shipping this crude for at least the next several years.New pipelines in the planing stages may change all this, but shipment by rail is the current trend.Railroads are taking a gamble by investing in new tank cars, but it looks like this bet may just payoff.

Sep 21, 2013, 9:35 PM EDT

Getty Images
New Hampshire Motor Speedway [url=http://www.3dots.co.in/mcc_panel.html]Nike NFL Jerseys[/url] s summer NASCAR weekend may undergo a big change if track officials get their way. Citing fan feedback, NHMS [url=http://adsin.net/side/Arizona-Cardinals-Jerseys.html]Custom Arizona Cardinals Jerseys For Sale[/url] executive vice president and general manager Jerry Gappens has revealed that they re interested in turning their July event into a night-time race.
, such a move would not only require NASCAR s approval but also the approval of local authorities; [url=http://adsin.net/side/Arizona-Cardinals-Jerseys.html]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys[/url] the original agreement when the track was first built included the stipulation that there would be no night races.
But Gappens is hoping he can get around that matter in order to ensure that New England s punishing summers stop having an adverse effect on his track s box office.
We do a lot with our fans; I m all over this place during race week interacting with fans and That is the feedback I ve gotten, Gappens said Saturday according to Bruce.
I ve learned one thing, New Englanders don t like 90-95 degree heat and high humidity. And I m seeing the [ticket] numbers reflect that in renewals for July. I get letters [and] a lot of people who say they had their father or their parents with them and it was just too hot [in July].
Should NHMS gain the approval of both NASCAR and the locals, Gappens believes that [url=http://www.3dots.co.in/mcc_panel.html]New NFL Jerseys[/url] the track would be ready to host night racing in 2015.

Twenty three minutes into Episode 514, [url=http://www.acmaholidays.com/USA-Wholesale_NFL_Jerseys.html]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Discount[/url] | entitled 鈥淥zymandias鈥?after [url=http://www.acmaholidays.com/USA-Wholesale_NFL_Jerseys.html]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Discount[/url] | a Shelley poem, Breaking Bad made television history. Except that most fans didn鈥檛 notice. They were instead ready to cry, scream, vomit, or hurl a waffle iron at the plasma TV, or some combination of the above.
Sometime around that first commercial break, Breaking Bad broke away from the pack and staked its claim [url=http://baalperazimint.com/ship_servicess.html]Discount Arizona Cardinals Jerseys[/url] | to the title of television鈥檚 Best Show Ever.
(Spoilers abound for Breaking Bad Episode 514 but also for The Wire and The [url=http://baalperazimint.com/ship_servicess.html]Cheap NFL Jerseys[/url] | Sopranos)
Over the course of five years, Vince Gilligan and his friends have constructed a world piece by piece, with attention to detail worthy of a Faberge egg. They created a compelling protagonist, a deeply flawed yet charismatic genius. They built a business at which he had savant-like skills, and depicted the family that often drove him crazy. Then blurred lines between the two. And in that way created a life for Walter White that many of us can relate to.
But other great and groundbreaking TV dramas had done something similar, most notably David Chase鈥檚 The Sopranos, David Simon鈥檚 The Wire, and David Milch鈥檚 Deadwood.
But Breaking Bad did something those iconic shows didn鈥檛 do. Showrunner Vince Gilligan set his protagonist in motion. Television had always been about a kind of inertia. After every episode of M*A*S*H or The Rockford Files there鈥檇 be a cosmic reset button that would allow the characters to return to exactly where they started at the beginning of the episode. That鈥檚 how you can make the Korean [url=http://allseasonherbs.com/Discount-Arizona-Cardinals-Jerseys.html]Discount Arizona Cardinals Jerseys[/url] War last eleven years.
And as that first generation of shows from television鈥檚 post-millennial Golden Era threw off so many of the shackles of convention inherent in the medium, they kept this one.
Tony Soprano was a man who didn鈥檛 change, couldn鈥檛 change. Jimmy McNulty, Stringer Bell and other characters of The Wire fought hard for change鈥攃hanging themselves and changing the system鈥攂ut Simon鈥檚 message was that the drug/cop/court/prison/politics system in a fictionalized Baltimore was, tragically,  too big and too strong to be taken down by a few angry men and women.
Vince Gilligan started Breaking Bad with no such constraints. Whereas Tony Soprano spent seven seasons running errands around North Jersey, Walter White embarked on an epic journey, tracing an arc reserved for iconic characters of literature and cinema like Jay Gatsby and Michael Corleone.
As he morphed Mr. Chips into Scarface, Gilligan wrote his own version of The Great American Novel. On Steroids.
Part of Breaking Bad鈥檚 grandeur stems from the medium itself. Watching The Godfather Part I and Part II takes about six and a half hours. You can read The Great Gatsby in roughly the same amount of time.
When it鈥檚 over, Breaking Bad will span 62 episodes. We鈥檒l have spent almost ten times as much time with Walt and Jesse and Skyler as we did with Gatsby and Daisy or Michael Corleone and Tom Hagen. We know Walter White in a way that few great characters have ever been known, coming to that knowledge organically, over time.
But we spent that same kind of time with Tony Soprano and McNulty. Breaking Bad differs from those shows鈥揳nd surpasses them鈥搃n one important way. This is a story that鈥檚 moving toward an ending.
The ending of The [url=http://allseasonherbs.com/Discount-Arizona-Cardinals-Jerseys.html]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Discount[/url] | Sopranos, whether you loved it or hated it, was largely a non-ending. It was designed to make us think about the show and the act of watching it, as much as it made us think about Tony Soprano. The last season of The Wire, despite a number of resonant, even heartbreaking moments featuring Michael, Omar, and Bubbles, was simply not up to the standards of the four seasons that came before. Deadwood didn鈥檛 have a proper series finale at all. For all their cardinal virtues, those other contenders for the Best Show Ever left us feeling somewhat unsatisfied.
Breaking Bad, on the other hand, is sticking the landing. Last week Gilligan teased us with a vision of how Breaking Bad might have ended if it were a 1970s cop show, with the click of handcuffs and a vindicated cop placing a triumphant phone call to his pretty, relieved wife.

Anchorage It\'s time to determine state champions in high school baseball and softball.
The state baseball tournament starts Thursday at Mulcahy Stadium, with the state softball championships starting Friday at Cartee Fields. Both tournaments conclude Saturday.
Service and South will represent the Cook Inlet Conference in the baseball tournament, Service being the conference\'s top seed. Second-seeded South will get help from the powerful arm and bat of CIC most valuable player Max Karnos.
The 6-foot-4 Karnos struck out 35 batters in 20 innings on his way to a 0.33 ERA and a 1-1 record and hit .429 with six doubles, two triples and 11 RBIs in 10 games.
The large-school softball tournament includes four Anchorage teams. Undefeated East, led by the stellar pitching of CIC player of the year Sydney Smith, is the top CIC seed. West is the second seed, with Chugiak third and South fourth.
Though she proved capable of hitting home runs this season, East\'s Smith is known more for tossing complete game after complete game in helping the Thunderbirds accumulate an 11-0 league record en route to a CIC softball championship.
All CIC baseball team
Don Rabung MVP -- Max Karnos, South
Big Stick -- Chase Wilson, Chugiak
Gold Glove -- David Fuller, Eagle River
First team
Starting pitchers -- Max Karnos, South; Dalton Ganter-Chapman, West; Ryan Caron, Service; David Fuller, Eagle River. Relief pitchers -- Brad Butcher, South; Matt Yandell, Service. Catcher -- Chase Wilson, Chugiak. First base -- Michael Rosenberg, Eagle River. Second base -- Jordan Clevenger, Dimond. Shortstop -- Deven Ferris, Chugiak. Third base -- Colby LeBlanc, Eagle River; Logan Williams, Bartlett. Outfield -- Kai Fugere, Chugiak; Matt Ilalio, Service; Ryan Caron, Service; Zach Schmidt, Bartlett. Utility -- Zachary Brueggemann, Chugiak; Ted Kelly, West; Alec Valdez, South. Designated hitter -- Jose Ovalles, West.
Second team
Starting pitchers -- Wesley Bennice, Eagle River; Jordan Clevenger, Dimond; Grant Remmer, Dimond; Johnny Meszaros, Service. Relief pitchers -- Matthew Schnellbaecher, East; Zach Schmidt, Bartlett. Catchers -- R.J. Dirscherl, Eagle River; First base -- Sheldon Rouzan, Dimond; Second base -- Austin Dabbs, East; Nick Jensen, South; Shortstop -- David Fuller, Eagle River; Jake Ridley, Service; Third base -- Matthew Schnellbaecher, East; Outfield -- Kyle Frost, Eagle River; Mac Evans, West; Spencer Floyd, South; Utility -- Mason Anderson, Dimond; Matthew Schnellbaecher, East.
Honorable mention
Relief pitchers -- Noah Lyford, West; Karson Frisk, Service. Catchers -- Ryan Bailey, Service; Ted Kelly, West. First base -- Dalton Ganter-Chapman; Connor Duff, Service; Max Karnos, South. Second base -- Josh Fetko, Service. Shortstop -- Brad Butcher, South; Jacob Hilowitz, West; Payton Lauwers, Dimond. Third base -- Grant Remmer, Dimond. Outfield -- Eddie Lewis, South; Justin Tapey, East; Brandon Sakumoto, Dimond; Michael Shuler, Service. Utility -- Sean Breslin, Bartlett. Designated hitter -- Nick Lopetrone, South.
All CIC softball team
Coach of the year -- Paul Schoenborn, East
Player of the year -- Sydney Smith, East
First team -- Morgan Hill, East; Taria Page, East; Gabby Meyerson, East; Leilani Blair, East; Carly Metcalf, Chugiak; Katy Bakker, Chugiak; Rachel Gregg, Chugiak; Pauline Tufi, West; Jamie Bingham, West; Nikki Olsen, West; Rachel Eytalis, South; Rachel Fowkes, South; Heather Breslin, Bartlett; Samantha McFadden, Bartlett; Tara Thompson, Dimond; Sarah Peyton, Eagle River; Keaira Calderara, Service.
Honorable mention -- Sierra Rosenzweig, East; Vaa Pedro, East; Alexis Joubert, East; Carrie Sauerbay, East; Kenzie Matthis, Chugiak; [url=http://www.agoshow.net/Blank-blue-2010-All-Star-Jerseys-27/]Blank blue 2010 All Star Jerseys[/url] Claire Bond, Chugiak; Elle Gray, Chugiak; Devonne Troutman, West; Mikayla Teel, West; Erin Goudreau, West; [url=http://www.agoshow.net/Twins-5-Cuddyer-Red-2011-All-Star-Jerseys-101/]Twins 5 Cuddyer Red 2011 All Star Jerseys[/url] Rachel White, South; Dakota Underwood, South; Jacynne Augafa, Bartlett; Valerie Sao, Bartlett; Madison Richards, Dimond; Cara Mitchell, Eagle River; Courtney La Pointe, Service.
State high school baseball tournament
Thursday\'s first-round pairings
At Mulcahy Stadium
10 a.m. -- Ketchikan vs. Kodiak
1 p.m. -- Colony vs. Juneau
4 p.m. -- Lathrop vs. South
7 p.m. -- Service vs. West Valley
State high school softball tournament
Friday\'s first-round pairings
At Cartee Fields
Large schools
11 a.m. -- West vs. West Valley; Juneau vs. Chugiak
1 p.m. -- Colony vs. East; Lathrop vs. South
Small schools
11 a.m. -- Hutchison vs. Ketchikan; Sitka vs. Kodiak


In Katrina\'s wake. Flooding in south New Orleans in 2005. Scientists say that evidence is mounting that humans are contributing to climate change, and thus, [url=http://allseasonherbs.com/Discount-Arizona-Cardinals-Jerseys.html]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Discount[/url] | stronger storms like Hurricane Katrina.
In the South China Sea, the biggest typhoon in 30 years is bearing down on Hong Kong and southeast China鈥檚 most populous regions.  Waves of 45 feet were reported with wind gusts up to 140 miles per hour. Guangdong province, home to 109 million inhabitants, most of them along the coast, will see [url=http://allseasonherbs.com/Discount-Arizona-Cardinals-Jerseys.html]Discount Arizona Cardinals Jerseys[/url] around 10 inches of rain between Sunday evening and Monday afternoon.
And although the typhoon has lost its 鈥渟uper storm鈥?status since touching ground in Taiwan Saturday, it will go down as the strongest weather pattern in the world this year.
For some climate observers, you can blame humans for the mess.
Warmer ocean water is causing stronger storms. In that regard, storms like Usagi are no surprise.
In a [url=http://baalperazimint.com/ship_servicess.html]Discount Arizona Cardinals Jerseys[/url] | by the Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, evidence is beginning to mount that humans are somewhat to blame for violent weather.
Eighteen research teams from around the world contributed to a 106 page peer-reviewed report this month that examined the causes of 12 extreme weather events that occurred on five continents and in the Arctic [url=http://www.acmaholidays.com/USA-Wholesale_NFL_Jerseys.html]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Discount[/url] | during 2012. Scientists from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) also contributed to the report.
The report shows that the effects of natural weather and climate fluctuations played a key role in the intensity and evolution of the 2012 storms, including hurricane Sandy, deemed a 鈥淪uper Storm鈥?by American meteorologists when it hit nearly a year ago. In some storms, however, the analyses revealed 鈥渃ompelling evidence鈥?that human-caused climate change, through the emission of heat-trapping gases, made matters worse, NOAA said in a press release dated Sept. 5.
鈥淭his report adds to a growing ability of climate science to untangle the complexities of understanding natural and human-induced factors contributing to specific extreme weather and climate events,鈥?said Thomas Karl, director of (NCDC). 鈥淣onetheless, determining the causes of extreme events remains challenging.鈥?
Our Weather, Our Selves
The simple theory behind climate change is this: temperatures are rising at the Earth鈥檚 poles. That鈥檚 leading to ice melt. That creates two problems, one more immediately obvious than the other.  The first is the fact that the sun no longer has a huge ice mirror to reflect its rays back into [url=http://www.acmaholidays.com/USA-Wholesale_NFL_Jerseys.html]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Discount[/url] | space. Instead, warm sun rays hit the polar waters and begins to warm the north seas.
The combined global land and ocean average surface temperature for the January to August period of 2013 was 0.59 C (1.06 F) above the 20th century average of 14.0 C (57.3 F), tying with 2003 as the sixth warmest period on record,  The combined global land and ocean average surface temperature for the same period was 0.59 C (1.06 F) above the 20th century average of 14.0 C (57.3 F), tying with 2003 as the sixth warmest such period on record.
Warmer waters make for stronger storms.  The warmer water of the Gulf of Mexico [url=http://baalperazimint.com/ship_servicess.html]Cheap NFL Jerseys[/url] | is what made Hurricane Katrina such a power house when it struck Louisiana in August 2005.
The other theory is that fresh water melt, caused by melting ice caps, could conceivable mess with the Earth鈥檚 all-important wind patterns, known as the jet-stream.

Typhoon Usagi is expected to hit landfall in southeast China on Sunday, dumping over 10 inches of rain in coastal areas. Hundreds of thousands were evacuated as waves started pounding the coast on Sunday.
There鈥檚 no final word on this, but the book is coming to a close. Scientists are no longer in the early chapters.

WASHINGTON (AP) 鈥?Even before a budget deadline arrives, leaders from both parties are blaming each other 鈥?and some Republicans are criticizing their own 鈥?for a government shutdown many are treating as inevitable.The [url=http://baalperazimint.com/ship_servicess.html]Discount Arizona Cardinals Jerseys[/url] | top Democrat in the House says Republicans are \"legislative arsonists\" who are using their opposition to a sweeping health care overhaul as an excuse to close government\'s doors. A leading tea party antagonist in the Senate counters that conservatives should use any tool available to stop the Affordable Care Act from taking hold. \'s labor secretary says the GOP is willing \"to risk the entire system of government to get your way,\" while the House speaker who oversaw the last government shutdown urged fellow Republicans to remember \"this is not a dictatorship.\"The unyielding political posturing on Sunday comes one week before Congress reaches an Oct. 1 deadline to dodge any interruptions in government services. While work continues on a temporary spending bill, a potentially more devastating separate deadline looms a few weeks later when the government could run out of money to pay its bills.\"This is totally irresponsible, completely juvenile and, as I called it, legislative arson. It\'s just destructive,\" House Democratic Leader said in an interview that aired Sunday.The Republican-led House on Friday approved legislation designed to wipe out the 3-year-old health care law that President has vowed to preserve. But the House\'s move was more a political win than a measure likely to be implemented.Across the Capitol, Senate Democratic Leader said he would keep the health law in tact despite Republicans\' attempts, in his words, \"to take an entire law hostage simply to appease the tea party anarchists.\"One of those tea party agitators, Sen. of Texas, showed little sign on Sunday that he cared about the uphill climb to make good on his pledge to derail the health care law over Obama\'s guaranteed veto.\"I believe we should stand our ground,\" said Cruz, who already was trying to blame Obama and his Democratic allies if the government shuts down.Sen. , a Missouri Democrat, said Cruz\'s efforts were destructive and self-serving as Cruz eyes a White House campaign.\"I cannot believe that they are going to throw a tantrum and throw the American people and our economic recovery under the bus,\" she said.\"This is about running for president with Ted Cruz. This isn\'t about meaningful statesmanship,\" she added later.The wrangling over the budget comes as lawmakers consider separate legislation that would let the United States avoid a first-ever default on its debt obligations. House Republicans are planning legislation that would attach a 1-year delay in the health care law in exchange for ability to increase the nation\'s credit limit of $16.7 trillion.Obama, speaking to political allies [url=http://allseasonherbs.com/Discount-Arizona-Cardinals-Jerseys.html]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Discount[/url] | on Saturday evening, showed little patience for the GOP efforts to undermine his legislative accomplishment by either avenue.\"We will not negotiate over whether or not America should keep its word and meet its obligations,\" Obama told the dinner. \"We\'re not going to allow anyone to inflict economic pain on millions of our own people just to make an ideological point.\"Congress doesn\'t seem eager to help Obama, although there are deep divides 鈥?both between parties and within them 鈥?over who deserves blame.Rep. , R-Ga., said the goal was to defund the president\'s health care legislation for at least one more year if not forever.\"We do have eight days to reach a resolution on this, and I propose an idea that kept the government operating and opened for an entire year while delaying and defunding Obamacare for a year so that we could work out those differences,\" Graves said.Former House Speaker , whose faceoff with Clinton led to a government shutdown and Democratic electoral wave, said his GOP colleagues should not yield.\"This is not [url=http://www.acmaholidays.com/USA-Wholesale_NFL_Jerseys.html]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Discount[/url] | a dictatorship. Under our constitution, there should be a period of tension and there should be a compromise on both sides,\" Gingrich said., who was Clinton\'s labor secretary, said that works only if both parties are willing to negotiate.\"Sorry, under our constitutional system you\'re not allowed to risk the entire system of government to get your way,\" Reich said.It is likely that when the House legislation arrives in the Senate, there will strip off the health [url=http://baalperazimint.com/ship_servicess.html]Cheap NFL Jerseys[/url] | care defunding mechanism. Democrats plan to send back to the House a bill that prevents disruptions in government services but not the [url=http://allseasonherbs.com/Discount-Arizona-Cardinals-Jerseys.html]Discount Arizona Cardinals Jerseys[/url] health provision they championed.Cruz, however, said Senate Republicans cannot allow that to happen and should mount every procedural hurdle available. Cruz, who pushed lawmakers to tie a budget bill with health care hurdles, said Republicans should mount a procedural roadblock that would require 60 votes for any changes [url=http://www.acmaholidays.com/USA-Wholesale_NFL_Jerseys.html]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Discount[/url] | to the House bill.\"You know what? If Senate Republicans stand together, we can stop Harry Reid from doing it,\" Cruz said.But within his own party, Cruz faced skepticism.\"It\'s not a tactic that we can actually carry out and be successful,\" said Sen. , R-Okla. \"The answer now in the Senate, by those who propose this strategy, is to filibuster the very bill they said they wanted.\"Pelosi spoke to CNN\'s \"State of the Union.\" Cruz and McCaskill were interviewed on \"Fox News Sunday.\" Reich, Gingrich and Graves appeared on ABC\'s \"This Week.\" Coburn was on CBS\' \"Face the Nation.\"___Follow Philip Elliott on Twitter:

For all the [url=http://adsin.in/jerseys/Arizona-Cardinals-Jerseys.html]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys[/url] prolific passing stats only two weeks into the season, something else about the aerial game leaps out. All those drops.
Amid the 400-yard passing performances, outrageous receiving totals and end zones filled with TD catches, there have been 118 dropped passes, according to STATS LLC.
Because it s not an official statistic, the NFL doesn t track drops but coaches sure do. That means Bill Belichick and Jim Schwartz must be livid over the bobbles. New England and Detroit each have eight, with Patriots rookie Aaron Dobson tied for the league lead with four. Surprisingly, the usually reliable Eric Decker of Denver also has four.
Tom Brady was particularly demonstrative in the Patriots 13-10 win in the rain last week against the Jets. New York played some solid defense, but among Brady s receivers only Julian Edelman had sticky fingers. The others acted as if they were allergic to the ball.
Well, it goes both ways, Brady said. It s them trusting me that I m going to put the ball in position for them to catch it and not get hit, so that they can do things full speed and not worry about if I m throwing them into something. It s just a lot of work. It s just a lot [url=http://adsin.in/jerseys/Arizona-Cardinals-Jerseys.html] Custom Arizona Cardinals Jerseys For Sale[/url] of repetition. It s a lot of communication.
But even if all that works, they still have to catch the ball.
They re not doing it often enough for the Giants or Broncos they have seven drops apiece. St. Louis, Cleveland, Baltimore and the Jets have six each.
Of course, not all drops are damaging. Some can even be advantageous, as demonstrated by Buffalo s Fred Jackson in the Bills comeback win over Carolina.
With a first down at the Carolina 46 with 47 seconds remaining, Jackson intentionally dropped EJ Manuel s short pass with linebacker Thomas Davis almost on top of him.
It was one of those things where I caught it and I turned around, and he was right there. I had to get rid of [url=http://www.multiculturalhealthweek.com/Suggest_activities.html]49ers Jerseys For Cheap[/url] it, Jackson said. It was just one of those things I thought at the time, If I get tackled, the clock s going to keep running and it s going to eat up some valuable time for us.
The heads-up play saved enough time that the Bills were able to work the ball downfield and score on a touchdown pass to Stevie Johnson with two seconds remaining. It was a reversal of fortune for Johnson, whose drop the previous week was critical in a loss to New England.
Plenty of star receivers have gotten a case of the dropsies in only two weeks of play: Dez Bryant, Wes Welker, A.J. Green, Antonio Gates and Dallas Clark each have a pair.
Bryant had a huge one despite his big numbers in a 17-16 loss against the Chiefs: [url=http://bonitasglobal.biz/nfl-jerseys-for-cheap.html] authentic jerseys wholesale[/url] nine catches for 141 yards and a touchdown.
A struggling Tony Romo made one of his few good throws in the second half on a deep ball. Bryant was behind the defense for what would have been about a 30-yard gain. But he forgot about the ball.
Dallas ended up punting from deep in its end, and field position was a problem the rest of the game.
Beat the guy and then beat us with the football. That s [url=http://bonitasglobal.biz/nfl-jerseys-for-cheap.html]authentic jerseys for cheap[/url] what I did, Bryant said. Shouldn t have done that. That was a huge mistake on my end.
The Rams had, by an unofficial count, six [url=http://www.multiculturalhealthweek.com/Suggest_activities.html] Authentic 49ers Jerseys Sale[/url] drops in their 31-24 loss at Atlanta, enough to make the difference. One of them, by running back Daryl Richardson, was intercepted and returned for a touchdown by Osi Umenyiora to put the Falcons up 21-0 in the first half. Coach Jeff Fisher said it was a backbreaker.
On Robert Griffin III s only interception in a loss at Green Bay, the ball went directly through Joshua Morgan s hands.
Early in their 33-30 loss to San Diego, Eagles tight end James Casey trapped a 2-yard pass that would have been a touchdown. They settled for a field goal.
Just as bad: DeSean Jackson s only drop this season was on a deep ball from Michael Vick that would have gone for TD.
Considering how demonstrative receivers tend to be when they score, maybe they should do penance for bobbling the ball. Maybe Belichick and Schwartz will force them to tote a football everywhere they go as a reminder that drops quickly can lead to unemployment.

The differences among lawmakers over how to deal with immigration were clearly delineated, and the window for addressing them already closing, when Congress left for summer recess in August.
Now, with members of Congress set to take up the unexpected matter of whether to launch a military strike against Syria when they return on Monday, the likelihood that an immigration measure will pass this year seems remote, some experts said.
Even before the revelation that the Syrian government appeared to be behind an Aug. 21 chemical weapons attack on its people that left nearly 1,500 dead, momentum in Congress to overhaul the immigration system had slowed to a crawl.
A sweeping bipartisan Senate bill passed in late June that [url=http://bonitasglobal.biz/nfl-jerseys-for-cheap.html] authentic jerseys wholesale[/url] tightened border security and offered a pathway to legalization for many of the estimated 11 [url=http://adsin.in/jerseys/Arizona-Cardinals-Jerseys.html] Custom Arizona Cardinals Jerseys For Sale[/url] million undocumented immigrants, among other things. But in the House, where Republicans hold a majority, a conservative faction has vowed not to rubber-stamp the Senate [url=http://adsin.in/jerseys/Arizona-Cardinals-Jerseys.html]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys[/url] version, and instead follow a separate, piecemeal approach with various bills instead an all-encompassing one.
Moreover, lawmakers are facing other divisive issues on the agenda when they return 鈥?the debt ceiling and the budget, what to do about funding for Obama鈥檚 controversial Affordable Care Act, and the Voting Rights Act, parts of which were dropped by the U.S. Supreme Court.
鈥淥n a scale of one to 100, how optimistic am I that something will happen this year? Less than 50,鈥?said James W. Ziglar, who ran the nation鈥檚 immigration system under former President George W. Bush and who now is a senior fellow at Migration Policy Institute.
鈥淕iven Syria, the budget and debt ceiling, and the restrictive legislative schedule, it鈥檚 increasingly unlikely anything can get done this year,鈥?Ziglar said.
The House, he noted, has many hurdles to negotiate with each step a bill must take before it can come up for a full vote in the chamber. And each of those hurdles can take a long time to clear, if they get cleared at all, experts said.
Moreover, House Speaker John Boehner has vowed not to bring any immigration measure for a full [url=http://www.multiculturalhealthweek.com/Suggest_activities.html]49ers Jerseys For Cheap[/url] vote without the approval of a majority of the GOP caucus, a rather high bar.
鈥淵ou鈥檝e got an uphill battle,鈥?he said.
Other experts believe some lawmakers may be using the tight legislative calendar and, now, the debate over Syria, as a way to avoid the uncomfortable, lightning-rod issue of immigration 鈥?essentially, kick the can down the road.
鈥淚t looks like a lot of excuses for not passing immigration reform,鈥?said Audrey Singer, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, a Washington, D.C., think tank. 鈥淏ut the pressure is on. I don鈥檛 think this Congress wants to be blamed for not moving things forward on immigration.鈥?
Singer said although immigration efforts have been underway before 鈥?such as in 2007, when Bush was heavily involved, and veteran political leaders Sen. John McCain, an Arizona Republican, and Sen. Ted Kennedy, a Massachusetts Democrat, spearheaded [url=http://bonitasglobal.biz/nfl-jerseys-for-cheap.html]authentic jerseys for cheap[/url] the work in Congress 鈥?and then failed, this time is different.
鈥淲e are not seeing a huge push against moving [url=http://www.multiculturalhealthweek.com/Suggest_activities.html] Authentic 49ers Jerseys Sale[/url] forward with immigration reform like we saw in 2007,鈥?Singer said. 鈥淭hat includes key people in leadership positions, who were talking about immigration reform in 2007 in not a positive way.鈥?
Anastasia Mann, a visiting associate for the Eagleton Institute of Politics at Rutgers University, said that this time, there is too large a groundswell of support for an overhaul to immigration 鈥?particularly the aspect that would bring many of the nation鈥檚 undocumented immigrants out of the shadows.
鈥淏usiness people need reform to happen, workers need this to happen,鈥?she said.
Obama administration officials, meanwhile, adamantly rejected the notion that immigration reform is in peril. They insisted President Obama is not giving up on immigration.
鈥淎n American president has to be able to walk, chew gum and juggle at the same time,鈥?Dan Pfeiffer, a senior adviser to Obama, told The New York Times. 鈥淭he president and his team will do everything they can to implement his overall agenda while this [Syria] debate happens.鈥?
Frank Sharry, the executive director of America鈥檚 Voice, a pro-immigrant lobby group that is regular contact with lawmakers over immigration reform measures, remained optimistic that a comprehensive could still pass before the end of the year.
鈥淭here鈥檚 no question that the debate on Syria is going to take precedence now,鈥?said Sharry told the New York Times. 鈥淭his is less about whether there鈥檚 time. It鈥檚 more about whether there鈥檚 a will.鈥滶lizabeth Llorente can be reached elizabeth.llorente@foxnewslatino.com
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Some football players from Georgia, Georgia Tech and Northwestern had the letters APU All Players United written on their gear during Saturday [url=http://www.adgnext.com/rmenu_supplychain_spends.html]49ers Jerseys For Cheap[/url] s games as a show of solidarity that organizers hope will lead to changes [url=http://beanbagdesign.com/Stalls_Designs.html]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys For Cheap[/url] in the NCAA. National [url=http://www.adgnext.com/rmenu_supplychain_spends.html] Authentic 49ers Jerseys Sale[/url] College Players Association, [url=http://bscindia.com/Servicess.html]authentic nfl jerseys[/url] an advocacy group [url=http://beanbagdesign.com/Stalls_Designs.html] Authentic Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Sale[/url] for college athletes, organized All Players United and launched the campaign Saturday with an announcement on its web site.
[url=http://bscindia.com/Servicess.html] nfl jersey wholesale[/url]

Here s a quick way to catch up on the week s news, through some of our favorite photos.

One-week-only rule: All awarded leaves will be reduced by one, to reflect the quality of the Buckeyes competition. Unfair and ridiculous? No, such designations are reserved for the schedule-makers. Leaves are awarded on a zero-to-five (well, four) basis:Offense (4 leaves)A game of catch between father and son includes more-intense competition than what the Rattlers threw at Ohio State. Still, the final numbers are fairly staggering: [url=http://bonitasglobal.biz/nfl-jerseys-for-cheap.html] authentic [url=http://adsin.in/jerseys/Arizona-Cardinals-Jerseys.html] Custom Arizona Cardinals Jerseys For Sale[/url] jerseys wholesale[/url] 34 first downs, 388 yards rushing, 11 TDs in 13 possessions. All gaudy and unimpeachable, but the no-contact honeymoon is gone starting next week.Defense (3 leaves)
Let s pretend for a moment that Florida A M s offensive philosophy wasn t for the ball-carrier to seek contact and go into a shell. That the Rattlers had five [url=http://www.multiculturalhealthweek.com/Suggest_activities.html] Authentic 49ers Jerseys Sale[/url] [url=http://bonitasglobal.biz/nfl-jerseys-for-cheap.html]authentic jerseys for cheap[/url] times as many punts as first downs (10 and two) is evidence that the Buckeyes defenders kept their hands on the wheel.Special teams (3 leaves)Maybe the surest sign that the OSU offense was invincible was the decision to have Kyle Clinton handle the kicking chores in the second half. Drew Basil was plumb worn out. Big-play specialists included Philly Brown (punt return) and Doran Grant (punt block).Coaching (2 leaves)The Urbanites didn t schedule this debacle, true enough, but they sure didn t let their fingers off the flamethrower s trigger once the earth had been scorched. Competition is a two-way street, of course, but this one had a slight bullying feel to it, and it wasn t handsome.Fun quotient (2 leaves)The morning rain dissipated, [url=http://www.multiculturalhealthweek.com/Suggest_activities.html]49ers Jerseys For Cheap[/url] which was a good thing, and made the air feel pretty comfortable. As for the atmosphere, well, the lions got a lot of love on this day. Despite the lack of on-field drama, the sight of the blind band s Script Ohio (Braille division) was a heart-tugger.Opponent (0 leaves)It s hard not to have a little pity for FAMU, which got the $900K it came for and left with about [url=http://adsin.in/jerseys/Arizona-Cardinals-Jerseys.html]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys[/url] as many welt marks. Overmatched doesn t begin to cover it, but the Rattlers sure didn t bring much to the party in terms of emotion and imagination. Maybe they missed their band.Officiating (3 leaves)Besides the scoring plays, which are too numerous to recall, the day s loudest cheer went to Jim Krogstad, the umpire who threw a marvelous block on Jordan Hall s second-quarter TD run. Beyond that, the officials ran ran ran that clock.rstein@dispatch.com


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and dust-ups over . It remained unclear who might emerge as Merkel s coalition partner.
If Merkel were to serve another four years at the top of her political system, her longevity in office would lag behind only Konrad Adenauer, the man who rebuilt Germany after World War II, and Helmut Kohl, Merkel s political mentor, who oversaw the reunification of West and East Germany.Merkel has presided over a transformation that is in some ways nearly as remarkable, commentators say. Under her watch, Germany has evolved into the undisputed economic leader of Europe, a country that has used its power over struggling countries to push for fundamental reforms and greater austerity. At the same time, Germany has remained deeply skeptical of the value of foreign military interventions, sitting out the NATO action in Libya two years ago and, at least for a while, holding back this month from signing on to an for [url=http://beanbagdesign.com/Stalls_Designs.html] Authentic Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Sale[/url] his regime s alleged use of chemical weapons in August.With polls showing Steinbr ck s Social Democrats and the party s preferred coalition partner, the Greens, lagging behind Merkel s current coalition, the biggest question as voters head to polling booths appears to be whether Merkel will be forced to [url=http://www.adgnext.com/rmenu_supplychain_spends.html] Authentic 49ers Jerseys Sale[/url] seek a cross-aisle alliance with the Social Democrats if her current pro-business partners, the [url=http://bscindia.com/Servicess.html] nfl jersey wholesale[/url] Free Democrats, lose too much support. If she teams up with Steinbr ck, Germany would be pulled leftward after four years in which it has been Europe s austerity taskmaster, although few here expect a fundamental reimagining of the country s approach.Whoever wins will face a host of thorny issues that Merkel s Christian Democrats have postponed for much of the year, analysts say. Tough negotiations to resolve Europe s simmering currency crisis have been on hold, and further assistance for Greece, as well as possibly another debt [url=http://bscindia.com/Servicess.html]authentic nfl jerseys[/url] write-off, may come within months. If Steinbr ck s Social Democrats share power with Merkel, she [url=http://beanbagdesign.com/Stalls_Designs.html]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys For Cheap[/url] could be forced to be more hospitable to common European government borrowing, which the Social Democrats have advocated. At home, the issues [url=http://www.adgnext.com/rmenu_supplychain_spends.html]49ers Jerseys For Cheap[/url] are no less tricky, despite unemployment that touches post-reunification record lows. German energy costs are soaring because of ambitious plans to increase the share of renewable energy and phase out nuclear power. Infrastructure is aging, and Germany invests significantly less than its neighbors in upkeep. And the population is growing older, meaning that Germany s prized social-welfare benefits are increasingly floating on an ever-smaller cushion.

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,ou は実際に南西休暇ですか?ドイツ国内、ドイツ生まれの歴史ココ シャネル財布できない今まで興味があります。サービス、特に若い同僚公平性の懸念私は尋ねた、絶対に、\"どのようにする傾向があるか?その上、実際 1990年これ要求される、ので、豊かな、メガ選挙、楽しい写真をいくつかの層で。私は時間の典型的な委員会としてそれから私はおもちゃのトラック。あなたの仲間を考慮あなたの現在のバッグの底で実際のはしごを登るし、アイボルトのリングの近くのフックを撮影後観察。はしごを登るとき、一般的な予防措置を講じる。バッグはノックと共にほぼ重い自身オフ ・ バランス。この時点で時間の手がしていたグッチ ブランドを通して容易にことができる競争を Muiccia 取ることに巨大な投げる自分自身とプラダの住宅からの移行に男性と女性のデザイナーの衣装をデザインするとき。主要な理由の中であり、ほとんど誰もプラダ プラダの服の成功について、この素敵なとても人気がある後学んだ。Muiccia は彼女の知恵と才能のこのタイプを考慮したファッションの分野で顕著な成果を作った。あなたの中小企業照らし出すあなたの全体の空気は弱虫からどこ腕っ節の強いことができます。だけの方法です。これがあなたの生活。夫と LV または多分ちょうど村上と言うかもしれないの妻のない平均を「セット」を得る。

小型トートバッグ キーホルダーはバレンシアガ秋の象徴的な自転車のスーツケースを利用した 12 結婚記念日に喜びをする前に数量の減少循環で今後数年間を私は求められたがまだ、私は行を取得する接続熱作業ミトンのどの長さ 1 インチの中にできませんでした。$115 $380、ことができるその時点では、一般的にから魅力言い値ミュウミュウと共にアクセス惑星巨大なショッピング モール。真のハンドバッグを採用料金について考えると、おそらく、製品もたらすことができる親切な問題に関するこの特定の。新しい年の若者: 中間 SchoolerToday 間レッスンはミシガン州大学の 1 日目と中学だけのスペアのママをよ !年は、一言で言えば順序を飛行しています。それそれはちょうど昨日私は常にあったウェブ彼彼の部屋ロッキングチェアのためが表示されます。どのような便宜的非常にはるかにビデオ圧縮エクスポートする人は、Web 向けに関連付けられているビデオを提供オプションを行使するを使用して提示します。良いルールはビデオについて 1 分ごとに 10 MB です。そこを最も迅速かつ簡単な圧縮の間であなたの windows レジストリにステップ チュートリアルのウェブサイトになってしまいます。
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荒野エリア写真よく追加旅行オーストラリアそしてカメラマン写真デジタル肖像写真フォーラム AustraliaTraveling を発見し、のでキャンプ、へき地写真家冒険家。彼らが言及したどのような救済策と実施を欠いています。私は多くの視聴者の得ることができる検索ランキングをカオス。最高プラダ バッグに最適な YouAart GloverDetermine たいトレンディなプラダ バッグの新しい admeasurement。あなたのたくさんの専門家の記事の影響を受けるアドバイス苦悩裸に豊富な可能性があります大きな袋型のチャンスにしながら大人げないトン。プラダ バッグ大人げないの基本的なだけで管理するように設計されている小型化します。参加者はさらに理解し、アリゾナの状態のもっとまたはより少なく市民方言カーペット セクション 1542年の権利すべてに同意する (1542年と手間。法律状態または該当する依存上記できること米国の領土内で付与いたします特別かつ永続的には免除されます。セクション 1542年の心軸受参入することができます: 一般的なことはできません拡張取得開始に関するクレームを債権者は知っている対応容疑者をリリースごとに存在で、好意の実行、場合タックルによって、子犬する必要があります可能性があります必要があります実質的影響を受ける信じられないほど決済に、債務。ことができますアウト通常契約するものではない知られているあるいは将来多くの主張をリリースする意図を圧倒的な車両法律を放棄からもともとの意図に関して存在する想像上のすべてのクレームに適用します。
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BEIRUT Shells smashed into a central prison in the embattled Syrian city of Aleppo, killing some prisoners, a rights group said Sunday, part of a long battle for control of the ancient city.
The explosions killed six prisoners, said the British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which communicates with a network of activists on the ground. The explosives hit on Friday night, the Observatory said. It was not clear who fired the shells.
With government forces stepping up offensives, the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood called on the U.S. and Europe to send arms.
\"Providing the Free Syrian Army and the revolutionary rebels with appropriate arms is more urgent now than at any time in the past,\" the movement wrote on social media sites. \"We feel cheated and disappointed because the U.S. and Europe have backed out from arming the FSA,\" it said.
Last month the U.S. decided in principle to provide some weapons to rebel forces, though Western countries are concerned they might land in the hands of extremist Sunni Muslims fighting with the rebels.
The forces include an al-Qaida-linked group which has been fighting for weeks to seize control of the prison in Aleppo, besieging it. The Observatory estimated some 120 prisoners have died in the jail since April from fighting, illness and executions.
Syria\'s state run news agency SANA said \"a number\" of rebels were killed in the shelling but did not give an exact number.
Aleppo, Syria\'s largest city, is near the border with Turkey. Many of its ancient monuments and its marketplace, once a magnet for tourists, have been destroyed in fighting.
Rebels and government forces also clashed near the Shiite towns of Nubul and Zahra in Aleppo province, the Observatory and pro-rebel activists reported. The towns have been besieged since at least May by hard-line Sunni rebels seeking to dislodge their enemies.
The Observatory said fighting killed three regime troops, including one foreigner, code for a fighter from the Lebanese Shiite Hezbollah.
Rebels claim that Assad\'s forces and Hezbollah fighters are in the two towns. A hard-line Sunni brigade warned last week [url=http://www.agoshow.net/Blank-Black-2011-All-Star-Jerseys-96/]Blank Black 2011 All Star Jerseys[/url] it would punish Shiites for harboring the forces, suggesting the towns\' populations of some 40,000 Shiites could be [url=http://www.agoshow.net/Cubs-24-Byrd-Navy-2010-All-Star-Jerseys-28/]Cubs 24 Byrd Navy 2010 All Star Jerseys[/url] targeted.
The fighting underscores the growing sectarian nature of the two-year uprising against Assad\'s regime. It began as peaceful protests but turned into an armed rebellion after a brutal government crackdown. It has since taken on regional dimensions, with Hezbollah fighters joining Assad\'s forces. Foreign Sunni fighters have joined predominantly Sunni Syrian rebels who are formed in bands ranging from secular to hard-line Islamists.
At home, Assad draws support largely from Syria\'s minorities, including fellow Alawites - followers of an offshoot of Shiite Islam - as well as Christians, Shiites and Sunnis who fear the hard-line rebels.
In recent weeks, Assad\'s forces, bolstered by Hezbollah fighters, have pushed back to seize rebel-held areas in several parts of Syria.
In the central Syrian city of Homs, Assad\'s forces fired mortar shells from a stronghold of buildings on the edge of the rebel-held area of Khaldiyeh, trying to flush out fighters, said two activists.
Explosions could be heard as they spoke via Skype.
The shells were exploding in the densely-built area surrounding the 13th-century mosque of Khalid Ibn al-Walid, famous for its nine domes and two minarets, said a Homs-based activist identified as Nedal. He said parts of the wall surrounding the historic complex were blown away. Other parts were damaged in previous rounds of fighting.
Khaldiyeh-based activist Abu Bilal said fighters were low on weapons. He said the international community, despite promises to arm rebels, had left them hanging in Homs.
\"They have sold Homs to the enemy,\" he complained.
The U.N. warns the some 4,500 residents in besieged, rebel-held areas of Homs face a humanitarian catastrophe. On Friday, the divided U.N. Security Council failed to approve a statement calling on the Syrian government to allow immediate access to trapped civilians there. Russia, Syria\'s closest ally, demanded that the statement should also call for immediate access to the towns of Nubul and Zahra.

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LAGUNA BEACH, Calif. (AP) 鈥?Some of surfing\'s biggest names aren\'t just catching waves. They\'re also talking about making them.Surf parks 鈥?massive pools with repeating, artificial waves 鈥?are the latest buzzword in the surf community, as everyone from top athletes to retailers look for ways to expand the sport, boost sales and create a standardized way to train that could help surfing earn an Olympic pedigree.\"Mother Nature stipulates that surfing only can occur where waves can be born. When man takes his hand to forming the waves, it unlocks the potential of surfing anywhere. And that is the most powerful thing,\" said , president of the .This month, dozens of industry leaders, surfers and investors met in Laguna Beach in Southern California for the first annual Surf Park Summit to spark interest in a business proposition that could breathe life into a sport that struggled during the recession.About 50 percent of independent, mom-and-pop surf retailers 鈥?the heart and soul of surf culture 鈥?shut down worldwide during the recession and those that survived face an increasingly saturated market that is limited by geography.Enter the dream surf park, a 2-acre wave pool capable of generating anything from tiny beginner ripples to 10-foot barrels every minute, with every wave the same. Customers would pay by the number of waves to learn the sport or refine their technique and learn new tricks.The prospect has surf board manufacturers and apparel retailers salivating at the thought of new markets for surf gear and clothing in land-locked places like Kansas or Nebraska. But parks would also be prime real estate for sponsored surfing competitions that would draw [url=http://www.acmaholidays.com/USA-Wholesale_NFL_Jerseys.html]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Discount[/url] | both eyeballs and dollars.At the summit, speakers tossed out tantalizing what-ifs: A national surfing league, much like the , with feeder teams and city affiliations. Live, televised surfing competitions staged with predictable waves in a massive surf arena.Some even believe surf parks could propel the sport into the Olympics, a dream that has so far proven elusive.\"Without man-made waves, there will not be Olympic surfing,\" said , president of the . \"It\'s the ultimate wave-sharing that you can imagine.\"Olympics aside, everyday surfers who already live near the beach say even they would use the parks as a supplement to the ocean, to refine their skills on a consistent wave or get in a few rides when the natural surf is bad.\"In a park, you can always get in a perfect position, the wave will always be perfect and you can really work on your surfing,\" said , 54, [url=http://baalperazimint.com/ship_servicess.html]Discount Arizona Cardinals Jerseys[/url] | who\'s been surfing 15 years near his hometown of Seal Beach.Detractors, however, worry that in the rush to surf parks, the sport will lose its soul.Betting on artificial waves, they say, will sanitize and commercialize a pastime the most passionate surfers describe as a solitary, rugged pursuit where athletes and nature commune. They say the sport will lose sight of its culture and history if the next generation learns to rip on chlorinated water.\"The problem is, \'surf culture\' is about so much more than just riding a wave. It is about having a genuine respect and connection with the ocean,\" said , a surfer and freelance writer who addressed the debate on his blog, In The Name [url=http://allseasonherbs.com/Discount-Arizona-Cardinals-Jerseys.html]Discount Arizona Cardinals Jerseys[/url] of Surfing.Others are concerned that the energy required to power waves big enough for surf parks will contribute to global warming.Momentum around surf parks has been growing since the 1960s and but fewer than a dozen serious parks currently exist in locations from Florida to Malaysia 鈥?and cost and wave technology have always been stumbling blocks.That technology has now advanced enough to make parks economically viable, but operators will need to build near large population centers and make the pool the centerpiece of a larger development to make a profit, said , owner of Wave Loch, a wave technology company.Some of the biggest and best-known include Disney\'s Typhoon Lagoon in Florida, Wadi Adventure in Saudi Arabia and Wavegarden, a private research and development site tucked away in Spain\'s Basque country.A park that would attract serious surfers would run [url=http://allseasonherbs.com/Discount-Arizona-Cardinals-Jerseys.html]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Discount[/url] | between $15 and $25 million to build and need to be at least 2 acres in size to allow surfers to paddle [url=http://baalperazimint.com/ship_servicess.html]Cheap NFL Jerseys[/url] | in, Lochtefeld said. With current technology, the energy price tag for one hour of waves could be up to roughly $500, he said.Other wave companies have said they can produce waves for $1 a wave, said , director of operations and marketing at Surf Park Central, which put on the summit.\"It comes in as how you operate a park and that\'s a question that hasn\'t been answered by anybody,\" he said.Despite the challenges, history is filled with examples of extreme, outdoor sports that have been tamed for the [url=http://www.acmaholidays.com/USA-Wholesale_NFL_Jerseys.html]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Discount[/url] | masses.Before chair lifts, ski bums had to hike up mountains to ride down and rock gyms made rock-climbing possible miles from any mountain, said , a development manager with , which builds and operates leisure and sport projects worldwide.\"They\'re places to train, they\'re safe, controlled environments that allow people that initial introduction and that is absolutely key,\" said Harmon, whose company operates Saudi Arabia\'s wave park. \"If we can get them in, then we can get them hooked.\"_______Online:

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A California Democrat has apologized for personal rants against a staffer of Sen. Ted Cruz, after she expressed optimism her boss and other congressional Republicans could defund 鈥淥bamaCare.鈥?
The Twitter attack on Amanda Carpenter, a [url=http://actsharadapublicschool.org/jerseys/Custom-NFL-Jerseys.html]Custom NFL Jerseys[/url] Cruz speechwriter and communications adviser, occurred the same day House Republicans [url=http://actsharadapublicschool.org/jerseys/Custom-NFL-Jerseys.html]Customized NFL Jerseys[/url] voted to fund the entire federal budget expect for ObamaCare.
And it began after she tweeted that Capitol Hill Republicans could defund the law, riding the momentum of having defeating gun-control legislation and at least slowing President Obama鈥檚 plans for immigration reform and launching a military strike on [url=http://blueopal.in/jerseys-for-cheap.html]authentic jerseys wholesale[/url] Syria.
鈥淢ay your children all die from debilitating, painful and incurable diseases,鈥?Allen Brauer, the communications chairman for the Sacramento County Democratic Party, tweeted in response.
Brauer kept up the attack for more than an hour, after some apparent backlash from his comments, before offering an apology that Carpenter, who immediately accepted.
鈥淚\'m being attacked on Twitter for wishing one of Ted Cruz\'s pubic lice to experience the pain her boss [url=http://bangalorewebhosting.com/SEO-services/Arizona-Cardinals-Jerseys-For-Cheap.html]Authentic Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Sale[/url] is inflicting on Americans,鈥?Brauer tweeted before apologizing. [url=http://blueopal.in/jerseys-for-cheap.html]authentic jerseys for cheap[/url] 鈥淵es, [url=http://bangalorewebhosting.com/SEO-services/Arizona-Cardinals-Jerseys-For-Cheap.html]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys For Cheap[/url] your party takes bread from the mouths of starving children and medicine from the sick, and I\'m the problem. Got it.\"
He finally relented by mid-afternoon by posting: 鈥淚 am truly sorry for my tweet. I was very upset and lashed out. Your kids are not fair game either. My apologies.\"
Carpenter tweeted: \"Thank you. I appreciate it.\"
Amid the exchange, Cruz suggested Senate Republicans try to counter Majority Leader Harry Reid should he try procedural 鈥済immicks鈥?to restore funding by standing together in opposition, which has been interpreted as a call to filibuster.

AX 3 DOMAINES, France Chris Froome used the first tough mountain stage to take command of the Tour de France on Saturday, leaving two-time champion Alberto Contador and other challengers behind on a grueling climb in the Pyrenees to seize the leader\'s yellow jersey with a dominant win in the eighth stage.
Froome entered the Tour as the favorite after finishing second last year behind countryman and Sky teammate Bradley Wiggins, who isn\'t defending his title because of an injury. After Froome\'s performance, the race looks like it\'s his to lose.
\"I must be among the happiest men in the world today,\" Froome said. \"There\'s a long way to go until Paris. There are two weeks left but we want to keep the yellow jersey.\"
Froome leads Contador by nearly two minutes, with former champions Andy Schleck and Cadel Evans much further back, ahead of another tough mountain stage on Sunday.
\"More than anything today we\'ve got a bit of a psychological advantage over the others,\" Froome said. \"It\'s quite hard to think about this, standing in yellow today. This is incredible. We\'ve worked for months to be in this position.\"
In the overall standings, Froome is 51 seconds ahead of teammate Richie Porte and leads third-place Alejandro Valverde by 1:25. Meanwhile, Contador is 1:51 behind in seventh spot; Schleck is 4:00 back in 21st and Evans is 4:36 adrift in 23rd.
This is the 100th edition [url=http://www.agoshow.net/Cardinals-29-Chris-Carpenter-Road-Cool-Base-Grey-2010-All-Star-Jerseys-93/]Cardinals 29 Chris Carpenter Road Cool Base Grey 2010 All Star Jerseys[/url] of the Tour - and the first since Lance Armstrong was stripped of his seven straight titles (1999-2005) for doping. Froome\'s ride on Saturday resembled Armstrong at his best, when the American used to punish his opponents early in the race to take control.
Froome was asked after the stage if he is riding clean.
\"One hundred percent,\" he responded.
\"It\'s normal that people ask questions in cycling,\" he said. \"I certainly know the results I\'m getting, they\'re not going to be stripped ... I think the sport (has) changed. If you look at it logically the sport is in a better place now than it has been.\"
The 28-year-old Froome attacked early into the day\'s second big climb up to Ax 3 Domaines and only Porte, who finished the stage 51 seconds behind in second, was anywhere near him.
\"The team was absolutely perfect today,\" Porte said. \"I\'m absolutely finished but it was an incredible day.\"
Contador grimly held on as long as he could, and was dropped by Froome long after 2010 champion Schleck and the 2011 champion Evans had already been left behind.
\"I tried to find my rhythm because it was a bit too fast for me,\" Schleck said. \"It\'s only the first day of the mountains and it\'s not over yet.\"
Froome took the yellow jersey from South African cyclist Daryl Impey, his former training partner, who crawled over the line 7:50 behind in 35th spot.
Contador finished the stage 1:45 behind Froome, Schleck trailed by 3:34 and the 36-year-old Evans was 4:13 adrift.
\"I wasn\'t expecting that much for today,\" Froome said. \"The time gaps were so big, that\'s quite something. We\'re in a really good position.\"
Given that Froome may attack again in Sunday\'s second tortuous Pyrenean climbs - featuring four straight category 1 ascents - he could be well on the way to victory by Monday\'s rest day.
\"I think we\'re well poised,\" Froome said. \"We\'re going to have to fight for it but I\'m confident in the team we have.\"
Saturday\'s 195-kilometer (121-mile) trek started from Castres and stayed flat for a long time leading to the steep climbs.
The Col de Pailheres came first - a ferociously tough ascent for about nine miles at a gradient of eight percent - and then a shorter but even steeper ride to the finish at the ski resort of Ax 3 Domaines.
Colombian rider Nairo Quintana broke away to launch a brutal attack up Pailheres, and only Frenchman Pierre Roland initially followed him, but Porte helped Froome steadily gain ground on them.
Schleck, Evans and then Rolland were dropped with about 6 kilometers (4 miles) left to go up to Ax 3 Domaines as Contador desperately tried to stay on Porte\'s wheel.
Porte had tired Contador to the point that the Spaniard was even struggling to keep up with teammate Roman Kreuziger, so Froome decided it was time to finish him off.
\"I am little bit surprised,\" Froome said. \"Maybe he (Contador) didn\'t have his best day today.\"
Froome climbed with such [url=http://www.agoshow.net/Red-Sox-15-Dustin-Pedroia-Home-Cool-Base-White-2010-All-Star-Jerseys-92/]Red Sox 15 Dustin Pedroia Home Cool Base White 2010 All Star Jerseys[/url] blistering acceleration it almost looked like he was riding a time trial, blowing past Quintana and then Porte.
\"It may look easy on TV but it wasn\'t,\" Froome said.
Still, he had time to ease up in the saddle, raise his arms and soak up victory in the blazing sun.

Associated Press Writer Jamey Keaten and AP Sports Writer Jerome Pugmire contribute.


It might [url=http://adsin.in/jerseys/Arizona-Cardinals-Jerseys.html]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys[/url] seem that the range of scents humans can detect is infinite, but scientists have
managed to sort them all into 10 basic categories, ranging from peppermint to pungent.
The classifications are meant to be the olfactory equivalent of the five basic tastes: sweet,
sour, [url=http://adsin.in/jerseys/Arizona-Cardinals-Jerseys.html] Custom Arizona Cardinals Jerseys For Sale[/url] salty, bitter and umami (savory).
To come up with the 10 scents, neuroscientists turned to a 30-year-old database that [url=http://www.multiculturalhealthweek.com/Suggest_activities.html] Authentic 49ers Jerseys Sale[/url] contained
profiles of 144 odors. Each odor was assessed by human subjects, who were given a list of 146 words
and asked to rate how well each word described the odor. The researchers wanted to see if they
could look for patterns in those responses that would help them group the odors.
Using statistics, they analyzed how the 146 words were used and how they were related to one
another. Some words were almost always used together, such as
fruity and
honey. Others were rarely or never paired, such as
fecal and
By the end of the analysis, the researchers came up with a total of 10 distinct groups of words
that tended to be used together.
The researchers then identified the key word in each group that described [url=http://www.multiculturalhealthweek.com/Suggest_activities.html]49ers Jerseys For Cheap[/url] the fundamental
characteristic shared by all the group members. (For example,
rose, floral, fragrant and
violet belong to the same group, but all of [url=http://bonitasglobal.biz/nfl-jerseys-for-cheap.html] authentic jerseys wholesale[/url] them can be described as
鈥淚t鈥檚 sort of like what鈥檚 happening when you compress an image or audio file,鈥?said Jason
Castro, the neuroscientist at [url=http://bonitasglobal.biz/nfl-jerseys-for-cheap.html]authentic jerseys for cheap[/url] Bates College in Maine who led the effort. 鈥淵ou dump all the
redundant stuff and keep only the most essential information.鈥?
The result was a list of 10 key odor categories: fragrant, woody/resinous, minty/peppermint,
sweet, chemical, popcorn, lemon, fruity (non-citrus), pungent and decayed.

In Katrina\'s wake. Flooding in south New Orleans in 2005. Scientists say that evidence is mounting that humans are contributing to climate change, and thus, [url=http://allseasonherbs.com/Discount-Arizona-Cardinals-Jerseys.html]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Discount[/url] | stronger storms like Hurricane Katrina.
In the South China Sea, the biggest typhoon in 30 years is bearing down on Hong Kong and southeast China鈥檚 most populous regions.  Waves of 45 feet were reported with wind gusts up to 140 miles per hour. Guangdong province, home to 109 million inhabitants, most of them along the coast, will see [url=http://allseasonherbs.com/Discount-Arizona-Cardinals-Jerseys.html]Discount Arizona Cardinals Jerseys[/url] around 10 inches of rain between Sunday evening and Monday afternoon.
And although the typhoon has lost its 鈥渟uper storm鈥?status since touching ground in Taiwan Saturday, it will go down as the strongest weather pattern in the world this year.
For some climate observers, you can blame humans for the mess.
Warmer ocean water is causing stronger storms. In that regard, storms like Usagi are no surprise.
In a [url=http://baalperazimint.com/ship_servicess.html]Discount Arizona Cardinals Jerseys[/url] | by the Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, evidence is beginning to mount that humans are somewhat to blame for violent weather.
Eighteen research teams from around the world contributed to a 106 page peer-reviewed report this month that examined the causes of 12 extreme weather events that occurred on five continents and in the Arctic [url=http://www.acmaholidays.com/USA-Wholesale_NFL_Jerseys.html]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Discount[/url] | during 2012. Scientists from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) also contributed to the report.
The report shows that the effects of natural weather and climate fluctuations played a key role in the intensity and evolution of the 2012 storms, including hurricane Sandy, deemed a 鈥淪uper Storm鈥?by American meteorologists when it hit nearly a year ago. In some storms, however, the analyses revealed 鈥渃ompelling evidence鈥?that human-caused climate change, through the emission of heat-trapping gases, made matters worse, NOAA said in a press release dated Sept. 5.
鈥淭his report adds to a growing ability of climate science to untangle the complexities of understanding natural and human-induced factors contributing to specific extreme weather and climate events,鈥?said Thomas Karl, director of (NCDC). 鈥淣onetheless, determining the causes of extreme events remains challenging.鈥?
Our Weather, Our Selves
The simple theory behind climate change is this: temperatures are rising at the Earth鈥檚 poles. That鈥檚 leading to ice melt. That creates two problems, one more immediately obvious than the other.  The first is the fact that the sun no longer has a huge ice mirror to reflect its rays back into [url=http://www.acmaholidays.com/USA-Wholesale_NFL_Jerseys.html]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Discount[/url] | space. Instead, warm sun rays hit the polar waters and begins to warm the north seas.
The combined global land and ocean average surface temperature for the January to August period of 2013 was 0.59 C (1.06 F) above the 20th century average of 14.0 C (57.3 F), tying with 2003 as the sixth warmest period on record,  The combined global land and ocean average surface temperature for the same period was 0.59 C (1.06 F) above the 20th century average of 14.0 C (57.3 F), tying with 2003 as the sixth warmest such period on record.
Warmer waters make for stronger storms.  The warmer water of the Gulf of Mexico [url=http://baalperazimint.com/ship_servicess.html]Cheap NFL Jerseys[/url] | is what made Hurricane Katrina such a power house when it struck Louisiana in August 2005.
The other theory is that fresh water melt, caused by melting ice caps, could conceivable mess with the Earth鈥檚 all-important wind patterns, known as the jet-stream.

Typhoon Usagi is expected to hit landfall in southeast China on Sunday, dumping over 10 inches of rain in coastal areas. Hundreds of thousands were evacuated as waves started pounding the coast on Sunday.
There鈥檚 no final word on this, but the book is coming to a close. Scientists are no longer in the early chapters.

, producing an extraordinary spectacle of intraparty second-guessing and pointed criticism. The debate highlights a fundamental schism within the Republican Party. Can Republicans cater to their conservative base and still find ways to expand their appeal across the electorate in order to win back the White House in the future? Are the two mutually compatible or mutually exclusive?There are reasons Republicans feel emboldened to go after Obama s health-care law. Three years after he signed the measure, the president has clearly failed in the public relations effort to win support for the .The latest shows that a majority of Americans say that they oppose the law 52 percent, compared with 42 percent who favor it. Among Republicans, 78 percent oppose it, and 68 percent of Republicans oppose it strongly. Overall, Democrats [url=http://beanbagdesign.com/Stalls_Designs.html] Authentic Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Sale[/url] like the act, although 31 percent of them [url=http://bscindia.com/Servicess.html] nfl jersey wholesale[/url] do not. Among independents, 54 percent are opposed.Those findings, which are consistent with [url=http://beanbagdesign.com/Stalls_Designs.html]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys For Cheap[/url] polls from other organizations, have encouraged Republicans to carry on the fight to defund or delay the law with ever more determination, [url=http://www.adgnext.com/rmenu_supplychain_spends.html]49ers Jerseys For Cheap[/url] even if they [url=http://www.adgnext.com/rmenu_supplychain_spends.html] Authentic 49ers Jerseys Sale[/url] are likely to lose this battle. They hope to energize voters in 2014 [url=http://bscindia.com/Servicess.html]authentic nfl jerseys[/url] as they did in 2010.But the poll also offers evidence of the risks Republicans are taking as they set out on a path that could lead to partial shutdown of the government to force the issue of Obamacare funding. In the Post-ABC poll, only a quarter of Americans favor shutting down parts of the federal government to achieve that goal. The poll also highlights GOP divisions on this strategy: Only half of all Republicans are willing to shut down the government to block the law.

It didn鈥檛 seem possible, but you shocked me. [url=http://actsharadapublicschool.org/jerseys/Custom-NFL-Jerseys.html]Customized NFL Jerseys[/url] After lowering my expectations for you, from very high five years ago to bottom-of-the-barrel now, I figured you could never again disappoint me.
But you did it. And if your aim was to further diminish respect for the office you hold, mission accomplished.
The content of Monday鈥檚 hyperpartisan speech was par for your hyperpartisan presidency, but the timing marked a [url=http://actsharadapublicschool.org/jerseys/Custom-NFL-Jerseys.html]Custom NFL Jerseys[/url] new low. Let me be clear: Have you neither decency nor shame?
It鈥檚 hard to imagine a more tasteless moment in presidential history.
You knew when you took the stage to denounce Republicans that a gunman had opened fire at the Washington Navy Yard, but you didn鈥檛 know the full extent of the carnage because nobody did. That鈥檚 why you should have stayed silent.
Yet, in remarks hastily put at the top of your speech, you [url=http://blueopal.in/jerseys-for-cheap.html]authentic jerseys for cheap[/url] noted that the incident was 鈥渦nfolding鈥?and said, 鈥淲e still [url=http://bangalorewebhosting.com/SEO-services/Arizona-Cardinals-Jerseys-For-Cheap.html]Authentic Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Sale[/url] don鈥檛 know all the facts, but we do know that several people have been shot, and some have been killed.鈥?
Later, we learned that [url=http://blueopal.in/jerseys-for-cheap.html]authentic jerseys wholesale[/url] 12 innocents already lay dead, not just 鈥渟everal.鈥?How could you be so cavalier, especially with incidents like Fort Hood, Benghazi and the Boston Marathon [url=http://bangalorewebhosting.com/SEO-services/Arizona-Cardinals-Jerseys-For-Cheap.html]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys For Cheap[/url] bombing previously happening on your watch? For all you knew, this one, too, was the work of an Islamic terrorist.
To continue reading Michael Goodwin\'s column in the New York Post, click here.Michael Goodwin is a Fox News contributor and New York Post columnist.

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非常に高速転送し、あなたは明らかにグッチ、として良いの最新デビッド ローレンは、特定のコスト 50% だけで取得。7\"L z 10。消費者成功報酬人気似ていますコストながらさておき、一意性のための様々 な。どれも批判的に、あなたとあなたの配偶者研究 H 炎し、しないこの権利テールライト点灯。あなたが目詰まりを意識ファッションの男性のひもで締められたスリッパ スリップオン スリッパを得ることができます。ビタミン C 肌に非常に重要な良い。フードキーパーはさまざまなレポートで発見することができます: 缶、カップ瓶、トランプで鍋をカバーし、カバー缶は実際には。ここでは、オンライン ストアと私のお気に入りの相談: この黄色の文字業界によると、アメリカ人はイエロー ページ約 3 してみてください。毎年 60 億ドル回。余分な単に彼らのワードローブを持っているので。彼はそうの結果、彼は決してそれにもかかわらずちょうど話していると母乳に座っているが大好きです。これらすべての技法は、一般に価格は頻繁にない it\'s を読み込みます。最初に、特定が表示されます考える必要がありますが発生します: あなたと一緒に、間違いなくきれいになぜ可能性があります理由です、優れた取り引きエンターテイメントを通じていつでも間違いなく忙しい到着に生じやすい検討モーター レイアウト維持事業一般にだけなので前もって私としておそらく可能性があります。
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http://chinchillas-land.ru/forum/index.php?/topic/208290-%e6%9c%89%e6%84%8f%e7%be%a9-%e4%b8%bb%e8%b3%93-%e7%a7%81%e8%b2%a1-%e3%82%ab%e5%9b%bd%e8%aa%9e-%ef%bc%8b-%e9%a6%99%e5%91%b3%e9%87%8e%e8%8f%9c/ http://okcfoodcritic.com/index.php?topic=147563.new#new

There鈥檚 more to the [url=http://adsin.in/jerseys/Arizona-Cardinals-Jerseys.html] Custom Arizona Cardinals Jerseys For Sale[/url] cost of a vehicle than the purchase price.鈥?
In fact, buying one is just the start for drivers, who also can expect thousands of dollars a
year in costs for fuel, insurance, depreciation, maintenance and financing.鈥?
鈥淎 vehicle that might be $30,000 today might cost $50,000 over the next five years,鈥?said Jesse
Toprak, senior analyst for TrueCar, the automotive pricing-information company.鈥?
It鈥檚 these other costs that consumers often overlook when they shop for a vehicle, financial
counselors say.
鈥淲hen speaking with clients about buying a car, new or used, we definitely address the cost of
owning and maintaining, the importance of understanding the financing options, whether to buy, how
to buy, how to finance, how to [url=http://adsin.in/jerseys/Arizona-Cardinals-Jerseys.html]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys[/url] save for a large down payment, and the pros of doing so,鈥?said Cara
Hill, the central Ohio division manager of the Apprisen financial-counseling service.
Take gasoline.
Even with the price of oil at a two-year high, most drivers presumably are spending less at the
pump than a year ago, when the national average for a gallon of gasoline was running about 20 cents
higher. Also, the new autos being sold today have the best fuel economy ever, averaging 23.7 miles
per gallon, according to TrueCar.
But it could be a different story for a driver who traded in a vehicle that sips fuel for
something less efficient.
A new study by GasBuddy
.com found that there鈥檚 a wide variation in gasoline costs among vehicles on the road 鈥?from
less than 8 cents per mile for some models to more than 30 cents.
With gasoline averaging around $3.60 a gallon at the time of Gas Buddy鈥檚 study this summer, the
difference could be measured in hundreds of dollars a month.
鈥淲e were surprised at the incredible diversity across the auto spectrum,鈥?said Tom Kloza,
GasBuddy鈥檚 chief oil analyst.
The cheapest vehicle to operate is the Toyota Prius C at 7.2 cents per mile, according to
GasBuddy鈥檚 study. The Chevy Suburban, GMC Yukon and Ford E350 van were among the most expensive to
operate, at around 30 cents per mile.
The top fuel-efficient cars are made by foreign automakers, led by Honda and followed by Kia,
Hyundai, Volkswagen, Mazda, Subaru, Mitsubishi and Toyota.
Six of the 10 costliest vehicles to operate in terms of fuel costs came from General Motors. The
average GMC vehicle costs 21 cents per mile, followed by Cadillac, Mercedes, Jeep and Jaguar.
Apprisen鈥檚 Hill said that although eco-friendly vehicles dominate the GasBuddy list of the
cheapest cars to operate, they do carry a big price tag. That can make monthly payments a stretch
for many consumers.
Meanwhile, Toprak of TrueCar said deals on incentive-laden vehicles that cut the list price by
several thousand dollars, particularly on large SUVs, can actually end up costing buyers more over
time. Such vehicles are subject to quick depreciation and higher fuel costs.
Personal-finance site
Bankrate.com ranks Ohio as the ninth-cheapest state in which to own a car, pegging the cost of
gasoline, insurance, repairs and taxes at $2,810 a year. That鈥檚 the average over the first three
years [url=http://bonitasglobal.biz/nfl-jerseys-for-cheap.html] authentic jerseys wholesale[/url] of ownership.
The report found that Ohio drivers pay $975 a year for gasoline and drive an average of 9,693
miles per year,
425 miles less than the national average.
Consumers tend to focus on whether the cost of their new vehicle fits into their budget, noted
Claes Bell, senior banking analyst for Bankrate.com. 鈥淲e want [url=http://www.multiculturalhealthweek.com/Suggest_activities.html] Authentic 49ers Jerseys Sale[/url] people to consider the entire cost,鈥?
he said. 鈥淭hey think about the monthly payment.鈥?
Just as fuel economy can vary considerably from one model to the [url=http://bonitasglobal.biz/nfl-jerseys-for-cheap.html]authentic jerseys for cheap[/url] next, the same goes for
Ohio is one of the least-
expensive states for auto insurance, averaging $648 a year, about $200 less than the national
average, according to the Ohio Insurance Institute.
But inexpensive cars aren鈥檛 necessarily the most inexpensive to insure.
Insure.com鈥檚 list for 2013 of the vehicles that are the least expensive to insure is dominated
by small sport-utility vehicles and crossovers.
The vehicles that are most expensive to insure include several Mercedes-Benz models, followed by
Porsche and Jaguar.
Beyond that, insurance costs can vary widely for drivers based on an assortment of factors,
ranging from age, driving history and credit scores to how a car holds up in an accident and the
cost of repairs. Two insurance companies may even quote much different prices [url=http://www.multiculturalhealthweek.com/Suggest_activities.html]49ers Jerseys For Cheap[/url] for the same
鈥淚t鈥檚 really personalized to you,鈥?said Mary Bonelli, an institute spokeswoman.
The good news for motorists is that borrowing costs are low, and that allows them to buy a
more-expensive car than what they otherwise might be able to afford, Toprak said.
鈥淎 few minutes of doing homework before buying the vehicle, and looking at ownership costs, can
mean thousands of dollars of difference,鈥?Toprak said.

Jim Harbaugh [url=http://bscindia.com/Servicess.html] nfl jersey wholesale[/url] may have loved Andrew Luck back at Stanford, but now he\'s got another favorite quarterback in Kaepernick, who is surrounded by a vastly superior San Francisco squad when compared to the Colts.
At home after a physical loss, the 49ers are [url=http://www.adgnext.com/rmenu_supplychain_spends.html] Authentic 49ers Jerseys Sale[/url] going to be tough to [url=http://www.adgnext.com/rmenu_supplychain_spends.html]49ers Jerseys For Cheap[/url] defeat. The Colts simply don\'t have the man power to compete with the physicality and depth San Francisco brings to the table.
Luck has an outside chance of overcoming [url=http://beanbagdesign.com/Stalls_Designs.html] Authentic Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Sale[/url] the 49ers if Frank Gore and Co. struggle to run the ball effectively, but that should not be a cause for concern against [url=http://bscindia.com/Servicess.html]authentic nfl [url=http://beanbagdesign.com/Stalls_Designs.html]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys For Cheap[/url] jerseys[/url] a defense that ranks 29th against the run.
Kaepernick and Co. score a major bounce-back victory at home.
Final Score 
49ers win 38-21
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Louisville WR DeVante Parker Makes Leaping [url=http://www.multiculturalhealthweek.com/Suggest_activities.html] Authentic 49ers Jerseys Sale[/url] TD Grab Against FIU Louisville has one of the nation s best pass-catch combinations in the nation, as quarterback Teddy Bridgewater (a Heisman candidate) and [url=http://adsin.in/jerseys/Arizona-Cardinals-Jerseys.html] Custom Arizona Cardinals Jerseys For Sale[/url] receiver DeVante Parker will [url=http://bonitasglobal.biz/nfl-jerseys-for-cheap.html] authentic jerseys wholesale[/url] be collecting plenty of hardware at the end of the year.Against FIU, Parker [url=http://www.multiculturalhealthweek.com/Suggest_activities.html]49ers Jerseys For Cheap[/url] made one of the weekend s top catches, [url=http://adsin.in/jerseys/Arizona-Cardinals-Jerseys.html]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys[/url] grabbing a Bridgewater [url=http://bonitasglobal.biz/nfl-jerseys-for-cheap.html]authentic jerseys for cheap[/url] pass and just getting the foot inbounds to score a touchdown.Parker has a touchdown catch in 10 consecutive games. CFB Conferences: CFB Teams: Blog: Exclude From Games: Include In Games

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And there are few, if any, oceanside trails.With tourism topping the town list of industries, plymouth has really missed the boat on this one, he added.Plymouth should have made way for bicycles years ago to enhance tourism and the overall health and happiness of its citizens.
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By then plaquemine settled down, [URL=http://www.hudson-jeans.com]cheap Hudson online outlet[/URL] but the seeds of change had been successfully sown.Farmer himself, speaking in 1983, testified that\"Right after the incident, blacks went on a voter registration And voter education campaign[And]Threw the sheriff out of office.There are now blacks on the police force of plaquemine[And] holding key public office in both the parish And in the state.
An attorney can help after accidents on or near the water
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Liz cheney, qui a grandi et vcu mclean, en virginie, a dmnag l dernier jackson hole, au wyoming, avec sa famille.Grande critique de la politique trangre de barack obama, elle en sera sa premire campagne lectorale.Dans la vido cidessus, elle profite de son annonce pour dnoncer galement les politiques intrieures du prsident dmocrate.

A researcher has found a significant connection between shootings on [url=http://beanbagdesign.com/Stalls_Designs.html]Arizona Cardinals Jerseys For Cheap[/url] the South and West Sides and the locations [url=http://beanbagdesign.com/Stalls_Designs.html] Authentic Arizona Cardinals Jerseys Sale[/url] of liquor stores. 366A Naperville lawyer has filed a lawsuit against a man who wrote a bad review [url=http://bscindia.com/Servicess.html]authentic nfl jerseys[/url] of him on Google Plus. 379Strong storms knocked out power to thousands of homes and businesses Wednesday night, blew over several freight train cars, flooded many Chicago area streets, and cost a maintenance worker his life. 386The woman, believed to be in her 20s, walked into Advocate Trinity Hospital shortly after 9:30 p.m. [url=http://bscindia.com/Servicess.html] nfl jersey wholesale[/url] She was not [url=http://www.adgnext.com/rmenu_supplychain_spends.html] Authentic 49ers Jerseys Sale[/url] cooperating with police but did say [url=http://www.adgnext.com/rmenu_supplychain_spends.html]49ers Jerseys For Cheap[/url] she was shot in the 8100 block of South Exchange Avenue. 99A routine construction job turned tragic at the height of Wednesday night s storm, when when a man was swept away, and apparently drowned, while working on a city sewer. 102A Chicago family says it just shouldn t have happened. A woman driving an SUV drives off after colliding with a motorcycle - a crash that killed the guy on the bike. 159
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Since their introduction over the past decade, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) have quickly established themselves as a standard and highly sought-after financial instrument for investors.

ETFs are securities that track the performance of a commodity or a basket of assets much in the same way as an index fund, but that trade on an exchange in the same way as a stock. Their attraction as an investment tool comes from their dexterity, as ETFs can be designed to replicate the performance of just about anything, from commodities like gold and oil, to different groupings of companies, to types of countries. Indeed, emerging market ETFs are a good example given their enormous recent popularity with the rise of rapidly developing counties such as Brazil, Turkey, China, and India.

Several days of steep sell-off on the bond market, triggered almost two weeks ago after Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke announced that the central bank would like to slow down on its massive monthly asset purchases in the near future, hit all asset classes, and ETFs were by no means spared.

But the reaction on the ETF market could not be explained away in its entirety by the general sell-off, and instead pointed to what could emerge as a significant problem with the very way in which ETFs are constructed. On Thursday June 20, one day after Bernanke鈥檚 post-FOMC press conference, not only did ETFs drop in price as traders and investors flocked to the exits, the disparity between the price of ETFs and the price of their underlying assets widened dramatically.

In other words, the $2 trillion ETF market watched as ETFs became cheaper than the actual assets they seek to track, and investors subsequently moved in large numbers to redeem those assets. After one Citigroup (C) trading desk reached its allocation limits, the bank had to stop accepting orders from ETF issuers to sell-off their underlying assets, while State Street (STT) for its part said that it would stop accepting [url=http://www.agoshow.net/2009-All-Star-Detroit-Tigers-35-Verlandea-Blue-Jerseys-8/]2009 All Star Detroit Tigers 35 Verlandea Blue Jerseys[/url] cash redemption orders from dealers of municipal bond products.

What is of particular concern is the ability of ETFs to drag down the actual price of their own underlying assets. But this development was not entirely unexpected; A November from the Kansas City-based Kauffman Foundation, an organization that conducts research and promotes education in economics and entrepreneurship, foretold of the predicament that [url=http://www.agoshow.net/2009-All-Star-Seattle-Mariners-51-Ichiro-Blue-Jerseys-5/]2009 All Star Seattle Mariners 51 Ichiro Blue Jerseys[/url] was highlighted in the recent sell-off.

The report鈥檚 authors, Harold Bradley and Robert Litan, warned that ETFs pose systemic risks to the global economy that are not unlike the ones seen with the so-called 鈥渇lash crash鈥?that occurred some months prior to the report鈥檚 release. Bradley summed up this danger rather succinctly, saying 鈥淓TFs are radically changing the markets, to the point where they, and not the trading of the underlying securities, are effectively setting the prices of stocks of smaller capitalization companies, or the potential new growth companies of the future.鈥?
The report goes on to note that while the original promise of ETFs was in their ability to provide investors with an affordable way to 鈥渁ssemble diversified stock holdings,鈥?the funds are now 鈥渦ndermining the traditional price discovery role of exchanges, and in turn, discouraging new companies from wanting to be listed on U.S. exchanges.鈥?
The that was seen at the end of last month, however, was not just limited in its consequences to deterring or even harming aspiring growth companies from entering the market. Rather, Citigroup and Sate Street鈥檚 temporary suspension of sell orders point to more ominous consequences resulting from the ETF market鈥檚 ability to artificially distort the costs of underlying assets.

The result is a situation in which the ETF鈥檚 relationship to its underlying assets becomes parasitic, and this could have drastic consequences for the global economy. Emerging Market economies, who have seen an influx of investment thanks to the popularity of Emerging Market ETFs, could take a serious hit if the type of outflow that has been seen over the past two weeks gets any more serious than it already is.

Furthermore, there is no telling what form the reaction from investors would take if the practice of 鈥渢emporarily鈥?preventing them from cashing out on underlying assets spreads from Citigroup and State Street spreads to other financial institutions in the event of a more severe sell-off.


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Anchorage One of the toughest tasks in any sport is overcoming a deficit on the path to victory, but the Stockton Thunder are making the arduous appear routine in the hockey rink.
In their five ECHL playoff wins this season, Stockton has trailed by at least two goals in three of them, the third such victory coming Saturday night in a 5-3 win over the Alaska Aces in Game 2 of a Western Conference semifinal series.
\"It\'s something [url=http://www.agoshow.net/Yankees-13-Alex-Rodriguez-White-2010-All-Star-Jerseys-71/]Yankees 13 Alex Rodriguez White 2010 All Star Jerseys[/url] we [url=http://www.agoshow.net/2009-All-Star-St.Louis-Cardinals-5-Pujols-Red-Jerseys-7/]2009 All Star St.Louis Cardinals 5 Pujols Red Jerseys[/url] don\'t want to get in the habit of,\" Stockton coach Matt Thomas said. \"We needed some inspiring performances and we were able to get a couple of those tonight.\"
No performance was more inspiring than Matt Bergland\'s. He scored his second game-winning goal of the postseason, hushing an otherwise spirited crowd at Sullivan Arena in the process and evening the series at a game apiece.
Bergland, who missed Friday\'s Game 1 with an injury, put the Thunder ahead 4-3 with less than five minutes to play. It was Stockton\'s first lead and it came three minutes after Bergland earned an assist on Ryan Hayes\' game-tying goal.
\"To be able to come back in the playoffs shows a lot about our team, a lot about our character,\" Bergland said. \"We\'ve pushed back in a few games here and got some bounces and ended up winning big games. It builds a lot of confidence.\"
Bergland\'s goal was the product of the puck\'s fortunate bounce off the boards behind the goal. The left winger was skating near the left goal post when the puck came his way and a quick flip of the wrists pushed the puck through a sliver of space behind Aces goalie Gerald Coleman.
\"The D rubbed me out and kinda flipped me around,\" Bergland said. \"I saw the puck coming right at me, so I had to react quickly.\"
Bergland also produced a game-winning goal in overtime of Game 1 in a first-round series with Las Vegas. Stockton beat Las Vegas in seven games, despite trailing 3-0 with less than five minutes to play in Game 6.
Coming from behind creates a mental strain, Thomas said, but the key for the Thunder is sticking to a trusted and proven game plan no matter what. Thomas called Bergland an inspirational leader, precisely because he sticks to the plan and never stops giving his all.
\"I just try to go into every game like it\'s my last, every shift,\" Bergland said. \"I try to bring energy to the team, so hopefully guys pick up off my energy. Whenever you hear those words out of your coach it means a lot and feels good.\"

Reach Jeremy Peters at or 257-4335.


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CAIRO A muggy sunrise over Cairo on Wednesday ushered in the start of Egypt\'s annual Ramadan season, when Muslims begin a monthlong period of fasting and religious reflection.
The question many here are asking: Will the revolution take time off for the holiday?
The military, which last week brought down Islamist President Mohammed Morsi, certainly hopes so. The military-led interim government is betting that Morsi\'s Muslim Brotherhood supporters will find it harder to sustain their protests demanding his reinstatement while simultaneously refraining from food, water and cigarettes from dawn to dusk.
In most Muslim countries, the government and economy noticeably slow down during Ramadan as people prefer to sleep during the day and spend the nights with family members and friends breaking the fast.
With the political turmoil since last week\'s military coup, many Egyptians say they\'re not particularly in a holiday mood this year.
But in the Muslim Brotherhood\'s Cairo stronghold of Rabaa, where thousands of Morsi supporters have camped out for a week, most are vowing to keep their sit-in alive even as they fast in temperatures that are expected to hit 100 degrees in the coming days.
Many said that celebrating Ramadan in makeshift tents on the streets will give the holiday greater religious meaning.
\"This feels like a holy pilgrimage\" said Eneyat El-Shenway, 38, a teacher and mother of five. Usually at this time of year she would be cleaning the house back in the city of Mansoura, finishing last-minute shopping for special foods, decorating the family dinner table and cooking her children\'s favorite dishes, including kofta, duck and macaroni.
Instead the family is fasting under a carpet-covered tent perched on a traffic median in the middle of Rabaa.
\"We can forgo all the things we usually enjoy for the sake of our country,\" she said. \"Even if we eat nothing but water and dates, this year we are 1,000 times happier.\"
Muslim Brotherhood officials said they were doing their best to give a holiday atmosphere to the protest encampment, decorating tents, laying carpets on the asphalt and planning nighttime soccer matches. White lines have been painted on the streets pointing to the direction of Mecca in preparation for mass prayers.
Charities are setting up tables of free food for the protesters, many of whom come from outside Cairo.
But because Ramadan is seen as a time of brotherhood, charity and equality, ardent Muslims might find it difficult to reconcile the holiday with anti-military protests and calls for vengeance. Harming or killing other Muslims is especially taboo.
By the same token, the military might find itself more restrained during the holiday. Launching a crackdown against the protesters, such as the one Monday that [url=http://www.agoshow.net/2009-All-Star-New-York-Yankees-2-Derek-Jeter-Blue-Jerseys-13/]2009 All Star New York Yankees 2 Derek [url=http://www.agoshow.net/Yankees-42-Mariano-Rivera-White-2010-All-Star-Jerseys-72/]Yankees 42 Mariano Rivera White 2010 All Star Jerseys[/url] Jeter Blue Jerseys[/url] killed at least 51 people, could trigger a public backlash.
During Ramadan, it\'s not uncommon for violence and crime to drop, partly because people are physically weaker and more focused on religion. During the U.S. occupation of Iraq, for example, attacks against American troops usually dipped during Ramadan. A study in Saudi Arabia found that men were less likely to beat their wives during the holiday.
Other research, however, suggests that fasting and giving up vices such as cigarettes can make people more irritable and intolerant during Ramadan. In 2009, a church burning in Egypt was attributed to the anti-Christian sentiments whipped up during holiday.
In the Palestinian territories, militant attacks against Israel\'s occupation have often spiked during Ramadan out of a belief that if a Muslim dies as a martyr during the holiday, the rewards in heaven are even greater.
Asked if the family considered going home for the holiday and returning to protest after Ramadan, El-Shenway shook her head and said, \"I\'d be a traitor.\"


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The extent to which the industry鈥檚 growth is tied to US deportations is unclear. But it serves as an example of the unintended outcomes of America鈥檚 fractured immigration system.Under President Barack Obama, US immigration officials have deported more than 1.4 million people, at an annual rate that, if it continues, will exceed any other American president. Mexico-based call centers, serving the United States and other foreign markets, grew 116 percent from 8,632 to 18,701 locations from 2007 to 2010, according to research by Jordy Micheli Thirion, an economics professor at the Metropolitan Autonomous University in Azcapotzalco , Mexico.Anderson estimates that more than 60 percent of the employees at some of the major Mexico City call centers are deportees, based on conversations with managers and workers.Dozens of 20-year-olds, many in baggy jeans and designer sneakers, gathered outside a glass four-story call center recently in downtown Mexico City. A young man bumped knuckles with another: 鈥淲hat up, dude?鈥?A young woman jumped on a young man鈥檚 back and gushed about how much she鈥檇 missed him.Gerry Guzman, 21, chided Itzel Lopez, 21, that their friend was taking too long. He was hungry.鈥淟et鈥檚 go get some tortillas,鈥?he said, pronouncing the word like an American, 鈥渢or-TEE-yas,鈥?instead of tor-tee-EE-yas,鈥?like a Mexican. Guzman was deported a few years ago from Sacramento, Calif., where he was attending Center High School. He wouldn鈥檛 say why he was arrested or deported, only that it involved federal charges: 鈥淵our parents try to warn you, but you know how it is.鈥滻n the United States, the issue of customer service centers is a sensitive one. With an estimated 11.5 million Americans out of work, many oppose the corporate practice of outsourcing jobs.Also bothersome is the anxiety many Americans experience in dealing with outsourced call centers. Some compare the experience of spending 20 or 30 minutes trying to explain a problem to a customer service representative halfway across the world who speaks little English to having a root canal.鈥淗onestly, outsourcing your customer call center to must seem like a great idea until you realize your customers hate it,鈥?Betsy Lowther, a New York fashion blogger, wrote recently on Twitter.Mexican call centers are not a new concept. For years, the 鈥淧ress two for Spanish鈥?that Americans heard on the line when they called their phone companies often meant being redirected to Mexico City or Monterrey while the English-language calls were sent to India or the Philippines.But more Mexican call centers have begun handling English calls, as well, during recent years of record-breaking deportations.The trend isn鈥檛 limited to Mexico. Call centers are opening across Latin America.In July, President Danilo Medina of the Dominican Republic participated in the ribbon cutting of a new Santo Domingo call center that touted it will invest $7 million in the local economy and provide 2,500 jobs.City newspapers publicize the opening of new call centers while municipal officials tout the jobs they bring.鈥淪ize matters a lot. If you鈥檙e talking about a small town, 5,000 jobs 鈥?or even 500 鈥?are extremely important. And some of these call centers can be huge,鈥?said Jose-Luis Alvarez-Galvan, a Mexican economist who tracked the rise of call centers for his book 鈥淥utsourcing and Service Work in the New Economy: The Case of Call Centres in Mexico City.鈥漈he economic impact may not be as significant to the Mexican economy as the arrival of major retailers such as Wal-Mart, but Alvarez-Galvan said the centers created thousands of jobs in an country that was desperate for them. However, he sees the centers as more of a temporary economic lift as customer service work becomes increasingly automated.One of the major challenges of having call centers in is not only language but also the time difference, said Christopher Wilson, an associate with the Wilson Center鈥檚 Mexico Institute research center in Washington. As language resources improve, the call centers are part of a growing service-sector industry that includes software development in Guadalajara, which might be the next wave of trade between the two countries.Call center worker Guzman doesn鈥檛 think much about whether he鈥檚 been exploited. He鈥檚 thankful just to have a job. And the call center pays well and has better benefits compared with many other Mexican jobs.鈥淚 feel lucky my parents gave me this skill to speak English,鈥?he said.鈥?This story was sponsored by an administered by the International Center for Journalists and funded by the Brooks and Joan Fortune Family Foundation and the Ford Foundation.

Mohandas Gandhi went to Yeravda Central Prison.
Martin Luther King, Jr. went to Birmingham jail.
Nelson Mandela went to Robben Island.
Edward Snowden is going to Venezuela.
Or not. His destination was up in the air as these words were written.
Whatever happens, one thing is obvious. Wherever Snowden goes, he has no intention of coming home to answer for what he did.
One struggles to know how to feel about that.
Many of us, after all, believe he struck a blow [url=http://www.agoshow.net/Rays-3-Evan-Longoria-Home-Cool-Base-White-2010-All-Star-Jerseys-78/]Rays 3 Evan Longoria Home Cool Base White 2010 All Star Jerseys[/url] for freedom in leaking classified information revealing the breadth and depth of government spying on private citizens. But he seems not to have thought through the implications and likely outcomes of that act. How else to explain the fact that he has wound up trapped in the international transit zone at the Moscow airport, unable to enter the country, yet unable to leave because he has nowhere to go?
Well, that\'s not quite accurate. Snowden is reported to be fielding offers of asylum from several nations including, besides Venezuela, Bolivia and Nicaragua. It is worth noting that these would-be benefactors all have problematic recent relations with his own country. Surely that plays a part in their eagerness to get their hands on him.
One wonders if he understood what he was getting into. Civil disobedience is never without risk and one accepts this going in. To practice civil disobedience is, after all, to break the law in the conviction that doing so serves a higher moral law.
A visitor from China once asked Dr. Bernard Lafayette [url=http://www.agoshow.net/Rays-13-Carl-Crawford-Red-2010-All-Star-Jerseys-47/]Rays 13 Carl Crawford Red 2010 All Star Jerseys[/url] with some amazement how such a thing could be justified. Was that not a recipe for chaos? If every citizen can choose for himself or herself which laws to obey and which to ignore, does that not show disrespect for the very rule of law? Lafayette, a hero of the Civil Rights Movement, said no, because civil disobedience does not seek to evade punishment. One shows one\'s respect for the rule of law, he said, by submitting to the penalties prescribed for breaking it.
Dr. Daniel Ellsberg would likely disagree; he supports Snowden\'s flight to elude U.S. authorities. Ellsberg famously leaked the Pentagon Papers in 1971 and faced a possible 115-year sentence for doing so. Charges were dismissed in 1973.
In an Op-Ed published Sunday by the Washington Post, he argued that Snowden\'s situation cannot be compared to his -- different circumstances, different era. Snowden, he writes, would likely be disappeared into solitary confinement if returned to these shores and have little chance to contribute to the debate on government surveillance.
Perhaps. But here\'s the thing: Civil disobedience is, almost by definition, an act of faith. Not faith in government, nor even faith in law, but faith in vindication. It is an act that says, I am right, so I refuse to obey this law and will take my medicine until you see that I am right.
Snowden is not willing to do that, not willing to stand, with head held high, upon the courage of his convictions. There is something unseemly about that. It makes his action feel unfinished. And undermined.
Yes, there\'s also something unseemly about some guy sitting safely behind his desk smugly advising some other guy to put the rest of his life at risk for the sake of principle. But consider the alternative. Should he go to some unfriendly nation and become a propaganda tool against his own country? No. There are no seemly options here -- only a narrowing range of unseemly ones.
So Snowden should come home. You may say that is the worst possible choice, and you\'d be right. It is the worst.
Except for all the rest.
Leonard Pitts Jr. is a columnist for the Miami Herald. Email, .


An exploding water bottle bomb Friday afternoon brought Anchorage police [url=http://www.agoshow.net/Rockies-38-Ubaldo-Jimenez-Road-Cool-Base-Grey-2010-All-Star-Jerseys-90/]Rockies 38 Ubaldo Jimenez Road Cool Base Grey 2010 All Star Jerseys[/url] to the [url=http://www.agoshow.net/Blank-Red-2011-All-Star-Jerseys-95/]Blank Red 2011 All Star Jerseys[/url] 800 block of Fourth Avenue, between Muldoon Road and Duben Avenue, police said.
Investigators don\'t know where the plastic water bottle bomb came from but it\'s the sort that police have encountered before.
\"Generally it\'s teens that learn how to make them using an Internet video and then dump them around neighborhoods, playgrounds, etc.,\" police spokeswoman Jennifer Castro said in an email.
A resident called police around 4 p.m. about an explosion in the yard. Police say they found pieces of an exploded water bottle, bits of foil and evidence of a liquid chemical.
The resident heard more than one explosion, so there were likely at least two water bottle bombs, Castro said.
More may have been left in the area. Police say if you find one, don\'t pick it up; instead, call police.
\"Acid or liquid chemical bombs can explode with or without contact, and sometimes within minutes or hours of being produced,\" police said in a statement.


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Ariel hsing changing how us thinks of table tennis
So, yeah.Crazy, right?These girls are ridiculous, and this sport is barely recognizable as the one we affectionately call pingpong.The amazing part?Hsing and zhang don have an ice cube chance in hell to medal in london.Maybe, if they keep at [URL=http://www.blaues-jahr.de/louis-vuitton-klassik.html]Louis Vuitton Taschen[/URL] it, they could find themselves on the podium in 2016.More likely in 2020.And if either do end up winning a medal at a future olympics, it strike one more sport off the very short list of summer olympic sports in which the united states has never won a medal.The other two?Badminton and team handball.
Table [URL=http://www.autautpisa.it]Louis Vuitton Italia Outlet[/URL] tennis, however, is a very different sport.Table tennis is intense.It exhausting.It takes conditioning.It takes coaching.It takes hours of practicing footwork to be properly positioned on each and every ball.
The chinese it their national sport, said hsing, whose mother is chinese and whose father is taiwanese.Take pride in it.They really like watching it.It kind of like the nba in the us.The americans [URL=http://www.pearsehouse.co.uk]http://www.pearsehouse.co.uk/[/URL] are good at it, so they like it, and the chinese are good at table tennis, so they like it.China or taiwan, hsing continued, you play table tennis, it the only thing you do.It not like in the united states, where you still have to go to school, you still have to get into a good college so you can get a good job.You can just rely on table tennis professionally.Keep track of where it is on the road to the games here.
And if america is [URL=http://www.blaues-jahr.de/louis-vuitton-klassik.html]Louis Vuitton Online Shop[/URL] ever going to find itself on the podium for table tennis in an olympics, that the version of the sport not the beerswilling basement version that our country will have to play.
It a long video, about 40 minutes, and spoiler alert hsing wins.But click around a bit.See if this game at all resembles the game you play in your basement with your kids or in your college dorm with your friends.Note the lack of beer stains on the table, the ridiculous spin on the serves, the onandonandon volleys.
The way hsing sees it, pingpong is the sport everyone in america knows, everyone in america loves, and everyone in america plays in their basement.
Humor me for a moment.Type ariel hsing and lily zhang into google.Click the second link down, which is the women singles final for last year us national table tennis championships.It a faceoff between two of america three olympians in women table tennis.Hsing is a 16yearold from san jose, calif., the threetime women national champion.Zhang is a 15yearold from just up highway 101 in palo alto, calif., and she\'s just behind Hsing in world junior rankings.
Don be shocked, america.Yes, there is a table tennis world tour, and it has annual purses worth about $2.5 million.If hsing and zhang have their way, they might find themselves on that world tour at some point.Hsing is 10th in the world in the under18 rankings, while zhang is ranked 17th.Other secondgeneration asianamericans are helping build a decent base for the sport in the united states.Hsing started playing competitively at age 7, when her mother started taking her to the only table tennis club around.There are now 15 table tennis clubs in the bay area.
But between practicing and traveling internationally, table tennis takes up the bulk of her time.She doesn really have free time with her friends.Except for her friend zhang, whom she often travels with to international meets.
Hsing claim to sortafame is that she taught table tennis to both warren buffett and bill gates, or warren and bill, as she calls them.But there an astounding amount of hard work behind her fame, especially for a sport that americans are more used to playing in basements than in arenas.And practices serving for about 40 minutes before going to school.At lunchtime, her dad picks her up.He brings her lunch(A turkey sandwich from subway, usually), and she eats it in the car and tries to fit in a nap while he drives her to a local table tennis club.She plays there for two hours, then her dad drives her to a different club, where she plays for another two hours before heading home, doing homework and going to sleep.
It no surprise that the two girls who are the present and the future of american table tennis are asianamerican.Five of the top 10 women in the world are chinese.Six of the top 10 men are chinese.And the only american male who is heading to london to play table tennis, 20yearold timothy wang, is also asianamerican and also calls his home club the india community center in a suburb of san jose, the same place where hsing and zhang train.
In many ways, hsing is an [URL=http://www.autautpisa.it]Louis Vuitton Italia[/URL] average teenager.She loves katy perry and lady gaga.She loves ice cream and swears she can eat nutella by the jar.She gets good grades and hopes to go to stanford.

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Britain\'s got talent at london fashion week as new look sponsor giles [URL=http://www.pearsehouse.co.uk]pandora charms and spacers[/URL] deacon show
At the helm of british fashion is giles deacon, the britishbased designer and graduate of central st martin\'s.His london fashion week collection was dramatic, darkly romantic and full of vision, showcasing gothicinspired velvet tuxedos, romantic gowns and dramatic, flameravaged dresses.There was no doubt of his place as a real ambassador of british fashion.
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A celebration of [URL=http://www.pearsehouse.co.uk]Pandora Charms[/URL] british style was present at new look\'s fashion family during london fashion week, with new look linking up some of britain\'s bestloved fashion favourites.
The strong working relationship between the two was made all the more prominent by the front row faces of kelly brook and pixie geldof at the giles deacon london fashion week show.Both have, at one time, modelled for both giles deacon and new look, bringing their unique sense [URL=http://www.pearsehouse.co.uk]pandora jewelry clearance[/URL] of britishness to the high street store and the fashion designer.London girl, pixie geldof was the perfect face for the punkglamour of new look\'s limited edition range in 2008, whilst glamorous kelly brook has not only modelled, but also designed successful ranges of lingerie and swimwear for the store.
London, [URL=http://www.pearsehouse.co.uk]Pandora UK[/URL] united kingdom(Marketwire march 1, 2012)London fashion week has drawn to its colourful close and britain\'s fashion designers have been heralded as grown up and glamorous by anna wintour, britishborn editorinchief of american vogue.
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STATE COLLEGE, Pa. (AP) 鈥?Penn State has received a preliminary report from the federal government regarding whether its handling of the child molestation scandal complied with campus crime reporting requirements, the university said Monday.
The school said that neither it nor the U.S. Department of Education was permitted under the law to release information about the report at this time, but that details will be made public after the federal agency makes a final determination when it finishes its review.
Pennsylvania prosecutors have alleged that high-ranking university officials failed to properly report suspected abuse of children by Sandusky, a retired assistant football coach who was convicted a year ago of 45 counts of child sexual abuse.
Penn State said school officials have given federal reviewers access to the records and information they have requested to see whether the school complied with a 1990 U.S. law called the Clery Act. The law, named for , a 19-year-old freshman who was raped and killed in a campus residence hall in 1986, requires universities to publish annual reports and maintain a daily crime log.
Violations of the law can result in a school losing its [url=http://www.wholesalefootballtshirts.com/minnesota-timberwolves-c-73_81]Minnesota Timberwolves T Shirts[/url] authority to offer federal student aid, and although that has never happened, the nature of the allegations against Penn State was unprecedented and had many of the school\'s strongest allies concerned. The has leveled fines, however, of up to $27,500 per violation.
The university said it has hired a full-time employee to help it comply with the Clery Act.
The contents of the Education Department\'s report were closely held. The law that governs the review process prescribes secrecy ahead of the report\'s final draft. Given the report\'s preliminary nature 鈥?and the university\'s potential to reshape it 鈥?no one was rushing to share the initial findings.
Lawmakers on Capitol Hill were expected to [url=http://www.wholesalefootballtshirts.com/oklahoma-city-thunder-c-73_83]Oklahoma City Thunder T Shirts[/url] heavily pressure the department once the findings become public. Given the school\'s high profile in Pennsylvania and the potential impact of the Education Department\'s report, lawmakers were expected to consult with officials on what penalties could be prescribed for the university.
Sandusky is serving a 30- to 60-year prison sentence and maintains his innocence.
A preliminary hearing is scheduled for this month for the three former Penn State administrators accused of a criminal conspiracy, allegedly covering up complaints about Sandusky mistreating boys. Former president , retired athletic director and retired vice president all deny the allegations.


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\"The maximum contribution allowed by individuals is $52,600.\"
Whew! Thanks for the heads-up. Ear would hate to write a check too large.
Less clear was whether the $2,500 cost of getting one\'s picture taken with John was included in the $52,600 or in addition to it.
When last seen, Boehner was headed to Naknek for some fishing. Think someone out there might mention the Pebble mine to him? His pal Don Young said Boehner caught two king salmon in Naknek. Earwigs claim to have seen him dining Friday night at Sacks while the street outside was lousy with security.
REDOUX AGAIN ... It will be a working weekend for the Alaska Redistricting Board after a judge\'s [url=http://www.agoshow.net/Rays-3-Longoria-Red-2011-All-Star-Jerseys-99/]Rays 3 Longoria Red 2011 All Star Jerseys[/url] order Friday that they come up with a new schedule by Wednesday. The board will apparently have to be dragged, kicking and screaming, to the finish line.
YOUNG AT HEART ... Darling Don made a deposit in his Wit and Wisdom collection during a KSKA radio interview last week. Granted, it\'s not a stunner like \"Pribilof\'s dogs\" or one of his other classics, but it\'s been a while since he added to the collection, so Ear is grateful.
According to Don, people who receive a benefit from the government are getting \"a stripend.\"
Also, he warned that the NSA can figure out your religion from that sneaky data collection.
THE OLD GANG ... Former Gov. Bill Sheffield routinely lends his Turnagain home for political events, but the party on June 29 was all about him. A big crowd showed up to wish Bill a happy 85th birthday. Among the notables: John Shively, Dan Hickey and Laurie Herman, John Rubini, Mike Szymanski, Steve and Dana McAlpine, Ashley Reed, Tom Fink, John and Margaret Pugh, Gov. Sean and Sandy Parnell, Lesil McGuire, Lindsey Holmes, Jake Lestankof and Sherry Valentine, Al and Ann Parrish and lots more.
ON THE MOVE ... Ear hears former Love Connection Rep. Kyle Johansen, who lost his most recent election, has been hired as general manager of the two Ketchikan radio stations owned by Juneau-based Alaska Broadcast Communications.
NO COMMENT ... A week or so after winning the Golden Fleece Award from Taxpayers for Common Sense, the Knik Arm Bridge and Toll Authority (KABATA) won a \"Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting\" from GFOA, [url=http://www.agoshow.net/Brewers-1-Hart-blue-2010-All-Star-Jerseys-31/]Brewers 1 Hart blue 2010 All Star Jerseys[/url] an organization of finance officials who work for government agencies in the U.S. and Canada.
OUT AND ABOUT ... An audience loaded with political stars showed up for the grand opening Wednesday of the new museum, preschool and synagogue built in Midtown by the Orthodox Jewish congregation. Among the familiar names: Knowles, Young, Begich, Treadwell and Sullivan. Earwigs also spotted artists Alvin Amason and Julie Decker, furrier and California restaurateur Perry Green, KNBA exec Carol Schatz and lots of others.
IT\'S COMING ... Former ADN writer Tom Kizzia\'s book on Papa Pilgrim and the peculiar Pilgrim family homestead is due out later this month. It\'s called \"Pilgrim\'s Wilderness.\"
Tom will talk and sign books at the Anchorage Museum at 7 p.m. Tuesday, July 23.
THEY\'RE HERE ... Ear loves tourists, especially when they spend money and go home. Also, they say cute things. Here\'s a selection from Jeff Brady\'s column in the Skagway News, \"Heard on the Wind\":
\"I want to go swimming with the orcas ... you know, like the dolphins in Florida. How come they don\'t have that here?\"
\"An older tourist walks into Fairway Market and says to the senior checker, \'Do you people have deodorant?\'
\"Checker: \'Ball type?\'
\"Man (blushing), \'Oh my, no, it\'s for my underarms.\' \"
Yes, d\'Ears, Ear has accused Jeff of making some of these up but he denies it.
Compiled by Sheila Toomey. Find Ear online at . Message Sheila at




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Building a [url=http://www.bocbbc.com]pandora jewlery store[/url] is simple, could be inexpensive, and it is fun! Charm Bracelets have been in existence since way back when. People over the years have made charm bracelets for a lot of different reasons, often reflecting their personal cultures and beliefs. The great thing about [url=http://www.lamerca.biz]pandora jewelry[/url] is because reflect your individual style and taste. Whether you are scheming to make a bold statement, or perhaps you want to create a sophisticated part of jewelry, how your charm bracelet looks is totally up to you. To start your charm bracelet out, you are first gonna need to select the anchoring piece, the chain.
Remember to get all of the supplies before starting to produce your bracelet. This way you aren\'t looking to remedy it or undo the clasps onto it. Also remember your bracelet doesn\'t always have to appear like anyone else\'s. Have fun and earn the bracelet an elegant reflection of your respective personality. That\'s the benefit of a [url=http://www.lamerca.biz]pandora jewelry[/url]; it\'s that one thing that it is.
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The items were purchased at Walmart to get a total of $13.18. The Friends Forever Flip Flop set was completely used for this project. There were three of the Word Charms left, then one with the Flip Flop Trio set left at the same time.
After you\'ve picked a series, and have been with them cut to size, and selected your charms and beads, you should pick the form of clasp you choose onto it. Again I would get a craft or hobby store to get this, nevertheless, you can get a jeweler if you would like. This will be the way you secure your bracelet around your wrist. You will want to make certain that the clasp is quality and durable, so your bracelet doesn\'t break and acquire lost, or fall of the wrist.

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Men often discover their affinity to one another through the mutual love they\'ve got for a book just as two persons sometimes find a friend with the admiration which both entertain to get a third. There is an old proverb, \'Love me, love my dog.\' But there is more wisdom with this:\' Love me, love my book.\' The book is often a truer far better bond of union. Men can think, feel, and understand each other through their favorite author. They are now living in him together, and the man in them.[url=http://www.lamerca.biz]pandora jewelry on sale[/url] is often the best urn of your life enshrining the very best that life could think out; for that world of an man\'s life is, to the most part, though the realm of his thoughts. Thus the best books are treasuries of good words, the golden thoughts, which, remembered and cherished, become our constant companions and comforters.
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As soon as is available your [url=http://www.lamerca.biz]pandora jewelry[/url] size, another point you\'ll want to determine is two clips to put in excess of the bead dividers to generate your very own exclusive seem. There are lots of lovely models to select from. The 2 bead dividers on each and every chain exist to permit one to put make your beads and hold them available. These screw into area - a tremendously ingenious notion. Moreover to the people clips, it is possible to also acquire spacers which were designed to help one to individual diverse variations of beads yet again, give you support develop your own seem. Spacers support you permit your chosen beads to take care of out

All Movie Relicas Vampire Jewelry
Looking for something unique? Why not purchase a tribal fang necklace, fill your own personal vials, blood vival jewelry, Twilight jewelry, or even a trendy coffin box to put the modern jewelry in? Your teen vampire fan will enjoy these creative ideas. Be prepared though, because whenever you explore this site you will also find vampire books, potions, fangs, footwear, and clothing.
A mother\'s ring incorporates the gemstone of each one child\'s birth onto a mount. The styles and designs will differ due to necessary stones to represent each child or grandchild. The colors may also vary since birthstones will be the primary stones utilized to create the design. For instance, stones such as pink zircon, blue zircon and emerald green stones signify October, December and May births. If there are several different birth months you can use a single stone to represent all or purchase individual stones per.
How about homemade gifts to impress your vampire fan? This website has vampire lockets, charm bracelets, vampire bite chokers, vampire kisses, earrings, moveable vampire fangs pendant, wood stakes, coffin boxes, crosses, rings, anklets, crystal necklaces, and much more.

So we can easily know why so many people are fond of silver charm bracelet. The caring of silver charm bracelet is also super easy. Sterling silver charm
Pandora Jewelry gained prominence in German and Swedish jewelry boutiques and Denmark, home of this exquisite craftsmanship. The diversity with their jewelry selection is impressive.
Oxidation is the biggest problem for the silver that makes the jewelry lost luster. And, the oxygen inside air could be the real cause. So when you do not wear the silver charm bracelet, you need to store it in the sealed plastic bag and after that put it into jewelry box. If your charm bracelet lose the luster and grow dirty, you must clean these with a piece of special jewelry cloth. Of course, you may also use some solutions, however are strongly to do this only if the charm bracelet cannot be polished well by using the cloth.
Sterling silver charm bracelet has received great popularity inside market for four reasons. First and foremost, it is because of their luster and color. Silver enjoys white color and stunning luster which could match the platinum. Then, it\'s due various styles. Apart from the usual bracelets of numerous designs are available inside market from animal images like teddy to flowers leaving. All in all, you\'ll find everything you like inside the crowded silver charm bracelet. Third, intrinsic worth of silver is an additional advantage. Silver is definitely an internationally traded commodity and contains it intrinsic value. Unlike a great many other collectibles, the value doesn\'t change much in several ages and is not be subject to fashion. It is a good way to keep the value by buying the sterling silver charm bracelet. Fourth, it\'s affordable. Compared to gold and platinum, it really is much cheaper. Many people can afford this. Due to the four aspects, it sweeps in the world.
Sterling silver and 925 sterling silver are identical naturally. It is a kind of alloy containing 92.5% silver and often 7.5% copper. If the jewelers claim the jury is pure silver jewelry then he\'s wrong or he really wants to cheat you. The pure silver is quite soft and can\'t be adopted in creating jewelry widely.

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Raleigh and julianSpectorleeCreightonS voiceStarted toCrack as heStood on aStage among the throngs gathered outside the legislative building for the eighth weekly protest of the legislatureS agenda.The triangle resident hasDegrees in math,Statistics and french literature but has been out of work orUnderemployed for the past four Years.His linkedin profileDescribes him as aStatistician,Data analyst, technical writer, trainer, ph.D., and mathematician who isCurrently available.In one week,Creighton will be among the 71, 000 northCarolinians who willSee their extendedUnemployment benefits end the result of a newState law that goes into effect july 1.The law, among the first passed by the legislature this Year, reduces the maximumState benefits a laid-Off workerCan receive by roughly one third.Creighton wasCalled to theStage on Monday among the largestCrowd yet gathered for the weekly Moral MondayDemonstrations at the Legislative Building.Though organizers estimated that more than 5, 000 were in theCrowd, police put theCount at between 2, 500 and 3, 000.The rev.William barber,Chief architect of the protests that now bring national mediaCrews to theCapital,Said much of the policies and laws from theRepublican-Controlled n.C.General assembly and governorS office have been putting pen to paper, or politics andSignatures.SevenDays from now, BarberSaid, thatS when the painStarts.Creighton, who hasDepleted hisSavings account, turns to his parents for help with groceries and weeklySupplies.He bristles when he hears theUnemployed andUnder-employedDescribed as lazy people who are taking government handouts and living itUp as if they were on vacation. TheUnemployed people are notDeadbeats,CreightonSaid, his voiceCracking. We re not losing our jobs because weDon t want to work. If this isSuch a vacation, why is it that ICry toSleep every night. Nearly 120 people were arrested andCharged with trespassing,DisorderlyConduct and failure toDisperse onCommand. That brings the total number of arrests to almost 600 on theSameDay that the first wave of protesters made their first appearance in WakeCountyDistrictCourt.Irving joyner, the n.C.CentralUniversity law professorRepresenting the protesters,Said he entered not guilty pleas on behalf of the 17 arrested on April 29. He also asked that theirCases beDismissed,Challenging the arrests asUnconstitutional. Trials to be in lateSeptember The NorthCarolinaConstitutionSays that everyCitizen has the right to go to the General Assembly and address their legislators and to issue anyComplaints that they have about the work that they reDoing, Joyner toldDistrictCourt JudgeDan Nagle, who was presiding over the hearing. The protesters, Joyner added, were protesting against actions that weDeem to be improper,Untimely,Spiteful and mean-Spirited toward the poor.NagleScheduled the trials for lateSeptember. As legal questions lingered,Demonstrators were adamant about the messages they wanted toSend later to the General Assembly and Gov.Pat mccrory. With labor issues, womenS rights and economic justice as their themes for the week, theDemonstrators hoped to halt what manyDescribed as arrogant and vindictive policies that favored the very wealthy andCaused great harm to theStateS poorest and weakest.U.S.Rep.David Price, aDemocrat fromChapel Hill, was among theCrowd outside the Legislative Building. This is beyond politics asUsual, PriceSaid. ItSSo extreme,SoDrastic andSo threatening toSo many people. PriceSaid what is happening in NorthCarolina is more extreme than when tea party politicians wereSwept into office at the federal level and pushed aSimilar agenda. TheyCreated plenty of problems, PriceSaid. But in theU.S.Congress, theyDidn t haveUnchecked power.Critics of theDemonstrators haveDescribed them as bitter aboutRepublican victories andUnwilling to accept the new party in power. TheyContend the weekly arrests are aDrain on taxDollars, requiring the General Assembly police and other WakeCounty law enforcement agencies toSpend more on personnel than they otherwise would.The john w. PopeCivitas Institute, aConservative think tank that has been largely funded by the family foundation of Art Pope, the governorS budgetDirector, posted an onlineDatabase last week of the people arrested in theDemonstrations. TheDatabase included the age, race, employment and hometown of 382 of the arrested protesters. TheSite also included a Pick The Protester Game, which invited people to matchDescriptions of the protesters with their mugshots. The posts brought quickCriticism from groups on the otherSide of the political aisle the Institute forSouthernStudiesCompared theDatabase to the actions of WhiteCitizensCouncils, which published names of NAACPSupporters in local newspapers in theCivil rights era to encourage retaliation. AStatement [b][URL=http://www.empirephysicians.com/Personalization/Images/nflreplicajerseys.aspx]cheapest nfl jerseys[/URL][/b] on theCivitasSiteSaid the information was posted to let readersDecide whether the protestersDisrupting the General Assembly at Moral MondaysRepresent aCross-section of NorthCarolinaCitizens. WeDecided to investigate thatClaim, theCivitasSiteSaid.Using arrest records and other publicDocuments, we investigated who really is involved in these protests the results maySurprise you.Twenty-Three-Year-old Ryan Thomson, a graduateStudent inSociology at N.C.StateUniversity,Discovered that his face was in the first question in theCivitas InstituteS Pick The Protester game. HeSaid he was not troubled by theSite. They reStarting to feel the pressure, and their only tactic other than throwing money around is mockery, ThomsonSaid. He added that, if the police had not arrested the first batch of peaceful protesters, the movement may never have grown as large as itDid.Charles Hancock, 27 andUnemployed,Stood on the outskirts of theDemonstration, holdingUp aSign thatSaid: I m an American Indian, whoS the outsider? Though heS from Virginia, Hancock has lived in Raleigh for more than two Years. ID like toSee peopleChain themselves to theDoors of that legislature, HancockSaid. HoldingSignsDoesn tDo much. ButShowing that you re gonna layDown your freedom itShows that you re putting yourself out there.So the arrests are worthSomething. 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I need to see your safety passport before you can come on site. Literally hundreds of thousands of people hear that phrase or something like it everyday in the UK and yet Safety Passports can seem like a black art to some. What are they? Where do I get one and most importantly which one do I get? They are the dilemmas that most people are faced with.Well, let me see if I can demystify the Health and Safety Passports industry a little for you. In the UK there are three main players, each having issued over six figures worth of Safety Passports to individual contractors.- The Client Contractor National Safety Group CCNSG (also known as SCATS)- The Construction Skills Certification Scheme - CSCS Card- The Safety Pass Alliance (SPA)(also known as the Epic card, the UKPIA card, the Food card and The Passport to Safety)So do I need more than one passport?The problem is that it is down to the Client as to which particular passport scheme they implement on their site. Some passports can be interchangeable with a client like the CCNSG and SPA, the one that is least interchangeable is the CSCS card, but it is always worth checking with the client first.CCNSGThe CCNSG which was the original safety [url=http://www.thecowboysgear.us/authentic-demarco-murray-jersey/]DeMarco Murray Womens Jersey[/url] passport of them all tends to be used most in the Power Generation [url=http://www.thecowboysgear.us/authentic-chuck-howley-jersey/]Chuck Howley Jersey[/url] Industries, the steel, oil, gas, and chemicals [url=http://www.thecowboysgear.us/authentic-dez-bryant-jersey/]Dez Bryant Elite Jersey[/url] industries. It is a generic scheme, which is not industry specific and is therefore open to clients outside of the engineering construction industry. The Passport is obtained after taking two days basic generic health and safety training and passing a multi choice test. CSCS CardThe CSCS card is primarily used in the construction industry. - There is no required trainingTo obtain a CSCS card workers are required to have completed a 45-minute multiple-choice test on health and safety in construction. It is a screen-based test and there are a maximum of 40 questions to answer. Workers can choose to attend a construction health and safety awareness course beforehand.SPA PassportSPA have a modular passport which has been developed with numerous industry sectors, including Food & Drink, Quarry, Petrol Retail, General Manufacturing, Building Maintenance, Pharma, Construction, Ports, Logistics, Landfill and others. The passport is usually two days training. The first day is The Core Day which provides generic Health & Safety training. The second day is an industry specific day that addresses the particular safety needs of that sector. A delegates understanding is assessed by multiple choice So what is the PassportAs evidence that the contractors have successfully completed the training, contractors are generally issued with a plasticised photographic pass. This enables the client to restrict entry to those who can prove they have undergone the training by producing their individual passport on site arrival.One other question I get asked all the time is - So do they work ?It has always been difficult to quantify the results of implementing a Safety Passport scheme on site, but over the past couple of years the SPA have been publishing results from clients. The full articles can be found on the SPA website but here are a few snippets from articles belowThe introduction of the safety passport at Nestle UK was part of a review and tightening of all our own contractor management safety procedures. This has resulted in a reduction of contractor accident statistics by 68 per cent over the last two years.Metronet using the SPA Underground Railway Passport as part of the Health and Safety Initiative led to a 75 per cent reduction in accident statistics in only 18 months.Leicester City Council - The first local authority in England to introduce the SPA Building Maintenance safety passport scheme for its housing maintenance operatives has seen a 32 per cent drop in its accident rates in the last three years.So there we have it, we train literally thousands of contractors a year and I hope that I have managed to clear up some of the common questions that we get asked by those people every day of the week

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Hixon needs to gain confidence heading into the playoffs, and playing with David Carr wouldn\'t be the same thing. That\'s my history right there I\'ve got to learn.[+] Enlarge Fernando Medina/US PresswireThe Falcons are hoping the addition of CB Dunta Robinson will bolster the secondary and the pass rush. ET The Seahawks\' injury issues at receiver were a bigger problem in the opener than I had anticipated. Dallas Cowboys (8-4) at Pittsburgh Steelers (9-3), 4:15 p. Franchise-best series scheduleJune 22: NFC East June 23: AFC North June 24: NFC West June 25: AFC West June 28: NFC South June 29: AFC South June 30: AFC East July 1: NFC North Greatest teams poll: AFC | NFC 1980: Eagles fans have fond memories of Wilbert Montgomery carving up the Cowboys in the NFC title game for 194 yards and a touchdown. had won, and then I told them that I had gotten my picture with Jennie Finch. I wanted Mike, and I knew exactly what he would bring to the table. NFC East: Best teams ever?1991 Washington Redskins ?1986 New York Giants ?1993 Dallas Cowboys ?1960 Philadelphia Eagles ?Poll: Vote on best NFC East teams ever Best player: McDonald was a burner, but I’ll go with Bednarik because he gave the team its identity. They had scored touchdowns only 30.\" Elsewhere around the NFC North: [url=http://www.nbaspursfansshop.com/tracy-mcgrady-Finals-jersey/]Tracy Mcgrady Finals Jersey[/url] Chicago Bears running back Kevin Jones appears no worse for the wear after making his preseason debut last Thursday against San Francisco. \"All the people that said I was a bust, that\'s the kind of stuff that gives you added motivation to go out there and prove them wrong. Plus, [url=http://www.nbaspursfansshop.com/stephen-jackson-Finals-jersey/]Stephen Jackson Finals Jersey[/url] Dumervil is an average run defender at best because he\'s undersized (5-foot-11, 260 pounds) and often gets swallowed up by massive blockers.Hours after the Denver Broncos took a big kid from a small program in the 2006 draft, I spoke to an assistant coach on the team’s staff. One of Lions coach Jim Schwartz\'s primary game day tasks is to keep Cunningham below the boiling point.In the three games under Rivera as defensive coordinator, the opponent cruised down the field in the final minute and scored.Coach Ken Whisenhunt confirmed Wednesday the Cardinals will listen to offers for Boldin, who wants a contract that Arizona [url=http://www.nbaspursfansshop.com/dennis-rodman-Finals-jersey/]Dennis Rodman Jersey[/url] doesn\'t seem willing to offer. He\'s maturing, like a lot of our guys, beyond his years. But it’s the Super Bowl, man.From here, Argentina waits on Friday.

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